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2023 Top Prospects

Lance Angell  SS - 2023 - Gallatin, TN

Angell struck out three in his one inning with a fastball that topped out at 87 mph. On top of his live arm on the mound he posted a 6.70 second sixty showing some of his athleticism that translates to the middle infield.

Camden Curley  RHP - 2023 - Winter Park, FL

Curley came out on fire in his outing on the mound working three innings with over 60% strikes and a fastball up to 88 mph. He struck out five in this outing and displayed a feel for the breaking ball in the low 70's.

Ike Schmidly  OF - 2023 - Charlotte, NC

Schmidly showed strength in multiple facets of his game throughout the workout. His fastball got up to 88 mph on the mound while he was up to 91 mph from the outfield. At the plate he posted a 88 mph exit velocity.

Tanner O'Neal  C - 2023 - Bonaire, GA

O'Neal has a well rounded game with skills that can make an impact on both sides of the ball. Offensively he posted multiple hits in game action. Defensively he posted a 1.82 second pop time with arm strength that translated to an 84 mph fastball on the mound.

Clay Spencer  C - 2023 - Hoover, AL

Spencer showed real intent in the right-handed swing with an ability to connect at a high rate and drive balls to the pull side in workouts and in game action. Behind the dish he added a caught stealing in game.

Bradley Dunn  OF - 2023 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dunn punched out three in his two innings of work with an electric fastball that topped out at 86 mph. He was consistently in the mid 80's with the fastball and showed a breaking ball in the upper 60's to compliment the heater.

Connor Furstenberg  C - 2023 - Cornelius, NC

Furstenberg started his workout strong with a 6.86 second sixty. He followed that up with arm strength across the infield and a 1.94 second pop time. On top of his defensive numbers he put up a strong round of batting practice and 81 mph exit velocity.

Kyle Chatham  OF - 2023 - Marietta, GA

Chatham was able to put his skill set on display in workouts as well as in game action. He posted a 6.68 section sixty as well as topping out a 86 mph from the outfield and recording a 89 mph exit velocity. In game he was able to use his level bat path to find the barrel and his speed to impact the game on the bases.

Mason Curley  RHP - 2023 - Winter Park, FL

Curley was efficient with his efforts on the mound working three innings and running the fastball up to 84 mph. The changeup and breaking ball give him two complimentary secondary pitches that he can get to both halves of the plate.

Sheppard Tyler  RHP - 2023 - Austin, TX

Sheppard lived in the low 80's with his fastball for three inning of work and was able to run it up to 85 mph. He mixed in a breaking ball as well with solid spin traits to project on moving forward as a quality secondary pitch.

Landon Bailey  OF - 2023 - Vidor, TX

Bailey has a solid combination of speed and power to his game. Defensively he showed quick feet with a 6.91 second sixty that play with some arm strength across the diamond. At the plate he showed some bat speed and strength at the point of contact with a 91 mph exit velocity.

Jack Stowers  C - 2023 - Mobile, AL

Stowers presents a large sturgeon build that plays behind the plate and in the box. He has some arm strength behind the with a 2.07 second pop time. At the plate he has strength in the right-handed box that plays to the pull side.

Owen Stevenson  1B - 2023 - Fairview, TX

Stevenson hammers the baseball to the middle of the field in his round of batting practice. He shows good feel for the barrel and bat speed with strength that translated to a 94 mph exit velocity.

Jackson Gutta  RHP - 2023 - Omaha, NE

Gutta allowed no runs over his three innings running his fastball up to 81 mph. he also showed consistent arm speed on a very projectable breaking ball inhale mid 70's. At 6-foot 175-pounds he presents solid athleticism with room to grow and fill out moving forward.

Sam Scharville  C - 2023 - Hudson, OH

Scharvillle put up good numbers throughout his workout. His athleticism and strength play behind the dish with arm strength and a 1.96 second pop time. At the plate he drove the ball with bat speed and an ability to create leverage with a 90 mph exit velocity.

Jude Wascom  SS - 2023 - Thompsons Station, TN

Wascom has some solid strength in a compact athletic build. he showed arm strength in the outfield topping out at 84 mph. He also posted a 82 mph exit velocity at the plate.

2024 Top Prospects

Clinton Harris  OF - 2024 - Lawrenceville, GA

Harris was impressive at the plate all showcase with his ability to dominate pitches on the outer half and drive the ball the other way. He capped off his workout with a nice one inning on the mound running the fastball up to 89 mph with more to come in the tank.

Xaden Benson  SS - 2024 - Atlanta, GA

Benson was seemingly on the barrel all week with a loud round of batting practice followed by multiple hits in each game. He has solid twitch in his game that plays on both sides of the ball and is validated by his 6.65 second sixty.

Taylor Trillo  1B - 2024 - Phoenix, AZ

Trillo took one of the louder rounds of batting practice showing an easy ability to drive the baseball and create lift to the pull side. This swing translated to the game action with some hits.

Aubrey Hermes  OF - 2024 - Shreveport, LA

Hermes shows a well rounded outfield skill that looks to have plenty of promise moving forward. He posted a 6.86 second sixty and showed good action in the infield with arm strength. At the plate the right-handed swing has good intent with a mature feel for the barrel.

Nicholas McCord  SS - 2024 - Birmingham, AL

McCord shows some solid upside as a two way prospect. He ran sub 7.00 in his sixty yard dash and was on the barrel during his round of batting practice spraying the ball to all fields. He also hopped on the mound and ran his fastball up to 86 mph with two complimentary off speed pitches.

Glenn Smith  SS - 2024 - Austin, TX

Smith has some solid projection left in his profile and the skill set that could translate to the next level. He posted a 7.07 second sixty and the foot speed translated to the infield with a good round throwing 85 mph across. At the plate the hand speed plays with an 86 mph exit velocity.

Hunter St Denis  3B - 2024 - Gaithersburg, MD

St Denis brings some big time intent to the box with his right-handed swing. The proof is in his round of batting practice as well as his 90 mph exit velocity.

Henry Leipart  OF - 2024 - Encino, CA

Leipart was on the barrel during batting practice as well as in the game. The bat path and bat speed allow him to get to contact out front where he impacts the ball best to the pull side.

2025 Top Prospects

Wyatt Rudden  RHP - 2025 - Greenwood Village, CO

Rudden got his workout off to a hot start showing good actions in the outfield and topping out at 90 mph. He followed that up with an aggressive mentality on the mound and a 82 mph fastball.

Wade Hartrick  C - 2025 - Boulder, CO

Hartrick put together a solid outing on the mound where his fastball topped out at 81 mph and striking out four in tow innings. The arm strength stood out in other areas of his game with a 1.96 second pop time.

Maxwell Hunt  RHP - 2025 - Tampa, FL

Hunt has solid combination of twitch and strength to his game. He ran a 6.96 second sixty which will play well in the outfield, as will his arm strength which showed up on the mound topping out at 81 mph.

Yahir Burgos  OF - 2025 - Eglin Afb, FL

Burgos impressed in multiple facets of his showcase. He started with smooth actions in the outfield with projectable arm strength. At the plate the left-handed swing produces easy lift to the pull side with solid bat speed.

Ben Bryant  OF - 2025 - Smyrna, TN

Took a very good round of batting practice showing intent and the ability to find the barrel at a high rate from the left side. He is consistent with his timing and load which plays into the ability impact the ball with authority regularly.

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