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2018 Top Prospects

Hayden Juenger  RHP - 2018 - O'Fallon, IL   Missouri State

Juenger was lights out, working consistently in the 90-93 mph range with a tight low 80's slider and absolutely filling up the strike zone and working to the corners. He has a slender 6-0 foot middle infielder's build but big time stuff and pitchability.

Caden Monke  LHP - 2018 - Mt. Olive, IL   Arkansas

Monke is a lean and very physically projectable 6-3/165 southpaw with a very fast arm. He was up to 92 mph from an extended 3/4's arm slot that creates big angle to the plate, a big jump from the 88 mph he touched at his last PG event in the fall.

Zach Argo  RHP - 2018 - Firth, NE   Air Force

Argo is an extra strong 6-2/205 right hander from Nebraska with a very strong right arm. His 90 mph fastball jumps on hitters with good life and he showed improvement in a developing curveball as his second pitch.

Ben Cruikshank  LHP - 2018 - Fairview Heights, IL   Missouri State

Cruickshank is one of the more uncomfortable at-bats many hitters will face all year, especially if one is left handed. He's all arms and legs coming to the plate, with a deceptive high energy delivery that produces an 87-90 mph fastball and a big breaking curveball.

Hunter Dreves  RHP - 2018 - Fort Thomas, KY   Tennessee

Dreves has a very young looking 6-4/185 build with long legs and lots of room to grow. He topped out at 88 mph, with more in the tank, but his most promising pitch was a 76 mph curveball that had serious spin and power.

Chris Chiriboga  RHP - 2018 - Wayzata, MN   Uncommitted

A native of Minnesota, Chiriboga is a young bodied 6-4 right hander with a fast arm that produced a 85-87 mph fastball and good spin on his curveball. He is an outstanding student who has not signed yet but is the type who could really develop with more repetitions and physical strength.

Matt Mier  SS - 2018 - Bloomington, IL   Judson University (Illinois)

Mier has an outstanding 6-foot-4, 220-pound build but plenty of athleticism, including a 6.92 time in the sixty. He's a left handed hitter with good bat speed and plenty of power potential as well,

2019 Top Prospects

Kurtis Byrne  C - 2019 - Chesterfield, MO   TCU

Byrne came into the showcase as the 75th ranked player in the PG 2019 national class rankings and showed even better than that ranking if anything. He's a very high level right handed hitter with plus bat speed and power but it was his defense that really stood out as improved. It will be fun watching him continue to develop and perform over the next year.

Mason Auer  RHP - 2019 - Springfield, MO   Missouri State

Auer is a highly athletic tool box with developing baseball skills but huge physical ability. He ran a 6.67 and threw an eye opening 98 mph from the outfield along with 90 mph from the mound. A right handed hitter, Auer shows raw bat speed as well. He reminded the PG scouts of 2017 PG All-American Levi Usher, a similarly talented Iowa outfielder.

Jimmy Obertop  C - 2019 - Saint Louis, MO   Michigan

Obertop is a very good athlete for an extra strong 6-2/220 receiver and ran a 6.97 sixty along with showing lots of mobility behind the plate. He has an elite level throwing arm that registered 87 mph in drills and his 1.92 pop time was with game actions. Obertop is a right handed hitter with a simple, sound approach and plenty of middle of the field pop.

Andrew Wiegman  SS - 2019 - Antioch, IL   Louisville

Wiegman is tall for a middle infielder at 6-3/185 but has all the athleticism to stay there, including 6.63 speed, fluid and balanced actions through the ball and a very strong arm. He has a power approach from the right side of the plate and very good bat speed that projects to keep getting better.

Josh Fitzgerald  OF - 2019 - Mason City, IA   Uncommitted

Fitzgerald is a serious fast twitch athlete but has a solid athletic frame and good present strength to go with it. He ran a 6.52 sixty and showed 90 mph arm strength during outfield drills and could improve his arm strength with some lower half adjustments. He has right handed bat speed with good gap to gap power.

Jalen Greer  SS - 2019 - Chicago, IL   Missouri

Greer has solid middle of the field athleticism, including 6.95 speed in the sixty and a strong throwing arm. His best tool may be his right handed bat, as he has a simple and fluid right handed swing with good bat speed and a high average approach.

Elijah Dale  SS - 2019 - Saint Louis, MO   Kansas State

Dale is a multi-tooled young shortstop who has really improved his game after attending a pair of PG showcases in 2017. He's a switch-hitter with bat speed from both sides of the plate, 6.79 speed in the sixty and a strong middle infield arm that hits 88 mph off the mound.

Will Duff  SS - 2019 - Springfield, MO   Vanderbilt

Duff is a very athletic middle of the field player with 6.81 speed in the sixty and big arm strength from both the infield and outfield, including registering a 95 mph throw from the outfield and 91 from the infield. He has a simple right handed swing approach with good bat speed, with more to come as he learns to use his lower half better.

Evan Howse  RHP - 2019 - Lake St. Louis, MO   Central Missouri

Howse fits the future starter profile, with a strong 6-2/195 build and a three pitch mix that he uses with maturity. His fastball topped out at 89 mph, with a big low 70's curveball acting as an eye level changer and a pretty well developed change up feel for a high school pitcher.

Will Stevens  RHP - 2019 - Kansas City, MO   Wichita State

Stevens doesn't have a college commitment yet but can pitch at almost any D1 program based on this showing. A strong and physically mature 6-3/210 athlete, he topped out at 90 mph with command of the strike zone and showed tightness on a mid-70's and an 83 mph cutter.

Gage Singer  3B - 2019 - Aurora, MO   Crowder College

Singer has requisite next level third base tools and skills, with a very strong throwing arm that registered 89 mph across the infield and 91 mph from the outfield. A right handed hitter, Singer has a smooth and strong swing with lots of bat speed and the ability to both handle the barrel and drive the ball hard with some lift.

Evan Gray  RHP - 2019 - Swansea, IL   Arkansas

Gray's fastball didn't rank among the elite of the showcase but it did sit very consistently at 85-86 mph, with more to likely come from his projectable 6-4/180 build. His mid-70's curveball, however, did rank among the event's elite pitches, with tight hard spin and lots of power. When he started to land his curveball for strikes and dropped in a change up or two, hitters didn't have much of a chance.

Zachary Moore  RHP - 2019 - St. Louis, MO   Frontier CC

Moore is a classic sinker/slider pitcher, with a fastball that worked in the 84-88 mph range with life down in the zone and an out pitch 77 mph slider that was big and sharp and thrown consistently in the zone. Moore also threw some nice change ups during his second inning of work to show he's a three-pitch starter type.

Blake Mozley  SS - 2019 - Ozark, MO   Missouri State

Mozley has solid actions on the infield, with athleticism through the ball and a strong throwing arm. His left handed swing is aggressive and fast and he showed gap power both in the games and during batting practice.

Andrew Dennis  RHP - 2019 - Leawood, KS   Uncommitted

Dennis is a big and strong 6-1/170 right hander with a well controlled delivery that enables him to fill up the strike zone with an 86-88 mph fastball. He also throws a mid-70's curveball that is tight with good depth and flashed an 83 mph cutter that shows promise.

Frank Lopez  RHP - 2019 - Ofallon, MO   Uncommitted

Lopez is a big and burly physically mature right hander who throws a heavy fastball that topped out at 88 mph and was consistently low in the strike zone. His off-speed pitch was a 70 mph curveball with good depth that he landed well in the strike zone.

Braden Spawr  C - 2019 - Saint Louis, MO   Uncommitted

Spawr looks the part of a quality catcher with a very strong 6-1/190 build and good athleticism behind the plate. He also showed lots of energy and some leadership skills on defense, always important for a catcher. His right handed swing was short and crisp with gap to gap power.

Logan Bibb  LHP - 2019 - Scott Afb, IL   Uncommitted

Bibb is an exceptionally strong 6-2/207 athlete who may be at least a two-way player at the next level if not a better hitting prospect. He worked up to 84 mph on the mound with a low 70's curveball and change up and throws strikes with all three pitches, but he also simply crushed some balls at the plate with his strength. Bibb is also a 6.72 runner.

Garrett Manous  OF - 2019 - Munster, IN   Indiana

Manous was the fastest player at the showcase, posting an excellent 6.44 time in the sixty. That quick twitch ability works its way into Manous' swing as well, as he has a line drive approach with good right handed bat speed.

Chase Krogman  OF - 2019 - Dardenne Prairie, MO   Missouri State

Krogman is an athletic left handed hitter with 7.05 speed in the sixty and a very strong outfield arm that registered 92 mph during drills and 85 mph from the mound. He has plenty of bat speed at the plate and takes an aggressive swing with intent to drive the ball hard.

2020 Top Prospects

Alec Gonzalez  SS - 2020 - Flossmoor, IL   Tennessee

Gonzalez is a very strong and mature 6-1/190 build and was one of the most advanced hitters at the event. A right handed hitter, Gonzalez has plus bat speed and a short and strong path into the zone and proved he could handle upper 80's velocity without a problem. He projects as a third baseman at the next level.

Alex Logusch  SS - 2020 - St. Louis, MO   Indiana

Logusch is a very good all-around athlete, with a nice 6-1/175 pound build and potential two-way tools. He has a strong right handed swing with some pop to the middle of the field and a big infield arm. He was also up to 86 mph on the mound with tight spin on a mid-70's breaking ball.

Dylan MacCallum  RHP - 2020 - Portland, OR   Uncommitted

MacCallum has an outstanding 6-4/200 build for a sophomore but is young in the face and very projectable. He pitched primarily off a fastball that was 84-88 mph with good control. He also threw both a curveball and a slider, with the slider being the best likely option moving forward at this point.

Andrue Henry  1B - 2020 - Dubuque, IA   Kirkwood CC

Henry is an extra big and strong 6-3/215 hitter with very strong hands and advanced bat speed for his age. He's the type of hitter who can not square up a ball and still generate enough impact on the ball to drive it through the infield for a hit. He was surprisingly athletic at third base for his size and age but likely projects at first base in the future.

Cooper McMurray  1B - 2020 - Tulsa, OK   Kansas

McMurray and fellow top prospect list member Andreu Henry are functionally baseball twins, except McMurray hits from the left side and Henry has a bit more raw bat speed than McMurray's left handed cut. He hit the ball on the nose virtually every swing and drove it hard to all fields, showing barrel skills and power.

Jackson Beaman  SS - 2020 - Lincoln, MO   Uncommitted

Beaman showed advanced hitting skills for a sophomore along with plenty of bat speed. He hit the ball hard to all fields in games with barrel feel while also swing hard and looking to drive the ball. A future third baseman, Beaman was also up to 85 mph on the mound with command and a solid curveball.

Andrew Vogel  SS - 2020 - Cottontown, TN   Uncommitted

Vogel was one of the defensive standouts of the showcase, showing athleticism and balance during drills and even providing a highlight play in the usually non-defensive simulated games with a diving catch off a scalding line drive. He looks like a solid shortstop defensively at the next level.

Roger "Eben" Heine  RHP - 2020 - Plainfield, IL   Uncommitted

Heine is an athletic and projectable 6-1/175 outfielder who showed some talent on the mound as well. He ran a 7.13 sixty with easy strides and threw 89 mph from the outfield and 86 mph from the mound. Heine's slider was tight and sharp and gives him a shot at two-way prospect status as he further develops.

Isaiah Coupet  LHP - 2020 - Flossmoor, IL   Ohio State

A left handed hitter and thrower with a live and athletic body, Coupet showed his run and throw tools with a 7.00 sixty and 90 mph arm strength from the outfield and 84 mph off the mound. He takes an all fields approach at bat with good feel for the barrel.

Luke Davenport  RHP - 2020 - Fayetteville, AR   Uncommitted

Davenport has a football lineman's build with outstanding physical strength on a 5-11 frame. He worked steadily at 87 mph, topping out at 88, and hitters didn't seem to see his fastball very well at all. He also showed a low 80's cutter/slider that got off barrels well.

Matthew Magre  LHP - 2020 - Fayetteville, AR   Uncommitted

Magre is a 6-0/185 left handed hitter who had excellent bat speed for a sophomore, with the ability to handle the barrel and impact the ball hard consistently. He was also up to 84 on the mound from the left side with good spin on his curveball. Magre is also an elite level student off the field.

2021 Top Prospects

Nathan McFall  C - 2021 - Mahomet, IL   Uncommitted

McFall is an athletic young catcher with 7.06 running speed and a very strong throwing arm that already hits 79 mph during catching drills. He provided one of the best swings of Sunday's games when he turned on a fastball and drove it for what would have likely been an outdoor home run.

Keegan Allen  OF - 2021 - Rogers, AR   Uncommitted

Allen is a 6.98 runner with lots of right handed bat speed but he may have at least two-way future as a right handed pitcher, too. He seems to have toned down his high energy delivery some from last year and topped out at 88 mph on the mound.

Drew Gray  OF - 2021 - Swansea, IL   Arkansas

Gray is a loose bodied, athletic and very projecable 6-1, 150 pound athlete with tools both in the outfield and on the mound. He has a smooth left handed swing at the plate that promises lots of power and is already working in the low 80's off the mound.

Payton Allen  SS - 2021 - Rogers, AR   Uncommitted

Allen's best moment of the showcase is when he absolutely crushed a ball to the middle of the field that would have left most outdoor ballparks in a hurry. He's a quality present athlete with lots of projectable tools, but his bat speed and hitting potential rate as his top tool.

Jack Hunke  RHP - 2021 - Foristell, MO   Uncommitted

Hunke has an outstanding 6-2/165 athletic build for his age and tons of physical projectability. He topped out at 85 mph on his fastball and showed a surprisingly advanced change up for a freshman, picking up a couple of easy outs with the pitch. He'll just keep getting better as he gets older.

Aaron Moss  C - 2021 - St. Louis, MO   Uncommitted

Moss has lots of growing to do from his young 5-10/140 frame but he's very athletic and comfortable behind the plate defensively and can very likely play many other positions. His present tools are strong for his age and he looks to have lots of baseball instincts as well.

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