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2013 Top Prospects

Justin Williams  OF - 2013 - Houma, LA   Louisiana State

Williams is a big physical athlete with lots of strength. Williams tops the list with his raw bat speed, which may be the best in the 2013 class. He also ran a 6.94, threw 89 from the outfield and threw 85 on the mound.

Terry McClure  OF - 2013 - Atlanta, GA   Georgia Tech

A phenomenal athlete, McClure looks the part and blazed to an event best 6.48 sixty yard dash. He also threw 86 from the outfield and showed bat speed and power at the plate.

Wesley Jones  SS - 2013 - Lithonia, GA   Georgia

Jones is a top level defender at SS with quickness, easy actions and arm strength. He ran a 6.96 sixty, threw 88 across and showed bat speed with a line drive swing. He also showed a loose arm and 89 mph velocity on the mound with a good 11/5 curveball to boot.

Nick Longhi  1B - 2013 - Venice, FL   Louisiana State

Longhi is one of the most polished hitters of the event, showing balance and lots of bat speed from the right side. He also has lots of arm strength, throwing 87 from first base and bumping 90 on the mound with feel for a 71 mph curveball.

Josh Hart  OF - 2013 - Lilburn, GA   Georgia Tech

An outstanding athlete, Hart projects as a CF, running a 6.89 sixty, throwing 89 from the outfield. His skills project well to the top of the order with a line drive left-handed swing and lots of aggressiveness on the base paths.

Randolph Gassaway  1B - 2013 - Atlanta, GA   Middle Georgia State University

A physical specimen, Gassaway projects very well. He has a long, strong swing with lots of power and power to come. He is a 6.68 runner, projecting well for the corner outfield, currently playing first base.

Jacob Heyward  OF - 2013 - McDonough, GA   Miami

Heyward is a big strong athlete with lots of power potential at the plate. The ball jumps off his bat and he is also a very good athlete, running a 6.83 sixty yard dash.

Andrew Lantrip  RHP - 2013 - Goodrich, TX   Houston

Lantrip was the top pitcher of the showcase with his projectable body and smooth delivery with loose arm action. He topped at 88 with the pitch showing life and showed good feel for a changeup at sweeping slider.

Chad Ramsey  SS - 2013 - Damon, TX   New Mexico State

A very interesting two way prospect. Ramsay ran a 6.87 and showed solid actions at SS while showing a smooth swing with extension at the plate. He also topped at 87 on the mound with good shape on a 66 mph curveball.

Karl Ellison  C - 2013 - Naples, FL   Vanderbilt

Ellison was the best overall catcher of the event, showing an athletic build, 82 mph arm strength and a 1.94 pop time. He also is short and quick to the ball at the plate with power potential.

Zachary Michalski  1B - 2013 - Belews Creek, NC   North Carolina Central/Guilford Technical CC

Michalski has a huge build and lots of strength. He crushed the ball in batting practice as well as games with the ball really jumping off his bat. He also threw 84 mph on the mound with a tight 11/5 curveball.

Aubrey McCarty  1B - 2013 - Doerun, GA   Vanderbilt/Gordon CC

One of the most unique players of the showcase, McCarty is a true switch hitter and both handed pitcher. He hits well form both sides with strength and power and was up to 84 mph right-handed on the mound.

Dalton Duty  OF - 2013 - Palatka, FL   UCF

Duty is a very strong all around player, running a 6.84, throwing 87 from the OF and showing some of the best OF actions of the showcase. He is also a very good hitter who hit a home run to RF during Wednesday's game.

Juan Escarra  3B - 2013 - Hialeah, FL   Florida International

An athletic player with room to fill out, Escarra showed very good fielding actions at both SS and 3B and lots of potential at the plate with a pair of BP home runs.

Michael Barash  C - 2013 - Boca Raton, FL   Louisiana State

Barash is a strong athlete with quick defensive actions. PG has seen pop times as low a 1.96. He is also a polished hitter at the plate with a short swing and gap to gap power.

Collin Edwards  OF - 2013 - Arnold, MO   Wabash Valley College

Edwards is a long, lean athlete who projects very well. He ran a 6.90, threw 88 from the outfield and showed tools that will play at all three spots. He showed bat speed at the plate with more pop to come.

Lawson Factor  RHP - 2013 - Nashville, TN   Uncommitted

Factor is a lean, athletic pitcher who projects well. His fastball was up to 87 and he has loose arm action with late FB life. A 73 mph curveball with sharp 11/5 break is a off-speed offering with lots of potential.

Cornell Nixon  MIF - 2013 - Marietta, GA   Kennesaw State

A good athlete with strength, Nixon ran a 6.68 and threw 89 across the infield, showing very athleticism and a quick release at SS. He has a simple approach at the plate, line drive swing and was up to 87 on the mound.

Mike White  RHP - 2013 - Pembroke Pines, FL   Uncommitted

White projects as well as any player we saw in December. Long, lean with smooth arm action and velo of 85, also showing a feel for three breaking pitches. He also tripled twice in games showing power to the opposite field.

Colton Lee  RHP - 2013 - Kenosha, WI   Yavapai College

A big, strong athlete, Lee led all players with a 91 mph velocity from the outfield. He also showed that raw arm strength on the mound, topping at 85. He is more raw as a left-handed hitter but showed power potential.

Alffredi Ramos  C - 2013 - Hialeah, FL   Florida International

A strong, stocky backstop with good athleticism, Ramos popped a 1.91 with 75 mph velocity. He is a power left-handed bat with smooth bat speed and home run pop to the pull side.

Manuel Pazos  C - 2013 - Miami, FL   Pittsburgh

Pazos is a good athlete who popped a 1.86 with 81 mph arm strength and also showed very well on the infield. He has a strong approach at the plate with quick hands and bat speed.

Pedro Perez Jr  SS - 2013 - Burlington City, NJ   Southeastern CC

Perez is a medium build athlete with legitimate two way potential. A switch-hitter with a smooth swing, good defensive SS with 90 mph arm strength across the infield. He was also up to 88 on the mound.

Alex Perez  RHP - 2013 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Perez is a medium build right-hander with lots of arm strength. He is athletic with his delivery and showed easy velocity from a low 3/4 slot, working up to 89 and showing a big breaking curveball. Also a good athlete with 6.86 speed.

Errol Robinson  SS - 2013 - Boyds, MD   Mississippi

Robinson is a lean, very athletic player who ran a 6.86 and showed that athleticism at SS with quick feet and loose body actions. Quick bat at the plate with top of the order skills.

Edwin Bonilla  SS - 2013 - Kissimmee, FL   Seminole State College

A compact athlete, Bonilla is a very good defender on the middle infield with very good 2B actions. He is a left-handed hitter with simple swing mechanics and bat speed. Polished overall player.

Eric Johnson  OF - 2013 - Stafford, TX   McNeese State

Johnson is a high level defensive outfielder with good actions and 88 mph arm strength. He also showed well behind the plate with a 1.90 pop and 75 mph velo. He ran a 7.05, also showing hard line drive contact and bat speed.

Daniel Rowbottom  OF - 2013 - Broadview Heights, OH   Illinois

Rowbottom showed a very good left handed swing. He showed feel at the plate with quick hands and easy opposite field contact. He is a solid athlete, running a 7.04.

Jamari Moore  OF - 2013 - Marietta, GA   Marist

Moore can really run. He was just a hundredth of a second behind East Cobb teammate Terry McClure for the best time of the showcase. Moore also has a feel at both sides of the plate and good OF actions.

Avery Geyer  RHP - 2013 - Navarre, FL   Mississippi State

Geyer has a compact, strong build and arm strength, working 84-87 with his fastball with sink and good arm speed on an 11/5 curveball. He also showed athleticism and fielding skills with 85 mph velo from the outfield.

Scott Adkins  C - 2013 - Madison, AL   Tennessee Tech

Adkins took an excellent BP with a short swing with lots of bat speed and power at the plate. 2 BP homeruns. Developing skills behind the plate, also profiles well at OF and 1B.

Jonathan Hernandez  OF - 2013 - Cooper City, FL   Uncommitted

Gonzalez is a solid athlete and threw 80 off the mound, but is was hit bat that stood out. He has tons of potential at the plate with balance strength and lots of power, crushing multiple BP homeruns.

Theodore Trae Sweeting  C - 2013 - Nassau, BS BHS   Georgia State

Sweeting is a medium build athlete with strength. He ran a very impressive 6.60 sixty and popped a 1.91 with 78 mph velo. He also showed good balance at the plate and a compact swing path.

Forrest Bramlett  C - 2013 - Ellijay, GA   Tennessee

Bramlett is a strong physical player with good raw arm strength and easy receiving skills. He stood out at the plate with balance and a long powerful swing with bat speed and power to the opposite field.

Corey Merrill  RHP - 2013 - Lutcher, LA   Tulane

Merrill is a big, strong righthander who topped at 86. He showed good extension and fastball with sink. His curveball at 75 had sharp, late break and straight changeup had very good arm action.

Brooks Morgan  SS - 2013 - Gainesville, FL   UCF

Morgan has a strong, athletic build and very solid defensive tools at SS with 86 mph velo across. At the plate he is short to the ball with loose swing actions and good swing mechanics.

Will Foreman  OF - 2013 - Houston, TX   TCU

Foreman is lean and athletic with lots of room to fill out. He has solid tools on the infield and also popped a 1.95 behind the plate. He is aggressive at the plate and has quick hands, the ball jumping off his bat.

David Palenzuela  3B - 2013 - Miami Lakes, FL   Faulkner University

A long, lean athlete that projects, Palenzuela showed loose, easy bat speed and lots of power potential with a very good present approach.

Jonathan Gonzalez  C - 2013 - Atco, NJ   Howard College

A strong player with a thick, mature build, Gonzalez showed solid bat speed and power. He popped a 1.95 with 76 mph velocity and received well during games.

2014 Top Prospects

Stone Garrett  OF - 2014 - Sugar Land, TX   Rice

Garrett had a coming out party of sorts at the showcase, running a 6.72 and showing tons of athleticism. He also crushed the ball at the plate with a loose smooth swing that projects for a lot of power.

Kel Johnson  OF - 2014 - Newnan, GA   Georgia Tech

Johnson is an excellent athlete with a long, strong build. He has huge power potential to all fields with a long, loose swing. Arm and body work in OF, power bat will carry him.

Gregory Deichmann  SS - 2014 - Metairie, LA   Louisiana State

Deichmann is a good defender on the left side of the infield and ran a 6.94. He has a smooth left-handed swing with strength and the ability to pull and lift the ball.

Griffin Helms  C - 2014 - Norcross, GA   Kennesaw State

Helms has a strong build and live body, running a very impressive 6.61. He is a solid defender but stood out with the bat. He has strength in his short swing and has bat speed and power potential.

Jonah Girand  C - 2014 - Winter Park, FL   Uncommitted

Girand has high level skills behind the plate with very good foot quickness and 79 mph arm strength, leading to a 1.80 pop time. He is not as advanced at the plate but showed bat speed and gap to gap power.

Lincoln Henzman  RHP - 2014 - Lexington, KY   Louisville

Henzman is a very intersting two-way prospect with an athletic build and strength. PG has seen him run as low a 6.99 and he showed 88 mph velocity on the mound with outstanding run/sink at times.

Ethan Walker  RHP - 2014 - Jacksonville, FL   Uncommitted

Walker has a big, strong build and arm strength, running his fastball up to 87. He has simple mechanics and loose arm action, also throwing a sweeping curveball and straight changeup.

Cre Finfrock  RHP - 2014 - Jensen Beach, FL   UCF

Finfrock is a lean, projectable player with lots of arm strength. He was 88 on the mound with good balance and a 71 mph curveball with bite. He also threw 88 from the outfield and ran a 7.12 sixty.

Trey Harris  2B - 2014 - Powder Springs, GA   Missouri

Harris has a strong build, ran a 6.85 and showed good footwork and actions at 3B. He showed lots of bat speed at the plate and consistent line drive contact.

Logan Ashworth  RHP - 2014 - Port Neches, TX   Alabama

Another long, lean projectable arm, Ashworth was up to 87 with his fastball showing command as well as a curveball with depth and changeup with sink.

Evan Dougherty  OF - 2014 - Fort Myers, FL   Duke

Dougherty projects very well and ran a 6.86. He showed very solid IF skills with smooth transfer and athleticism. At the plate, he has loose bat speed and line drive swing plane, staying inside the ball well.

Christopher Koppenhaver  RHP - 2014 - Davie, FL   Tulane

Kopppenhaver ran his fastball up to 87 and has a smooth, online delivery with clean arm action. His body projects and threw 85 mph from the outfield as well as showing raw strength in his swing at the plate.

Shelton Schimming  OF - 2014 - DeLand, FL   Stetson

A projectable athlete, Shimming ran a 6.76 and showed a lot of potential at the plate. His swing is loose with extension and comes easily with power to come as body fills out.

Blake Hamilton  RHP - 2014 - Ringgold, GA   Georgia

Hamilton has a very good pitcher's frame that projects and ran his fastball up to 84. He has steady, repeatable mechanics and is quick and loose out front. He also threw a 76 mph curveball with hard spin.

Hunter Tackett  OF - 2014 - Heiskell, TN   Miami

An athlete who projects very well, Tackett ran a 6.98 and threw 85 mph across the diamond while showing good hands and footwork. He has a loose swing at the plate with good swing mechanics and gap to gap power.

Austin Edens  1B - 2014 - Baton Rouge, LA   Samford

Edens has a solid athletic build with very good present strength and showed an aggressive, power approach at the plate with good bat speed. Also played a very nice 1B showing soft hands and agility.

2015 Top Prospects

Dazmon Cameron  OF - 2015 - McDonough, GA   Florida State

A very athletic young player, Cameron figures to be atop a lot of prospect lists over the next four years. He ran a 6.74 sixty and is a very good fielder with a compact swing and bat speed at the plate.

Jonah Garrison  SS - 2015 - Orlando, FL   Montevallo

Garrison is a advanced player in all stages with strength, and athleticism, good defensive actions on the middle infield and a aggressive swing with good bat speed and hard pull contact.

Willie Burger  3B - 2015 - Maytown, PA   Penn State

Burger is a thick, strong bodied player with solid defensive tools that project well at 3B and the ability to drive the ball at the plate. He shows bat speed and power potential.

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