Showcase PG National Pre-Draft Showcase
May 13 - 13, 2013 Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
  Horacio Acosta Premium Content
Navy1Stephen Alemais Premium Content
Navy2Olivier Basabe Premium Content
Navy3Nick Belzer Premium Content
Navy4Jacob Brentz Premium Content
Navy5Derek Burkamper Premium Content
Navy18Abe Carrasco Premium Content
Red1Aaron Chesson Premium Content
Red2Malik Collymore Premium Content
  Shane Cooper Premium Content
Red19Tyler Crandell Premium Content
Red3Francisco Javier Cruz Premium Content
Red20Cameron Davis Premium Content
Red4Kevin Davis Premium Content
Red5Chad Donato Premium Content
Red21Andrew Dunlap Premium Content
Navy17Chris Dunn Premium Content
Red6Dalton Duty Premium Content
Red7Matt Fiedler Premium Content
Navy8Taylor Field Premium Content
Red36Lachlan Fontaine Premium Content
Red8Zachary Fricke Premium Content
Navy25Dairo Gonzalez Premium Content
Navy9Jay Gonzalez Premium Content
Navy20Ian Hagenmiller Premium Content
Navy10Ronnie Healy Premium Content
Navy11Alvie James Premium Content
Red44Mitch Keller Premium Content
Navy21Nicholas Lawrence Premium Content
Red9Ryan Lillard Premium Content
Navy12Lucas Long Premium Content
Navy13Andres Luna Premium Content
Navy22Keaton McKinney Premium Content
Red22Casey Meisner Premium Content
Red10Alex Moore Premium Content
Navy26Nehwon Norkeh Premium Content
Navy27Taylor Ostrich Premium Content
Navy14Christian Padin Premium Content
Red11Angel Luis Perez Rodriguez Premium Content
Red23Daniel Pinero Premium Content
Red24Joey Pinney Premium Content
Navy16Daniel Procopio Premium Content
Red25AJ Puk Premium Content
Red29Jeff Reimer Premium Content
Red30Felix Roque Premium Content
Navy23Andres Sanchez Premium Content
Navy24Tyler Schmitt Premium Content
Red14Blake Shepherd Premium Content
Red12Owen Spiwak Premium Content
Red13Bryce Welborn Premium Content
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