Showcase Nor Cal Underclass Showcase
Oct 6 - 7, 2007 College of San Mateo - San Mateo, CA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White11Kristofer Ashby Premium Content
Purple52Anthony Austin Premium Content
Red21Nick Backlund Premium Content
Purple23Ryan Bayman Premium Content
Red20Scott Benton Premium Content
Maroon5Nick Berhel Premium Content
Gold21Travis Bonner Premium Content
Steel23Drew Bradshaw Premium Content
Red22David Castillo Premium Content
Red5Matthew Chaidez Premium Content
Steel10DonAndre Clark Premium Content
Gold2Travis Clark Premium Content
Maroon20Justin D'amico Premium Content
Purple6Aaron Davis Premium Content
Purple50Taylor (T.J.) Dinges Premium Content
Red23Trevor Dyer Premium Content
White20Jacob Eichhorn Premium Content
Steel18Tyler Eppler Premium Content
Gold12Robbie Erlin Premium Content
Red10Clayton Eslick Premium Content
Steel20Patrick Fletcher Premium Content
Gold11Spencer Frazier Premium Content
Purple20Trenton Frisbie Premium Content
Purple4Eric Glanz Premium Content
Maroon8Jeff Gold Premium Content
White9Curtis Gomez Premium Content
Red9Riley Goulding Premium Content
Steel21Ryan Grant Premium Content
Purple11George Halim Premium Content
Red4David Hart Premium Content
Purple10Anthony Hernandez Premium Content
White21Haden Hinkle Premium Content
Gold4Andrew Hoss Premium Content
White17Karlo Imper-Vuletic Premium Content
Purple9Eric Karch Premium Content
Steel5Kyle Krinks Premium Content
Gold7Trevor La Honta Premium Content
Gold5Rudy Leon Premium Content
Gold9Kyle Macey Premium Content
Steel22Phillip Mallery Premium Content
Maroon7Jeremy Maniz Premium Content
Steel12Kevin McEntee Premium Content
Red6Chris Mendoza Premium Content
White5Craig Meredith Premium Content
White12Jason Merjano Premium Content
Steel7Matthew Millado Premium Content
Steel19Grant Nelson Premium Content
Red7Kevin O'Reilly Premium Content
Purple2Matthew Paradise Premium Content
Purple12David Pennington Premium Content
Purple8Matthew Peterson Premium Content
Steel9Luca Ponti Premium Content
Steel11Timothy Quiery Premium Content
Steel6Anthony Renda Premium Content
White7Chris Rodgers Premium Content
Gold6Domenick Romero Premium Content
White23Brian Sanchez Premium Content
Maroon6Joe Setum Premium Content
Red8Joe Sever Premium Content
Maroon4Kyle Silva Premium Content
White6Brock Simon Premium Content
Maroon31Kenneth Smith Premium Content
Maroon9Alex Sortwell Premium Content
Maroon10Andrew Soto Premium Content
Maroon22Ellis Stephney Premium Content
Maroon19Michael Sticklinski Premium Content
White19Andrew Susac Premium Content
Gold3Cody Tetzloff Premium Content
Purple7Dax Turner Premium Content
Red19Nathan Underwood Premium Content
Maroon30Rohan Venkatesh Premium Content
Steel8Joseph Wagman Premium Content
Gold10Casey Walker Premium Content
White8Dylan Wheeler Premium Content
Purple5Andrew Wild Premium Content
Gold22Dustin Williams Premium Content
Red12Pete Woodall Premium Content
Maroon21Devon Zenn Premium Content
White22Kyle Zozaya Premium Content
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