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2021 Top Prospects

Christian Febus Rodriguez  SS - 2021 - Salinas, PR

Rodriguez put tremendous tools on display here in the workout session when he ran a 6.63 sixty yard dash, was clocked up to 90 mph across the infield and had a loud round of batting practice where he used a hit/power combo to hit multiple balls out of the park.

Dominic Scavone  3B - 2021 - Orlando, FL

Scavone is a big, physical right-handed hitting third baseman with an offense first profile as he uses a real strong yet easy swing to generate a consistent amount of line drive contact to and through either gap.

Wilson Weber  C - 2021 - Gresham, OR
Oregon State

Weber worked out very well behind the plate with a 1.87 second pop time with easy carry on his throws at 85 mph down to second base. At the plate he impacted the ball well to the opposite field and showed good bat speed with a 94 mph exit velocity.

Charlie Condon  1B - 2021 - Marietta, GA

Condon showed solid athleticism for his 6-foot-5 200-pound frame. At first base he gets his feet in position to make feeds to second base. At the plate he creates power to all fields with a swing that has strength, and the length to create leverage on the baseball with a 94 mph exit velocity.

Joshua Steidl  C - 2021 - Delray Beach, FL

Steidl is one of the more offensively talented catchers and put it on display creating great bat speed and barrel whip and leveraging his hands to create strong lofted contact while also having popped down to a 1.96 second pop time.

Clayton Hodges  OF - 2021 - Jacksonville, FL

Hodges showed well in all facets of his work out. He ran a 6.87 second sixty, showed athletic actions in the outfield with a strong arm topping out at 89 mph, and recorded a 94 mph exit velocity with a clean swing from the right side of the plate.

Michael Aponte  OF - 2021 - San Juan, PR

Aponte displayed a strong arm from both the outfield and infield as he topped out at 91 mph from the outfield with good carry and 87 mph from the infield with a shorter arm action. He also showed good athleticism throughout the drills and while running a 6.86 second sixty.

Sammy Contacos  C - 2021 - Irwin, PA

Contacos worked well to the pull side gap in his round of batting practice with the ability to elevate the ball and recorded a 90 mph exit velocity. Behind the dish he gets the ball down to second base well with a 1.88 second pop time. At the plate he took a strong round of batting practice finding eh barrel consistently to the middle of the field and posted a 91 mph exit velocity.

Perry Kyles  OF - 2021 - Tomball, TX

Kyles showed well both in the outfield with good carry on his throws at 90 mph and at the plate with an 89 mph exit velocity. His 6-foot-1 165-pound frame has great length to project on moving forward.

Jose Luis Torres  C - 2021 - Miami, FL

Torres showed good actions behind the plate with a short arm action and quick release resulting in a 1.88 second pop time. At the dish, he shows quickness to the stroke and finds a good amount of barrels creating line drive to the middle of the field.

2022 Top Prospects

Paxton Kling  OF - 2022 - Roaring Spring, PA
Louisiana State

Kling put on a show across the entirety of the workout, running an event best 6.45 sixty yard dash before jumping in the outfield and generating throws clocked up to 92 mph with significant carry out of the hand. At the dish, he has electric hand and bat speed with explosiveness to contact that allows him to consistently barrel hard contact on a line to the pull side.

Vincent Fattore  OF - 2022 - Plymouth Meeting, PA

Fattore impressed with his round of batting practice putting balls off the wall in the opposite field gap and recording a 96 mph exit velocity. He worked out well in the outfield as well with a big arm topping out at 94 mph and showed speed that will play allow him to cover lots of ground in the outfield with a 6.73 second sixty.

Freddy Oquendo  OF - 2022 - Hialeah, FL
Florida International

Oquendo is an ├╝ber-athletic outfielder who ran a 6.72 sixty yard dash, works under control with fluidity to actions and arm strength up to 87 mph in the outfield and shows great consistency with the barrel, creating good bat speed and impacting it well to the pull side.

Jared Davis  SS - 2022 - Orlando, FL
West Virginia

Davis stood out right away when he ran a 6.50 second sixty yard dash, but was plenty solid throughout the rest of the event with a fluid round from the outfield and one of the more consistent rounds at the dish, using quickness and strength to the hands to generate good line drive contact to the pull side.

Jamaliel Rosado  SS - 2022 - Orlando, FL
Florida International

Rosado put a number of tools on display as he ran a 6.81 sixty, was clocked up to 89 mph across the infield and created easy jump off the barrel with a balanced operation, great bat speed and efficiency in his swing that allowed him to send multiple balls over the wall in batting practice.

Mason Balsis  C - 2022 - Bristow, VA
Middle Tennessee State

Balsis has long been a performer and showed more of his overall tools here with a strong round behind the dish, using arm strength up to 82 mph to pop a 1.96 best pop time, while also generating good contact when on time at the dish with ease in how he is able to lift the ball and strength behind it.

Rene Ramirez Jr  SS - 2022 - Miami, FL

Ramirez is a strong switch hitting shortstop who has better athleticism than his listed 7.13 sixty yard run time, has great hands and comfortability at shortstop and works a simple and smooth operation at the plate with some juice from either side.

Jameson Caro  OF - 2022 - Hialeah, FL
Florida International

Caro showed well in all three facets of his work out, starting with a 6.81 second sixty. In the outfield he worked comfortably to the ball with strong throws on a line to the base with accuracy. At the plate he took a good round of bating practice impactions eh ball from gap to gap with a recorded 90 mph exit velocity.

John Whitney  OF - 2022 - Nokomis, FL

Whitney showed plus speed with a 6.57 second sixty that will play well in the outfield where he does a nice job getting rid of the ball quickly and topped out at 87 mph. His frame shows more room to project upon which will only help his game.

Dane Thorpe  C - 2022 - Santa Clara, UT

With good overall athleticism, Thorpe shows well from his primary catching position, popping down to a 1.96 best pop time and clocking the arm up to 79 mph from a pop. He also uses a simple, compact stroke at the dish to work gap to gap with good consistency and an exit velocity up to 94 showing his present strength.

Wesley Parker  1B - 2022 - Venetia, PA

Parker is a big, physical right-handed hitting first baseman who put that strength on the display in his round of batting practice and with his 94 exit velocity. He has a longer swing path, but shows good bat speed and strength that allows him handle the barrel well, creating jump and carry off contact.

Edgardo Jose Martinez  SS - 2022 - Yabucoa, PR

Martinez put up impressive numbers displaying a strong set of tools that translate well over to his game. He ran a 6.80 sixty, showing athleticism that he uses well in his range around the infield while also clocking up to 90 mph on throws to bags in the workouts.

Eddie Boe Rodriguez  SS - 2022 - Cape Coral, FL
Florida Gulf Coast

Rodriguez is another primary shortstop who put good tools on display as he ran a 7.03 sixty yard dash and used that athleticism to move fluidly around the infield with comfortability adjusting to the ball and using arm strength clocked up to 90 mph to create strong throws across.

2023 Top Prospects

Zachary Brown  3B - 2023 - Santa Ana, CA

Brown showed big strength at the dish in his round of batting practice, using a long but easy swing to generate a good amount of strong contact and quantifying that strength with an exit velocity of 94 mph, an advanced number of his age.

Jalan Gordon  OF - 2023 - Avon Park, FL

Gordon is a young, wiry outfielder with plenty to build on as he ran a 7.12 sixty yard dash, was clocked up to 91 mph on low and accurate throws from the outfield and showed loose hands with good power potential at the dish.

John Lopez  C - 2023 - Salinas, PR

Lopez has plenty of tools that show strong for his age, running a 6.95 sixty yard, a great time for catcher, while also throwing 88 mph across the infield and popping a 1.89 best pop time from behind the dish, showing great defense-first upside.

2024 Top Prospects

Mason Brassfield  OF - 2024 - Bakersfield, CA

Brassfield is a strong left-handed hitting outfielder with loads of projection on both sides of the ball, clocking up to 87 mph already from the outfield and creating great separation with an accurate barrel showing tremendous power projection.

Aukai (Jaydon) Kea  C - 2024 - Kapolei, HI

Kea made the long trip from Hawaii and impressed with a solid round behind the dish, using quick feet a quick release to get consistently in a position to create accurate throws to the bag. At the dish, he shows intriguing power potential with good intent to how he works, using a longer but violent swing to impact it well already.

Edwin Garriga  SS - 2024 - Orlando, FL

Garriga is an athletic shortstop who already shows above average in a number of tools, running a 6.73 sixty, throwing 83 mph across with soft hands and fluidity to actions and using a simple swing with good hands to find the barrel at a consistent rate.

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