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Event Schedule
World, World Uncommitted, National Underclass East and 14U East Showcase Schedule
Kissimmee, Florida
Friday, Januray 25th
6:00-8:00 PM Early Player Registration (Highly Recommended) Please use parking lot near stadium.
Osceola County Minor League Complex
631 Heritage Park Way
Kissimme, FL 34744
Saturday, January 26th
Team Number / Color
World Showcase World Unc. Showcase National Underclass East Showcase 14U East Showcase
1-Black 2-Col. Blue 10-Red 12-White 13-Black 26-Gold
3-Gold 4-Gray 11-Royal 14-Col. Blue 15-Gold 27-Navy
5-Green 6-Maroon     16-Green 17-Maroon 28-Orange
7-Navy 8-Orange     18-Navy 19-Orange    
9-Purple       20-Red 21-Royal    
        22-White 23-Col. Blue    
          24-Red 25-Royal      
7:15 AM Stadium Player Registration - Players Receive Shirt and Cap
8:00 AM Field 1 PG Staff Address Players - World / World Uncommitted Showcase
Field 2 PG Staff Address Players - National Underclass East / 14U East Showcase
Skillshow Parent Talk
All filmings begins of players by Skillshow
60 Yard Dash World Uncommitted - Batting Practice and DK Testing (Cages)
8:30 AM Field 1 World (Teams 1-9)/World Uncommitted (Teams 10-11) Field 1
  Field 2 National Underclass East (Teams 12-25)   DK Hit Shag
  Field 5 14u East (Teams 26-28) 9:50 AM 10-Red/11-Royal
10:10 AM 10-Red 11-Royal
Defensive Workouts 10:30 AM   11-Royal 10-Red
9:15 AM Stadium World (Teams 1-9)  
  Field 1 World Uncommitted (Team 10-11)   World - Batting Practice and DK Testing
  Field 2 National Underclass East OF/C (Teams 12-25) Stadium
  Field 3 National Underclass East IF/1B (Teams 12-25)   DK Hit Shag
  Field 5 14u East (Teams 26-28)     11:25 AM 1-Black/2-Col. Blue
11:40 AM 1-Black 2-Col. Blue
Games 12:05 PM 3-Gold/4-Gray 2-Col. Blue 1-Black
10:45 AM Field 2 16-Green vs 17-Maroon 12:30 PM 3-Gold 4-Gray
  Field 3 18-Navy vs 19-Orange 12:55 PM 5-Green/6-Maroon 4-Gray 3-Gold
  Field 4 20-Red vs 21-Royal 1:20 PM 5-Green 6-Maroon
    1:45 PM 7-Navy/8-Orange/9-Purple 6-Maroon 5-Green
11:30 AM Field 1 10-Red vs 11-Royal 2:10 PM 7-Navy 9-Purple
    2:35 PM 8-Orange 7-Navy
1:35 PM Field 2 1-Black vs 2-Col. Blue (5 Innings) 3:00 PM   9-Purple 8-Orange
  Field 3 22-White vs 23-Col. Blue
  Field 4 24-Red vs 25-Royal Nat'l Underclass East / 14u East Batting Practice and DK Testing (Cages)
    Field 5
2:30 PM Field 1 4-Gray vs 5-Green   DK Hit Shag
    10:20 AM 26-Gold/27-Navy/28-Orange  
3:05 PM Field 2 1-Black vs 3-Gold (5 Innings) 10:40 AM 26-Gold 28-Orange
    11:05 AM 27-Navy 26-Gold
3:40 PM Stadium 26-Gold vs 28-Orange vs 28 (5 Innings) 11:30 AM 22-White/23-Col. Blue 28-Orange 27-Navy
    11:55 AM 22-White 23-Col. Blue
4:25 PM Field 3 12-White vs 13-Black 12:20 PM 12-White/13-Black 23-Col. Blue 22-White
  Field 4 14-Col. Blue vs 15-Gold 12:45 PM 12-White 13-Black
    1:10 PM 14-Col. Blue/15-Gold 13-Black 12-White
4:35 PM Field 2 2-Col. Blue vs 3-Gold (5 Innings) 1:35 PM 14-Col. Blue 15-Gold
    2:00 PM 16-Green/17-Maroon 15-Gold 14-Col. Blue
5:10 PM Stadium 26-Gold vs 27-Navy (5 Innings) 2:25 PM 16-Green 17-Maroon
    2:50 PM 18-Navy/19-Orange 17-Maroon 16-Green
5:20 PM Field 1 6-Maroon vs 9-Purple 3:15 PM 18-Navy 19-Orange
    3:40 PM 20-Red/21-Royal 19-Orange 18-Navy
6:05 PM Field 2 7-Navy vs 8-Orange 4:05 PM 20-Red 21-Royal
    4:30 PM 24-Red/25-Royal 21-Royal 20-Red
6:40 PM Stadium 27-Navy vs 28-Orange (5 Innings) 4:55 PM 24-Red 25-Royal
5:20 PM   25-Royal 24-Red
Sunday, January 27th
8:15 AM Stadium 27-Navy vs 28-Orange (5 Innings) 11:00 AM Field 2 3-Gold vs 4-Gray
  Field 1 5-Green vs 6-Maroon (5 Innings)   Field 3 17-Maroon vs 19-Orange
  Field 2 2-Col. Blue vs 8-Orange   Field 4 20-Red vs 23-Col. Blue
  Field 3 10-Red vs 11-Royal   Field 5 21-Royal vs 24-Red
  Field 4 13-Black vs 15-Gold    
  Field 5 16-Green vs 18-Navy 11:15 AM Stadium 26-Gold vs 27-Navy (5 Innings)
      Field 1 6-Maroon vs 7-Navy (5 Innings)
9:45 AM Stadium 26-Gold vs 28-Orange (5 Innings)    
  Field 1 5-Green vs 7-Navy (5 Innings) 1:00 PM Stadium 12-White vs 14-Col. Blue
      Field 1 1-Black vs 9-Purple
              1:45 PM Field 3 22-White vs 25-Royal
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