Showcase National Showcase
Jun 12 - 15, 2009 Metrodome - Minneapolis, MN  

Event Schedule

Parking/Entrance Info
All participants and spectators may enter the Metrodome through Gate D. Gate D will remain open throughout your games for participants and spectators.
There will be plenty of parking available in the Metrodome lot (entrance on the east side off of 11th Avenue).

NATIONAL SHOWCASE SCHEDULE   Player Report Times 6/11 Dome
June 11: 3:00 PM   Black BP     1:40 PM  Black    

  Purple BP       Purple    

  Black Infield            

  Purple Infield     5:00 PM  Dark Green    

4:20 PM   Game 1 Black vs Purple     Gold    

6:20 PM   Dark Green BP            

  Gold BP     7 to 9 PM  Col. Blue    

  Dark Green Infield       Navy    

  Gold Infield       Red    

7:40 PM   Game 2 Dark Green vs Gold     Royal    


            TX. Orange    


June 12: 8:00 AM   Col. Blue BP     Rawlings Home Run Challenge & BP

  Navy BP     Alternate field Friday June 12

  Col. Blue Infield            

  Navy Infield     9:00 AM  Black    

9:20 AM   Game 3 Col. Blue vs Navy   10:00 AM  Purple    

11:20 AM   Red BP     11:00 AM  TX Orange    

  Royal BP     12:00 PM  Steel    

  Red Infield     1:00 PM  Dark Green    

  Royal Infield     2:00 PM  White    

12:30 PM   Game 4 Red vs Royal   3:00 PM  Gold    

          4:00 PM  Col. Blue    

2:30 PM   Steel BP     5:00 PM  Navy    

  TX. Orange BP     6:00 PM  Red    

  Steel Infield     7:00 PM  Royal    

  TX. Orange Infield            

3:40 PM   Game 5 Steel vs TX. Orange      

4:00 PM   Purple and Dark Green: 3P Pitching Program


5:40 PM   White BP    

  White Infield    

6:00 PM   Black, Gold, Col. Blue: 3P Pitching Program

6:20 PM   Game 6 White vs Purple  

8:20 PM   Game 7 Gold vs Black  


June 13: 9:00 AM   Game 8 Steel vs Dark Green        

11:00 AM   Game 9 Col. Blue vs TX. Orange  

11:00 AM   Navy, Red, Steel: 3P Pitching Program

1:00 PM   Game 10 Navy vs Red  

3:00 PM   Game 11 Royal vs White  

5:00 PM   Game 12 Purple vs Gold  

5:00 PM   Royal, TX.Orange, White: 3P Pitching Program

7:00 PM   60 Yard Dash          

8:00 PM   “Rawlings Home Run Challenge”      

9:00 PM   Game 13 Black vs Dark Green          


June 14: 8:30 AM   Game 14 Col. Blue vs White          

10:30 AM   Game 15 Navy vs Royal          

12:30 PM   Game 16 Red vs TX. Orange          

2:30 PM   Game 17 Steel vs Teal (2011’s Jr National Showcase)  


5:30 PM   2011’s Workout            

    60 Yard Dash      

    Outfielders throw from RF      

    Infielders field and throw from SS      

    Firstbasemen field and throw      

    Catchers pop times      

    Batting Practice      

June 15: 9:00 AM   Game 18 Maroon vs Kelly Green          

11:00 AM   Game 19 Teal vs Orange          

1:00 PM   Game 20 Kelly Green vs Orange          

3:00 PM   Game 21 Teal vs Maroon          
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