2009 National Underclass Showcase - Session 1

Nov 07, 2009 - Nov 08, 2009

Fitch Park Cubs Spring Training - 160 E. 6th Place Mesa, AZ 85211 Map

2011 Top Prospects

Collin McEnery  - LHP - 2011 - Orland Park, IL - USA
McEnery did everything on the field well and with a loose and athletic 6-2, 175 lb build, he’s going to keep getting better. He topped out at 85 mph on the mound with very good pitchability but we’re not so sure he might not be just as a good a hitting prospect.

Garrett Stubbs  - C - 2011 - Del Mar, CA - USA
Stubbs was the best defensive player at the event and excelled in all areas behind the plate. He’s also a left handed hitter with surprising juice in his bat.

Dylan Ruggeroli  - SS - 2011 - Tucson, AZ - USA
The 6-3, 185 lb Ruggeroli has a smooth, easy swing that projects a ton of power when he gets stronger. His defensive actions have that time type of smoothness and ease, although he might end up at third base as he matures.

Zach Cogan  - C - 2011 - Albuquerque, NM - USA
Cogan stands out athletically at 6-3, 210 and he has good quickness and athletic ability behind the plate for his size. His best tool is his bat and he keeps his swing very short and quick for a 6-3 hitter.

Lucas Leifeld  - C - 2011 - Tucson, AZ - USA
The 6-2, 205 lb Leifeld and Zach Cogan (see above) are similar catching prospects, with Cogan getting the slight nod overall due to his shorter swing. Leifeld could develop some serious power with a few adjustments at the plate.

Christian Uchytil  - 3B - 2011 - Anaheim, CA - USA
Uchytil showed a quick bat at the plate and had three hits in Sunday’s showcase game. But he might have been more impressive on the mound, where his 83-85 mph fastball came easily and projects to get better when he fills out his 6-2, 180 lb frame.

Eric Hsieh  - LHP - 2011 - Laguna Niguel, CA - USA
Hsieh is an athletic and projectable 6-0 southpaw who topped out at 84 mph. He has a smooth, polished delivery that gives him plus command potential and his change up was one of the best off speed pitches at the event.

Aaron Collazo  - SS - 2011 - San Antonio, TX - USA
No tool stood out for the 5-9 Collazo but he was solid in all areas, especially in his offensive potential for a middle infielder.

Ryan Rumpf  - RHP - 2011 - North Liberty, IA - USA
Rumpf didn’t show the mid 80’s fastball he has shown this fall in the Iowa Fall League, but he did throw well. His line drive swing and bat speed were very impressive as well.

Brett Carlson  - SS - 2011 - South Bend, IN - USA
Carlson was the fastest player at the showcase with a 6.82 and he has the arm and actions to stay in the middle infield at the next level.

Bryce Greager  - SS - 2011 - Fountain Hills, AZ - USA
Greager has very good hitting rhythm and a quick, short swing that projects well. He has smooth infield actions and good arm strength.

Jaylen Fleer  - RHP - 2011 - Santee, CA - USA
The 6-4, 180 lb Fleer has an easy, loose arm and throws with very good downhill angle to the plate. He topped out at 83 mph and showed good command and feel for both a curveball and change up. The velocity will come with strength.

Jonathan Schmitz  - C - 2011 - College Station, TX - USA
Big physical young catchers were one of the themes of the showcase and the 6-1, 220 Schmitz was one of the more talented. He has a power bat and power arm.

Kyle Dowdy  - 1B - 2011 - Rancho Santa Fe, CA - USA
Dowdy’s big tool is his power and he looks bigger and stronger than his 6-0, 195 listed size. He also threw 84 mph off the mound.

Paul Nakazato  - MIF - 2011 - Tucson, AZ - USA
Nakazato has a nice left handed bat for a middle infielder. He also throws 85 mph off the mound with a pretty good curveball.

Zachary Potter  - RHP - 2011 - Pace, FL - USA
Potter is a very athletic and projectable right hander with a very live 83 mph fastball and hard biting curveball. He has advanced pitchability right now and will keep improving as he gets stronger.

Michael Willman  - RHP - 2011 - Plymouth, MN - USA
Willman has some mechanical issues to work through but he has a young, projectable build and a live young arm that topped out at 84 mph. He gets bonus points for coming all the way to Arizona from Minnesota.

2012 Top Prospects

Joey Gallo  - 3B - 2012 - Henderson, NV - USA
Gallo has a profile 6-4, 190 lb build and a sweet and powerful left handed swing. It wasn’t too much of a surprise when he hit a bomb to right centerfield in one of the showcase games. Gallo also touched 90 mph off the mound, although he is clearly a better position prospect right now.

Jake Thompson  - RHP - 2012 - Rockwall, TX - USA
Thompson is impressive for any age group physically at 6-4, 230 and he’s very athletic and agile. He has a long, powerful swing that generates plus power and the ball jumps off his bat hard. Thompson also threw 87 mph off the mound with a very advanced change up from a deceptive low ¾’s release point.

Ryan Burr  - RHP - 2012 - Highlands Ranch, CO - USA
The 6-2, 170 lb Burr didn’t throw quite as hard as he did in Jupiter, where he touched 89 mph, but he sat at 85-87 mph with the best curveball, a 74 mph hammer, seen at the showcase. His arm and body really project well.

Max Dutto  - SS - 2012 - Danville, CA - USA
Dutto has excellent hitting tools and mechanics from the left side of the plate and looks like he’s going to be a line drive machine for a long time. He has impressive arm strength from shortstop for a 2012 and has a true ball player’s type approach to the game.

Tyler Brashears  - RHP - 2012 - Lake Forest, CA - USA
The 15 year old Brashears is listed at only 130 lbs on his 5-11 frame but he threw 83-85 mph with little effort and showed good feel for a mid 70’s slider.

Houston Edwards  - RHP - 2012 - Phoenix, AZ - USA
Edwards threw a heavy 80-84 mph fastball off the mound but his bat speed and hitting ability were just impressive.

Nick Villar  - OF - 2012 - Lake Forest, CA - USA
The 6-1, 195 lb left handed hitting Villar has a promising power/speed combination of tools. His swing has a lot of lift in it and should launch many future home runs.

2013 Top Prospects

Dillon Bigcrane Jackson  - LHP - 2013 - Scottsdale, AZ - USA
Jackson was the second youngest player at the showcase but had some of the most polished and easy actions pitching, hitting and on defense. If he grows from his 5-8, 160 lb build and gets stronger, he could be very good in a couple of years.

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