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2010 Top Prospects

Kaleb Cowart  OF - 2010 - Adel, GA   Florida State

The high profile Cowart added strength over the fall and early winter, making his tool package even more impressive. If his switch-hitting power and swing consistency keep improving, scouts will start to put his 94 mph fastball in the background, just as Cowart seems to do in favor of playing shortstop.

Krey Bratsen  OF - 2010 - Bryan, TX   Texas A&M

Bratsen’s football career has kept his exposure to baseball at a minimum, like others at this event he had not swung a bat against live pitching since last year. He still made consistent contact and showed off his plus running ability. His tools standout, big time arm and speed. He’s a superior athlete who may have as impressive of defensive skills/tools in the outfield as we’ve seen in some time.

Wes Mugarian  RHP - 2010 - Pensacola, FL   Alabama

Mugarian’s improvement from last summer was one of the most notable stories of the showcase. He showed big, big power in batting practice, but his steady 91-92 mph fastball with Rivera type cutting action was even more impressive.

Andrew Toles  OF - 2010 - Fayetteville, GA   Tennessee

Toles will be among the best quick twitch athletes in the 2010 class and compares favorably to most of the high draft East Cobb outfielders from the last decade. He ran 6.49, can really handle the bat and has premium level defensive tools in centerfield.

Casey Mulholland  RHP - 2010 - Bradenton, FL   Mississippi

Mulholland threw 90-91 mph with his customary easy delivery and overhand release point and showed the potential for a plus change up. He’s a DI type outfield prospect as well.

Ralston Cash  RHP - 2010 - Cornelia, GA   Georgia

Cash throws easy and his 90 mph fastball has hard late diving life at the plate. His curveball and change up are very good pitches, but he pitches so effectively with his fastball that he doesn’t have to use them often.

Zach Alvord  IF - 2010 - Alpharetta, GA   Auburn

Alvord has been overlooked a bit among 2010 shortstops, but that should cease. His arm strength is top of the scale, he’s a 6.9 runner and he has as much power as you can expect to see in a middle infielder.

Andrew Blum  RHP - 2010 - Plano, TX   Richmond

Blum has a very quick arm that projects his present 87 mph fastball easily into the 90’s, plus a hard breaking curveball as a secondary pitch. His athletic ability is a big plus, as he runs 6.65, can hit and he is a high level outfield prospect, too.

Caleb Kellogg  RHP - 2010 - Bridge City, TX   Louisiana-Lafayette

Kellogg might be one of the best unrecognized athletes in the 2010 class. He threw 88 mph from the mound with two nasty breaking pitches, threw 95 mph from the outfield and was a top level hitting prospect. He’s also an all-state wide receiver in talent rich Louisiana football.

Jacob Tillotson  SS - 2010 - Lake City, FL   Florida/Santa Fe College

Switch-hitting shortstops with 90+ mph arms and some juice in their bats, especially from the left side of the plate, are hard to come by. Tillotson is also playing the game with the polish and instincts that you like to see in a young player.

Austen Smith  1B - 2010 - Cantonment, FL   Alabama

Smith played with a pulled quad, which hampered his looseness and agility, but his bat speed and power potential are obvious. He’s a deceptively good athlete for his size.

Tyler Dial  SS - 2010 - Phenix City, AL   Auburn

We’ve been watching Dial since he was in 8th grade and he keeps getting steadily better. His swing and bat speed looked improved from the last look and the 90+ arm strength from both the mound and shortstop was definitely still there.

Ryan Heuler  RHP - 2010 - Bradenton, FL   Wake Forest

Heuler is an athletic 6-4, 205 lb right hander who consistently pitches in the upper 80’s with a hard biting 77 mph curveball. His mechanics looked like they’ve smoothed out since last summer.

Dusty Isaacs  RHP - 2010 - Lebanon, OH   Georgia Tech

The 6-1, 185 lb Isaacs threw 90 mph from an easy arm action and had three quality off speed pitches, including both curveball and a slider, a rarity for a young pitcher.

Mason Williams  OF - 2010 - Winter Garden, FL   South Carolina

Williams is athletic (6.8 runner, 89 mph arm strength) but his big tool is his bat. The left handed hitter has consistently shown the ability to drive the ball to the gaps against the top pitcher’s in the country.

Dale Carey  OF - 2010 - Marietta, GA   Miami

Carey has an outstanding athletic build and strong present tools in 6.59 speed and a 91 mph outfield arm. He’s primarily a line drive gap hitter now but projects huge future power when he learns to turn on the ball.

Will Allen  C - 2010 - Gainesville, FL   Mississippi

Allen is plus strong at 6-3, 215 and has excellent bat speed and a long, loose swing that generates lift. As a catcher he has plus arm strength and the quickness/athletic ability to handle the position at a high level.

Sean O'Brien  IF - 2010 - Clearwater, FL   Florida State

The 6-3, 175 O’Brien seems athletic enough to stay at shortstop as he develops, but it’s his bat that could be really special. He hit a bomb in the Top Prospect Game and consistently showed bat speed and hitting ability the entire event.

Tim Remes  C - 2010 - Lauderhill, FL   Santa Fe College

Remes doesn’t look physical at 6-0, 175 but has the bat speed and power potential of a stronger player. His defensive skills are first rate, with quickness and top level arm strength. Remes also threw 88 mph off the mound.

Jacob May  SS - 2010 - Liberty Township, OH   Coastal Carolina

May is the son of former ML slugger and current Indians coach Lee May and the bloodlines show, especially with the bat. May is a quick twitch athlete, though, with 6.7 speed and sound infield actions that project best at second base.

Michael Carballo  OF - 2010 - Pembroke Pines, FL   South Florida

Carballo is a quick twitch 5-10 athlete with speed and arm strength and some juice in his bat. He’s a primary outfielder now, but showed catching tools and aptitude behind the plate and may have a higher ceiling at that position.

Tyler Moore  RHP - 2010 - Ormond Beach, FL   North Florida

Moore has a long, lean pitcher’s build at 6-4, 185 lbs with a clean and loose arm action. He pitched at 86-89 mph at the event with good spin on a 74 mph curveball.

Jose Dore  OF - 2010 - Kissimmee, FL   Florida State

Dore is a slender and wiry 6-1, 170 lbs but has a power hitter’s approach from the left side of the plate and the plus bat speed to use it. He also shows plus arm strength from right field.

Patrick McGavin  1B - 2010 - Spanish Fort, AL   Samford/Northwest Florida State College

McGavin throws 86 mph off the mound from the left side but his raw bat speed and power potential make him a better position prospect.

Brandon Hernandez  RHP - 2010 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Hernandez has long arms and legs for his height (6-1, 180) and loose, easy actions. His heavy fastball touched 88 mph and he showed one of the sharpest biting curveballs at the event.

Myles Smith  MIF - 2010 - Detroit, MI   Missouri

Smith is simply a top athlete and could end up on the mound or in the middle of the field somewhere. His shortstop actions, fundamentals and arm strength were surprisingly good for a player from the North during the winter.

Jeff Jackson  C - 2010 - Wauconda, IL   Wabash Valley College

Jackson ’s bat plays at any position; he has plus bat speed and a whippy, loose swing that promises big power in the future. How his arm strength and mechanics develop behind the plate will determine his future position.

Dominic Attanasio  OF - 2010 - Windermere, FL   Clemson

Attanasio is undersized at 5-8, 155 lbs, but has tools across the board. He’s a 6.8 runner with advanced skills and arm strength in centerfield and has a quick left handed bat with some power. He also throws 86 mph off the mound from the left side.

Will Kendall  LHP - 2010 - Marietta, GA   Auburn

Kendall is a classic three pitch southpaw with a fastball that was consistently 85-87 mph with run/sink, a sharp biting 72 mph curveball and deceptive 78 mph change up.

Brett Winger  IF - 2010 - Windermere, FL   Michigan

Winger as a profile pitcher’s build at 6-3, 190 lbs and projects to get bigger and stronger. He topped out at 88 mph with tight spin on his curveball.

Ricky Knapp  RHP - 2010 - Port Charlotte, FL   Florida Gulf Coast

Knapp has a loose, athletic frame, which should translate to more future velocity on his present mid 80’s fastball. He has an excellent change up and plus command potential, not surprising considering his father is the Detroit Tigers pitching coach.

Andrew Hendrix  RHP - 2010 - Cincinnati, OH   Notre Dame

Hendrix is a two-way prospect, with a heavy 87 mph present fastball and polished pitching style to go with big power at the plate.

James "Chad" Reeves  RHP - 2010 - Mobile, AL   South Alabama

Reeves threw 85-87 mph with minimal effort and one of the better change ups at the event. He also showed plus power at the plate and could be a two-way player at the next level.

Carlos Asuaje  MIF - 2010 - Weston, FL   Nova Southeastern

Asuaje has a similar build (5-8, 155 lbs) to 2008 top prospect Rolando Gomez, but more importantly, a similar hitting approach from the left side. He’s also a 6.9 runner with very good defensive tools that profile at second base.

Stafford Booth  3B - 2010 - Madison, AL   Shelton State CC

Booth is a 6-2, 190 lb left handed hitting third baseman with solid tools across the board. He’s a 6.7 runner who throws in the mid 80’s off the mound and has a smooth, loose swing with present gap power.

Travis Dean  RHP - 2010 - Newton, MA   Kennesaw State

Dean has an athletic and projectable 6-5, 170 lb build and a loose, whippy arm action from a ¾’s release point. His fastball topped at 87 mph with very good running life.

Benjamin Overman  RHP - 2010 - Orlando, FL   Seminole State College

Overman isn’t strong yet at 6-3, 170 lbs, but he has a quick, whippy arm and very good feel for movement and changing speed/location on an 87 mph fastball.

James Harris  MIF - 2010 - Woodstock, GA   Uncommitted

Harris showed a strong left handed bat with power potential and at 6-2, 190 lbs and lean, he should keep getting stronger. He showed the ability to play both middle infield and the outfield at a high level.

William Russ  OF - 2010 - Shreveport, LA   Uncommitted

Russ is a slender 6-4, 170 lbs and has a natural hitting rhythm and bat head control usually found is smaller, more compact athletes. With 6.9 speed, his power/speed tools should develop nicely.

Alexander Cruz  MIF - 2010 - Woodstock, GA   Georgia Tech

Cruz plays middle infield now, but projects as a third baseman with plus arm strength. He has a sound hitting approach with present bat speed and should hit with lots of power down the road.

Jeff Kammer  C - 2010 - Wildwood, MO   Uncommitted

Kammer has consistently put up 1.8 area pop times at PG events and he puts his throws on the bag. He has a high average line drive approach at the plate and can get the ball to the gaps.

Bo Logan  LHP - 2010 - Naples, FL   Florida Atlantic

Logan is 5-10, 165 lbs and topped out at 86 mph, but had two quality breaking balls in a 70 mph curveball and very sharp 77 mph slider. He pitches like a veteran and hitters had no chance against him.

Andrew Valencia  C - 2010 - Miami, FL   South Florida

Valencia has a “Molina” type catching profile, with a strong/heavy lower half but very quick one-spot actions and athletic looseness. His arm strength and power potential stand out.

Tyler Noland  OF - 2010 - Concord, TN   Uncommitted

Noland has a solid set of overall physical tools, including 6.7 speed and a mid 80’s fastball from the mound. He shows very good raw bat speed and aggressiveness at the plate but with some correctable mechanical issues to work through.

Taylor Ratliff  OF - 2010 - Perry, FL   Florida

The 6-2, 160 lb Ratliff has very sound defensive skills and tools at shortstop and 6.6 speed. He swings the bat from the left side and has quick hands, although he’ll need to gain strength to consistently drive the ball.

Preston Packrall  SS - 2010 - Tampa, FL   High Point

Packrall is right on the fence between being a better position and pitching prospect. He throws 84-87 mph from the mound and has a solid hitting approach with good bat speed at the plate.

Joseph Drum  OF - 2010 - Nixa, MO   Uncommitted

The 6-2, 185 lb Drum’s athletic tools are playable but he can really hit. His hands are very quick and he’ll turn on high velocity fastballs and pull them hard.

Corey Janson  C - 2010 - Weston, FL   Miami

The 6-3, 190 lb Janson was one of the top defensive catchers at the showcase and combines quickness with a strong arm. His bat speed and hitting approach plays at the next level.

Jeff Harvill  LHP - 2010 - Keithville, LA   Arkansas

Harvill is an effective LHP who projects well and already pitches in the mid 80's. Also runs well and needs to be watched.

2011 Top Prospects

Dwight Smith  OF - 2011 - Peachtree City, GA   Georgia Tech

Smith’s raw bat speed and power are extremely impressive and he’s already proved himself as a performer at national events against top level pitching. The big league bloodlines are always a plus, as well.

Drake Roberts  MIF - 2011 - Washington, TX   Oklahoma

Roberts isn’t big framed but he’s strong for his age and has quick twitch actions. He has very mature and polished baseball skills as well, along with outstanding bat speed and the ability to drive the ball hard to all fields.

Andrew Chin  LHP - 2011 - Newton, MA   Boston College

Chin has outstanding pitching mechanics for any level, let alone a 2011 southpaw. His fastball is steady at 87-88 mph and he throws a sharp 74 mph curveball. He projects physically at a lean 6-1, 180 lbs and will just keep getting better.

Hudson Boyd  RHP - 2011 - Fort Myers, FL   Florida

Boyd has huge arm strength to match his big 6-2, 245 lb body, throwing 88-92 off the mound with a sharp curveball. He also has plus power at the plate and overall strongly resembles top 2009 RHP/1B prospect Matt Hobgood.

Michael Bradshaw  OF - 2011 - Crestwood, NY   St. John's

Bradshaw is extra strong at 6-4, 220 lbs and looks like a future college 2-way standout. He topped out at 88 mph with a good curveball on the mound and showed plus power with the bat.

Ty Washington  SS - 2011 - Richardson, TX   Oklahoma/San Jacinto CC

Washington has a young, quick actioned body and 6.6 speed. His bat speed is very good and will get better with strength and he has the innate ability to square up on all pitches and drive them hard. He also has good bloodlines and projects large.

Brady Anderson  MIF - 2011 - Arcadia, FL   Florida Gulf Coast

Time will tell if Anderson develops more as a shortstop or pitcher, but he has top tools both ways. He has a sound hitting approach and bat speed that will improve with age/strength, along with being a 6.9 runner. He threw 86 off the mound with a very advanced CB/Chg combination.

Austin Slater  OF - 2011 - Jacksonville, FL   Stanford

Slater is already 6-2, 190 lbs and has excellent strength for his age, which translates into very good bat speed on a line drive swing. He’s a 7.0 runner who has the arm strength to play on the left side of the infield.

Alex Roberts  RHP - 2011 - Dalton, GA   Georgia State/Middle Georgia State University

Roberts could be moving up the prospect lists as he fills out his 6-1, 170 lb frame. He has a very loose, long arm action, a fastball that topped out at 87 mph and a hammer of a curveball at 73 mph.

Ben Joseph  RHP - 2011 - Newberry, FL   Yale

Joseph is a solid all around athlete who throws 84-86 with minimum effort and maximum command. He’ll cut his fastball at times and has nasty downer curveball.

C.J. Reed  OF - 2011 - Kennesaw, GA   Mercer

Reed is only a sophomore but has a very strong 6-0, 205 lb build. He’s a 6.9 runner and the ball jumps off his bat hard.

Michael Hodorowski  OF - 2011 - Acworth, GA   Georgia Tech

Hodorowski is a scrappy player with tools and plays faster than his 6.75 speed. He has a simple line drive swing and has an ideal set of leadoff type skills and tools.

Shaka Starling  OF - 2011 - Rosharon, TX   Grayson County College

The brother of Pirate farmhand Wardell Starling, Shaka Starling has plus present strength at 5-11, 195 lbs and impressive bat speed and power potential

George Gugino  3B - 2011 - Pembroke Pines, FL   Uncommitted

Gugino’s slender 6-4, 170 lb frame calls into question his future position, but he’s a switch-hitter with an outstanding swing and present bat speed from the left side in particular.

Ryan Meyer  RHP - 2011 - Oviedo, FL   UCF

Meyer has a very long and projectable pitcher’s frame and looks taller than his listed 6-5, 195. His arm works well and his fastball topped out at 86 mph, with a mid 70’s slider as his breaking ball.

Michael White  OF - 2011 - East Orange, NJ   Louisville

White is a very athletic 6-2, 190 lb youngster with 6.9 speed and impressive power potential. He was especially impressive defensively during the showcase games.

Barrett O'Neill  RHP - 2011 - Ashland, MA   Virginia

O’Neill showed a 87 mph fastball that had excellent late life and advanced ability to control both his fastball and 74 mph curveball.

Hunter Conley  1B - 2011 - Cornelius, NC   Uncommitted

Andy Chacon  OF - 2011 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Chacon has a pro style body at 6-1, 200 lbs already but he’s loose and athletic. He projects serious power at the plate.

Chase Darhower  SS - 2011 - Niceville, FL   UCF

Niceville HS’s 2011 class is outstanding and Darhower could be their top player. He’s 6-3, 170 lbs with present bat speed and an aggressive, sound swing.

Josh Gordon  1B - 2011 - Niceville, FL   Uncommitted

Gordon will be limited to 1B defensively, but the 6-2, 220 lb right handed hitter can flat mash, both for power and for average.

2012 Top Prospects

Gabriel Aurrecoechea  OF - 2012 - Miramar, FL   Florida Atlantic

Despite his age and 5-8, 140 lb frame, Aurrecoechea had excellent raw bat speed and a very advanced idea how to hit from the left side of the plate.

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