Showcase Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 6 - 7, 2009 Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA  

- Southwestern College  
  900 Otay Lakes Road Chula Vista, CA 91910 Map   

- Otay Ranch High School  
  1250 Olympic Parkway Chula Vista, CA 91913 Map   

- Eastlake HS  
  1120 Eastlake Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91915 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
13-Texas Orange18Ryan Acevedo Premium Content
4-Green5Nathan Alcafaras Premium Content
6-Maroon6Jordan Alexander Premium Content
1-Black4Brandon Alvarez Premium Content
10-Red20Josh Anderson Premium Content
7-Navy8Austin Avan Premium Content
6-Maroon3Ernest Avila Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue5Austin Bailey Premium Content
14-White16Nathan Bain Premium Content
1-Black2Devin Bartholomy Premium Content
12-Teal15Sean Baumes Premium Content
7-Navy17Grant Bays Premium Content
14-White9Andrew Beard Premium Content
13-Texas Orange6Andrew Becerra Premium Content
3-Gold8Sergio Becerra Premium Content
9-Purple15AJ Berglund Premium Content
7-Navy20Brandon Berry Premium Content
11-Royal3Chris Berry Premium Content
8-Orange5Shane Bingham Premium Content
13-Texas Orange1Conner Blackburn Premium Content
6-Maroon8Matt Blanchard Premium Content
14-White5Skyler Blocker Premium Content
11-Royal18Nicholas Bobbs Premium Content
13-Texas Orange11Brett Bonilla Premium Content
10-Red5Cody Boyles Premium Content
1-Black17Vahn Bozoian Premium Content
7-Navy4Brandon Brintz Premium Content
11-Royal7Nikolas Buich Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue19Daniel Camarena Premium Content
12-Teal4Derek Campbell Premium Content
4-Green7Ryan Canlapan Premium Content
4-Green6Nick Carr Premium Content
8-Orange8Michael Carroll Premium Content
3-Gold11Austin Challis Premium Content
11-Royal6Reynaldo Chavarria Premium Content
3-Gold15Devin Chavez Premium Content
4-Green8Casey Chenoweth Premium Content
13-Texas Orange3Kevin Clementi Premium Content
12-Teal14Tyler Coffman Premium Content
13-Texas Orange9Jack Colick Premium Content
7-Navy15Ryan Craig Premium Content
7-Navy10Cameron Curtis Premium Content
4-Green12Madison Dang Premium Content
14-White7Austin Denson Premium Content
14-White2Justin Di Stefano Premium Content
14-White8Joe Doering Premium Content
6-Maroon5Gabriel Douglas Premium Content
14-White17Kyle Dowdy Premium Content
13-Texas Orange5Derek Dunaway Premium Content
3-Gold7Sam Elgoual Premium Content
11-Royal15Calvin Ellis Premium Content
12-Teal1Dylan Ellis Premium Content
9-Purple19Gabriel Encinas Premium Content
13-Texas Orange15Cody Erautt Premium Content
10-Red17Phillip Evans Premium Content
10-Red16Steven Fisher Premium Content
7-Navy18Brian Fleischli Premium Content
3-Gold13Ryan Flood Premium Content
3-Gold14Alberto Flores Premium Content
8-Orange10Robert Forrest Premium Content
10-Red4Nicola (Nico) Garbella Premium Content
10-Red2Jacinto Garcia Premium Content
7-Navy12Kevin Garcia Premium Content
9-Purple5Antonio Gonzales Premium Content
14-White6Gene Gonzalez Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Jason Gonzalez Premium Content
7-Navy5Steven Gonzalez Premium Content
12-Teal19Justin Graeber Premium Content
6-Maroon2Casey Greene Premium Content
11-Royal17Danny Greenway Premium Content
7-Navy3Clinton Gregory Premium Content
11-Royal11Brett Harrison Premium Content
1-Black22Travis Harrison Premium Content
10-Red19Daniel Hawksley Premium Content
10-Red15Jesse Hernandez Premium Content
1-Black6Keaton Hernandez Premium Content
8-Orange1Miguel Hernandez Premium Content
3-Gold6Roland Hernandez Premium Content
14-White4Connor Hofmann Premium Content
3-Gold4Taylor Holmes Premium Content
6-Maroon15David Hubinger Premium Content
4-Green10Brian Hurst Premium Content
8-Orange7Julian Hutt Premium Content
13-Texas Orange2Brennen Jacobsen Premium Content
12-Teal20Spencer Jeffreys Premium Content
6-Maroon4James Jobusch Premium Content
6-Maroon23Ben Jones Premium Content
6-Maroon49Chance Jones Premium Content
9-Purple6Reggie Jones Premium Content
12-Teal8Mychal Kabeary Premium Content
3-Gold3Nicholas Kaiser Premium Content
9-Purple3Lonnie Kauppila Premium Content
4-Green22Joe Kerlin Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue15Alexander King Premium Content
10-Red24Karl King Premium Content
6-Maroon20Nick Kingham Premium Content
10-Red3Daniel Kopas Premium Content
12-Teal2Shane Kotz Premium Content
11-Royal10Athan Koutsoubinas Premium Content
11-Royal9Julian Larimer Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue16Cody Lewis Premium Content
1-Black1Christian Lopes Premium Content
1-Black5Timothy Lopes Premium Content
3-Gold9Steven Lucero Premium Content
8-Orange14Christoph Ludwig Premium Content
4-Green21Joshua Luke Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue17Maxwell MacNabb Premium Content
1-Black18Joseph Malham Premium Content
8-Orange13Brady Markel Premium Content
4-Green4David Martinez Premium Content
4-Green1AJ Maynard Premium Content
4-Green11Jordan Maynard Premium Content
11-Royal5Joey McCarrel Premium Content
9-Purple4Jerry McClanahan Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue24Andrew McComb Premium Content
8-Orange6Jeremy McDonald Premium Content
6-Maroon74Ethan McGill Premium Content
6-Maroon50Joshua McKie Premium Content
10-Red21Alexis Mercado Premium Content
11-Royal2Chase Mersola Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue1Jake Middleton Premium Content
4-Green9Brandon Mikulka Premium Content
8-Orange4Parker Miles Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue20Joshua Minder Premium Content
6-Maroon22Keegan Mitchell Premium Content
3-Gold5Austin Monte Premium Content
11-Royal4Dylan Moore Premium Content
11-Royal16Nate Nelson Premium Content
13-Texas Orange12Shane Opitz Premium Content
9-Purple2Paul Paez Premium Content
8-Orange11Steven Pallares Premium Content
13-Texas Orange16Scott Parker Premium Content
7-Navy16Chase Patterson Premium Content
14-White11Adriel Pedraza Premium Content
9-Purple17Andrew Perry Premium Content
3-Gold10Blaine Peterson Premium Content
8-Orange16Reece Pettersen Premium Content
12-Teal6Cody Pittman Premium Content
10-Red7Cody Poteet Premium Content
10-Red10Mike Poteet Premium Content
7-Navy6Brent Poulin Premium Content
9-Purple7Bijan Rademacher Premium Content
13-Texas Orange7Anthony Rangel Premium Content
3-Gold2Jacob Roebuck Premium Content
14-White12Brad Rolff Premium Content
1-Black21Stefan Sabol Premium Content
1-Black7Brad Salgado Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue18Kevin Sanders Premium Content
8-Orange3Tony Schicktanz Premium Content
13-Texas Orange4Ryan Shelloe Premium Content
6-Maroon16Bobby Shiroky Premium Content
1-Black23Miguel Silva Premium Content
12-Teal3Zach Skarbic Premium Content
12-Teal5David Snapp Premium Content
14-White3Daniel Solis Premium Content
8-Orange15Ryan Stein Premium Content
14-White10Scott Stetson Premium Content
1-Black15Jordan Stewart Premium Content
10-Red1German Sugiura Premium Content
7-Navy1Cody Sulflow Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue22Michael Swanner Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue21Will Swanner Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Brett Thorpe Premium Content
3-Gold1Ryan Toscano Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue6Josh Tracy Premium Content
4-Green3Logan Trowbridge Premium Content
7-Navy2Devin Turner Premium Content
12-Teal7Thomas Valles Premium Content
7-Navy7Chaneng Varela Premium Content
12-Teal18Adrian Vargas Premium Content
1-Black3Nick Wagner Premium Content
13-Texas Orange10Mark Wangeman Premium Content
3-Gold12Kailyr Washington Premium Content
12-Teal17Jake Webb Premium Content
14-White1Justin Webb Premium Content
13-Texas Orange8Ty Webster Premium Content
6-Maroon52Jonas Wellan Premium Content
9-Purple21Jason Wilcoxson Premium Content
1-Black16Jon Wilson Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Tony Wolters Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Ryan Wood Premium Content
9-Purple20Angelo Wright Premium Content
11-Royal1Jake Wylie Premium Content
8-Orange2Eric Yaron Premium Content
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