2009 National Underclass Showcase - Session 1

Nov 07, 2009 - Nov 08, 2009

Fitch Park Cubs Spring Training - 160 E. 6th Place Mesa, AZ 85211 Map

Event Rosters

Navy1Zane Affleck
Columbia Blue13Brady Aldrich
Red1Brian Allec
Gold9Michael Baker
Steel1Vincent Bartolone
Maroon4Dillon Bigcrane Jackson
Steel15Dylan Blakeley
Navy2Ryan Boswell
Green1Tyler Boxwell
Columbia Blue2Tyler Brashears
Gold1Nathaniel Broaddus
Royal3Ryan Burr
Steel2Alexander Burridge
Maroon15Jake Byrum
Green2Fernando Careaga
Navy3Brett Carlson
Columbia Blue3Estevan Carrillo
Royal7Nick Chapman
Steel24Zach Cogan
Gold15Aaron Collazo
Green3Alec Davis
Red16Kyle Dowdy
Maroon1Alex Draper
Red17Max Dutto
Columbia Blue5Houston Edwards
Gold6Marty Etchemendy
Navy15Jason Euler
Gold2Colby Felton
Columbia Blue7Casey Fithian
Green15Jaylen Fleer
Gold16Caleb Frare
Gold3Austin Frick
Green4Preston Fugita
Red6Tyler Gainer
Navy16Joey Gallo
Maroon16Bryce Greager
Maroon2Alex Grove
Navy17Evan Hackney
Royal4Parker Hindle
Royal18Eric Hsieh
Maroon3Tanner Hudson
Royal5Jake Huffman
Red8Kevin Isa
Green5Wilson Jamison
Columbia Blue8Nicholas Janssen
Royal19Spencer Jeffreys
Green6Nick Lagusis
Maroon5Logan Landon
Royal21Lucas Leifeld
Maroon17Seth Lingo
Green11Alex Lownes
Maroon6Tom Lyon
Maroon7Brian Magana
Green7Jorge Manzo
Navy5Collin McEnery
Steel5Michael McKinley
Gold4Nick Medrano
Maroon8Andrew Miller
Green16Cody Miller
Gold5Luis Morales
Columbia Blue6Paul Nakazato
Columbia Blue9Sam Napp
Gold7Julio Olivieri
Columbia Blue10David Olmedo-Barrera
Green8Richard (RJ) Ortiz
Green9Ryan Penaflor
Royal6Zachary Potter
Gold8Johnathan Quigley
Steel7Jibri Rasool
Gold17Makay Redd
Maroon9Andrew Rosario
Navy6Dylan Ruggeroli
Steel8Ryan Rumpf
Navy18Jonathan Schmitz
Columbia Blue11Garrett Stubbs
Green17Jordan Tebbets
Columbia Blue24Jake Thompson
Maroon10Jonnie Timms
Maroon18Christian Uchytil
Columbia Blue15Nick Villar
Steel18Jonas Wellan
Red19Michael Willman
Navy19Chisholm Witt
Columbia Blue12Kyle Zappia

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