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2021 Top Prospects

Dylan Knowles  SS - 2021 - Manhattan Beach, CA

Knowles was one of the most impressive older prospects at the event as he showcased himself as a next level type guy already. Ran a 6.62 second sixty yard dash. Took a solid round of infield as he bounced around and made it look easy. Arm strength showing as he threw it 82 mph during drills. Took a solid round of BP as he took some big hacks while running into a few barrels while doing so. Recorded a 92 mph exit velocity as well, further proving his power capabilities.

Nathan Maas  RHP - 2021 - Soquel, CA

Maas checked off a lot of boxes this weekend as he has a sturdy 6-foot-3 frame, an easy arm action, & pounded the lower half of the zone. Free and easy arm action as he worked downhill upon release. Fastball up to 87 mph while showing arm side run. Mixed in a fading changeup that was a swing and miss type pitch. Breaking ball flashed some sweep to it in the mid-70's. Huge upside showing on the mound.

Paul Murrow  OF - 2021 - Tustin, CA

Murrow was very solid in multiple positions during his workouts and then impressed in a bullpen as well. Great first step instincts on defense as he worked comfortably around the baseball while scooping it up with confidence. Threw it 85 mph during outfield drills, showing off the arm strength. Thump in the bat at the dish. When he found the barrel, he generated some of the loudest contact of the day. Also recorded a 95 mph exit velocity. On the mound, the righty utilized simple mechanics while showing to be repeatable in his actions. Fastball up to 85 mph and mixed in some feel for the secondaries.

Cole Roberts  RHP - 2021 - Las Vegas, NV

Roberts was very good during his bullpen as he showes feel for a legit three pitch mix. Great command of all and tunneled them well. Fastball up to 85 mph with life out of hand. Mixed in a slurvy breaking ball and a really good changeup. Swing and miss type stuff showing.

Ethan Lizama  OF - 2021 - Chula Vista, CA

Lizama was one of the top two-way guys at the event as he showcased himself in a big way. On the mound, the left-handed pitcher utilized a whippy arm as he delivered downhill while running the fastball up to 87 mph. Big 12-to-6 breaking ball he landed for strikes. Big upside on the mound. Solid in the outfield as well as he runs well

Nicholas Ochoa  C - 2021 - Santa Ana, CA

Ochoa was very fundamental behind the dish as he blocked up the baseball and proved to have some framing skills on the edges. Strong, accurate arm as well while recording a 2.00 second pop time. Also took an interesting round of BP as he swung it with authority. Big hacks as he looked to drive it deep and when he connected, he did just that. Natural lift in the swing and projects as a power bat.

Evan Langston  RHP - 2021 - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Langston was solid in multiple spots as he started it all off with a quick 6.93 second sixty-yard dash. On the mound, the right-hander flashed a full arm action before releasing with intent down the mound. Fastball up to 85 mph with feel for multiple other secondaries, including a slider, curveball, & changeup. Took a solid round in the infield showing some lateral range and a strong arm, throwing it 87 mph. Great instincts and projects well in the middle infield.

Scott Bauman  RHP - 2021 - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Bauman displayed one of the most mature and developed looking bullpens of the day on Saturday with three advanced pitches that he already shows great feel for. He possesses a ton of violence down the hill and runs his fastball up to 86 mph. He then mixes in both an 11-to-5 shaped curveball as well as a 79 mph changeup that both showcase swing and miss ability.

2022 Top Prospects

Tristan Fox  RHP - 2022 - Saratoga, CA

Fox is very mature physical for his age as he has a strong lower half and broad shoulders that fill out the 6-foot-4 frame nicely. On the mound, the right-hander flashed a free and easy operation with a smooth arm action. He shows plenty more velocity in the tank down the road, making him projectable. Fastball up to 87 mph and a sharp breaking ball to go with it. Also mixed in a tumbling changeup. Big upside on the mound.

Justin Walker  SS - 2022 - Henderson, NV

Walker proved to have plenty of twitch as he took a great round of infield during drills. He worked cleanly around the baseball and showed confidence in the glove as he scooped it up before working with a quick release. Threw it 82 mph during drills. Quick, linear swing in the box as he impacted out front with feel for the bat head. Also, ran a sub-7.00 second sixty yard dash.

Ethan Hsu  RHP - 2022 - San Ramon, CA

Hsu was very good on the mound as the young right-hander shows a long, wiry type 6-foot-4 frame with plenty of room to fill out. Stayed direct to the dish and released with full intent. Fastball up to 85 mph with a sharp 11-to-5 breaking ball and a changeup that he kept down in the zone.

Leo Uelmen  RHP - 2022 - Las Vegas, NV

Uelmen is an intriguing underclassm right-handed pitcher who is still lanky, standing at 6-foot-2. Easy to think he is going to fill out and make a big jump when he fills out the frame. He released from a lower slot and filled up the zone with a mid-80's fastball, topping at 85 mph. He mixed in a tight spinning slider with sweep and a hard, tumbling changeup. Hit his spots and worked with a clean operation.

Jayson Nace  RHP - 2022 - Yucaipa, CA

Nace was solid on the mound while also carrying that athleticism into the box and in the outfield. The right-handed pitcher had a very quick arm as he was up to 85 mph with the fastball with arm side run. Also mixed in a changeup and a good breaking ball. Good first step in the outfield as he worked through it and threw it 88 mph with carry to the bag. In the box, utilized that great hand-eye coordination as he impacted out front with some thump in the bat. Found a barrel with every cut and sprayed it around.

Kenneth Wang  C - 2022 - Claremont, CA

Wang was solid behind the dish as he proved to be flexible in his stance with soft hands receiving. He recorded a 2.00 second pop time during drills with throws on the money. The build also fits the catcher profile perfectly and he shows good instincts. Also took a solid BP as he got extended and proved to have some thump in the bat. Very loud when he squared the baseball up.

Sam Purgason  3B - 2022 - Truckee, CA

Really looked the part on the hill with a strong fastball that sits between 83-86 mph and a nice set of complimentary secondary pitches. His 6-foot-6 frame helps his already strong heater play up thanks to the length he gets down the mound. Purgason also put together a solid looking round of BP with advanced hands that hunt the inner half.

2023 Top Prospects

James Derflinger  SS - 2023 - North Tustin, CA

Derflinger impressed in a big way both on the mound and in the infield. On the mound, the right-hander was free and easy with the arm action as he pounded the zone with a handful of pitches. Fastball up to 88 mph and mixed in a sharp curveball. Also flashed feel for a slider and hard cutter as well. Took a fundamental infield round as he worked athletically around the baseball. Arm strength carried over from the mound as he threw it 87 mph across the diamond. Took a solid round of BP as well as he found barrels and sprayed it gap to gap.

Bryce Cruz  RHP - 2023 - Granite Bay, CA

Cruz impressed both on the mound and at the dish as he proved to be a legit two-way guy. Huge upside on the mound as he worked with a quick arm and was repeatable in his actions. Fastball up to 87 mph with life and feel for the secondary, including a late fading changeup. Great hands in the box as he shows advanced bat to ball skills while driving it around the park. Proved to have some pull-side power as well.

Bryant Viskovich  OF - 2023 - Los Gatos, CA

Viskovich flashed some two-way potential as he swung it with authority in the box & impressed during his round of batting practice all while running a quick 6.70 second sixty-yard dash. On the mound, he utilized a whippy arm action while staying direct to the dish as he filled it up. Fastball up to 82 mph and mixed in a sweeping slider and short depth breaking ball. He was solid in the outfield as he covered a good bit of ground while showing off the arm strength, throwing it 87 mph with accuracy. Great set of hands in the box as he stayed linear and squared it up back up the middle.

Cole Blumenthal  SS - 2023 - Redondo Beach, CA

Blumenthal was very athletic in all facets of the game while being fundamental in the infield. Had an excellent workout as he bounced around while showing great lateral range with a confident glove. Arm strength starting to show as he threw it 81 mph with carry. Impacted the baseball with authority during batting practice as he found a barrel with every swing.

Danny Scudero  OF - 2023 - San Jose, CA

Scudero ran the fastest sixty yard dash of the event at a quick 6.49 seconds. Roams the outfield covering a ton of real estate while he threw it 72 mph during drills. Quick bat speed in the box as he threw hands at the baseball with a linear swing path. Some inconsistencies but shows some upside with the athleticism.

Ethan Nunez  OF - 2023 - Chino Hills, CA

Nunez has very projectable tools both at the plate and in the outfield with a strong arm that was gunned at 84 mph to the plate in the outfield workouts. His simple approach at the plate that works through the middle of the field will serve him well as he continues to polish his game.

2024 Top Prospects

Camden Clewett  C - 2024 - Yorba Linda, CA

Clewett proved to be solid in multiple positions while showing some real two-way talent. On the mound, the right-hander worked with a quick, whippy arm as he filled up the zone with three pitches. Fastball up to 83 mph with a fading changeup and a short depth curveball. Was solid behind the dish during drills as he bounced around and received with instincts. Quick transfer on throw downs recording a 1.86 second pop time.

2025 Top Prospects

Josiah Hartshorn  OF - 2025 - Anaheim, CA

Hartshorn was mighty impressive and proved to be one of the top prospects at the event, even at his young age. The left-hander was nothing short of great on the mound as he is very fluid in his actions and pounded the zone. Fastball up to 85 mph with life. Sharp biting breaking ball and commanded a changeup well. Also took a great round of BP as the switch hitter found barrels from both sides. He even went yard from the right-side over the leftfield fence. Dominant performance this weekend.

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