Showcase Sunshine South Showcase
May 30 - 31, 2009 Fireman State Park - Brenham, TX  

- Fireman State Park  
  910 North Park Street Brenham, TX 77833 Map   

- Blinn College  
  902 College Ave. Brenham, TX 77833 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Orange10Justin Anderson Premium Content
Teal4Zane Anderson Premium Content
White14Alex Armistead Premium Content
Purple80Douglas Ashby Premium Content
Royal6Kyle Bacak Premium Content
Teal80Carson Baranik Premium Content
Purple1Bryan Barrios Premium Content
Texas Orange5Tyler Beasley Premium Content
Gold6Matt Bienek Premium Content
Teal84Clayton Blackburn Premium Content
Teal10Brenden Board Premium Content
Gold13Bryan Brickhouse Premium Content
White6Elijah Brown Premium Content
White9Earl Burl Premium Content
White8Matt Burland Premium Content
Orange4Justin Byrd Premium Content
Teal1Jonathan Cannon Premium Content
Texas Orange22Garin Cecchini Premium Content
Purple67Tim Clark Premium Content
Orange11Caden Cleveland Premium Content
Orange17Chad Clifton Premium Content
Royal14William Cormier Premium Content
Teal11Clayton Crum Premium Content
Orange13Kevin Daniels Premium Content
Purple82Baron Davis Premium Content
Gold5Jon Davis Premium Content
Texas Orange4Quinten Davis Premium Content
Purple79Spencer Davis Premium Content
Texas Orange1Trae Davis Premium Content
Crimson6Dustin DeJohn Premium Content
Gold22Ryan Doerhoff Premium Content
Royal2Jake Dougan Premium Content
Orange18Davidson Douglas Premium Content
White11Paul Driscoll Premium Content
Orange14Don Paul DuBose Premium Content
Crimson11Kyle Finnegan Premium Content
White12Eric Fisher Premium Content
Purple6Michael Fitzgerald Premium Content
Crimson8J B Gadd Premium Content
Orange49Cole Gilmore Premium Content
Gold2Robert Gonzales Premium Content
Purple66Jake Good Premium Content
Purple2Turner Goodwin Premium Content
Crimson14Nathan Gordy Premium Content
Crimson9Ryan Gros Premium Content
Crimson13Truman Guinn Premium Content
Gold21Hunter Hagler Premium Content
Royal3Dustin Haines Premium Content
Orange19Jordan Hardy Premium Content
Teal12Alex Harris Premium Content
Texas Orange14Garrett Harrison Premium Content
White22Jeff Harvill Premium Content
Texas Orange10Will Henderson Premium Content
Royal4Caleb Henry Premium Content
Orange5Kirby Holt Premium Content
White7Jason Hursh Premium Content
Texas Orange21Matthew Jaco Premium Content
Royal12Derrian James Premium Content
White20Brandon Kiser Premium Content
Royal5Hunter Knox Premium Content
Teal6Jonathan Lafrenz Premium Content
Teal8Hunter Lemke Premium Content
Crimson1Ethan Logan Premium Content
Crimson2Garrett Logan Premium Content
Purple3Adrian Lopez Premium Content
Crimson21Jesse Loter Premium Content
Royal13Cody Lovejoy Premium Content
Texas Orange3Jackson Lowery Premium Content
Crimson23Lance Mardock Premium Content
Purple70Joshua Martinez Premium Content
Orange9Vernnon Maxwell Premium Content
Orange3Chris McFarland Premium Content
White23Connor McKay Premium Content
Texas Orange9Aaron Morgan Premium Content
Gold7Timothy Morris Premium Content
Royal9Dylan Myers Premium Content
Gold10Cameron Neal Premium Content
White5Ian Oravetz Premium Content
Texas Orange12Jacob Palmisano Premium Content
Purple7Taylor Pierce Premium Content
Purple8Denzel Pipkin Premium Content
Royal22Dillon Pitts Premium Content
Crimson5Mario Quintanilla Jr. Premium Content
Teal7James J. Rachel Premium Content
White21Elliot Richoux Premium Content
Orange7Jake Ricketts Premium Content
Gold14Will Robertson Premium Content
Gold8Lucas Robinson Premium Content
White10Jeff Ronczy Premium Content
Royal8Nicholas Rumbelow Premium Content
White4David Rumsey Premium Content
Royal10Kevin Santana Premium Content
Crimson3Josh Schulman Premium Content
Texas Orange6Michael Simmons Premium Content
Crimson12Taylor Skinner Premium Content
Orange2Robert Slagel Premium Content
Orange6Christian Smith Premium Content
Royal11Daniel Smith Premium Content
White13Trey Soape Premium Content
Purple43Trey Spinks Premium Content
Orange8Chase Stablier Premium Content
Royal20Shaka Starling Premium Content
Crimson22Colby Suggs Premium Content
Gold3Austin Swart Premium Content
Gold9Rob Tasin Premium Content
White3Stephen Tate Premium Content
Purple81Dillon Thomas Premium Content
Gold23Renaldo Thomas Premium Content
Gold12JT (Jack) Thornton Premium Content
Teal3Anthony Torralba Premium Content
Texas Orange20Stryker Trahan Premium Content
Purple5Aaron Varden Premium Content
Royal21John Villafranca Premium Content
Purple78Sam Vogel Premium Content
Texas Orange13Ryan Waddell Premium Content
Texas Orange19Shane Waddell Premium Content
Orange21Cole Waidhofer Premium Content
Teal81Clint Wallace Premium Content
White2Ty Washington Premium Content
Orange79Nicholas Watkins Premium Content
Gold11Thomas Weber Premium Content
Teal5Jake Welch Premium Content
Texas Orange7Trevor Whitmire Premium Content
Orange12Boston Williamson Premium Content
Texas Orange81Brandtley Wilson Premium Content
Crimson7Phillip Wilson Premium Content
Crimson10Reggie Wilson Premium Content
Gold4Travis Winnon Premium Content
Texas Orange11Clay Wiseman Premium Content
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