State Showcase

2006 PA Indoor State Showcase

Jan 07, 2006 - Jan 07, 2006

Swarthmore College - 500 College Avenue Swarthmore, PA 19081 Map

Event Rosters

White18Jonathan Barone
Red21Jimmy Bennett
Navy23Trevor Branam
Red5Brad Bronson
Red12Robert Buttafogo
White9Max Caggiano
Navy5John Campbell
Navy17Stephen Campbell
White10Zack Capaldo
Navy11Joseph Cook
Red19William Davis
White8Gus de Simone
Red8Matthew DePietro
Red13Andrew Dunn
Red2Brandon Ellis
White12David Filson
Red9Joseph Friel
Navy8Michael Jack Gatlos
Navy18Brett Hammann
Red10Ryan Headley
Red11Thomas Healy
Navy19Michael Kacelowicz
Navy20Scott Kacelowicz
Navy7Adam Kammler
Navy6Michael Kelly
White23Johann Knee
White14Justin Lamborn
Navy12Mike Lubanski
White21Ken Mack
White6Stephen McCardell
Navy21Andrew McDonnell
Red24Matthew Murray
White19Bryce Muth
White22Steven Nickel
Red23Nick Primavera
White20Peter Rosa
Red20Phillip Rosenblum
Red6Chris Rugh
White17Corey Ryan
Navy9Patrick Sapp
Navy4Adam Singer
White3Jesse Taylor
Red7Eric Van Wyk
White24Tim Wiand

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