Showcase Northeast Top Prospect Showcase
Aug 10 - 12, 2012 Muzzy Field - Bristol, CT  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Columbia Blue24Michael Acampora Premium Content
White1David Acevedo Premium Content
Green1Johnny Arancio Premium Content
Royal1Conor Barry Premium Content
Purple1Jacques "Jake" Boilard Premium Content
Royal2Matthew Brembs Premium Content
Gold1Alec Brown Premium Content
White11Bailey Brown Premium Content
Royal18Jon Byrne Premium Content
White2Hunter Carey Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Rohit Chawla Premium Content
Black2Michael Conti Premium Content
Royal19Kyle Czapiga Premium Content
White3Tim Danehey Premium Content
Black15Peter Dassoni Premium Content
Red1Tyler Dearden Premium Content
Black3James DeNomme Premium Content
White4Peter Detrik Premium Content
Royal20Anthony Diana Premium Content
Purple2Sami Dika Premium Content
Red2Logan Dillard Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Matthew DiNello Premium Content
Red3Kyle Dinges Premium Content
Purple3John Dinucci Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Andrew Don Premium Content
Gold2Brendan Donovan Premium Content
White5Brendan Donovan Premium Content
White6Kezlin Douglas Premium Content
Royal21Taylor Doyle Premium Content
Gold3Nathan Farrington Premium Content
Royal25Tyler Favreau Premium Content
Red4Nicholas Figari Premium Content
Royal4Christian Flynn Premium Content
Royal5Ethan Forrest Premium Content
Red5Thomas Fortier Premium Content
Gold15Joseph Freiday, Jr. Premium Content
White17Derek Galante Premium Content
Green3Tyler Gambardella Premium Content
Green4Angel Garced Premium Content
Columbia Blue3George Georgeadis Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Zachary Gerard Premium Content
Red17David Gerics Premium Content
Purple14David Grossfeld Premium Content
Purple6Carlos Alberto Guzman Premium Content
Black4James Halasy Premium Content
Gold16Jack Halpin Premium Content
Red7Andrew Haser Premium Content
Columbia Blue 5Kyle Hassan Premium Content
Red18Gregory Hemmer Premium Content
Gold4Nathaniel Heroux Premium Content
Purple5Jack Hodgens Premium Content
 0Michael (Will) Hofmann Premium Content
Gold5Malik Horton Premium Content
Green5Connor Hudson Premium Content
Purple16Will Jahn Premium Content
Green15Greg Joubert Premium Content
Black5Ryan Kaplan Premium Content
Green6Tyler Kardas Premium Content
Black16Kyle Kasprzyk Premium Content
Black14Casy Kies Premium Content
Black6Michael Kochiss Premium Content
White18Michael Komendowski Premium Content
Gold17Nick Kono Premium Content
Green7Ryan Koval Premium Content
Gold12Neil Kozikowski Premium Content
Purple7Johnnie La Rossa Premium Content
Green8Lukas LaBry Premium Content
Purple8Joshua LaJoie Premium Content
Black17Daniel LaMorte Premium Content
Royal14Andy Laviero Premium Content
White19Thomas Lemons Premium Content
Red8Luke Leonardi Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Forest Lovett Premium Content
Royal6Alexander Ludel Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Domenick Luongo Premium Content
Gold18Michael Luzzi Premium Content
Purple9Tyler Lyne Premium Content
Red19Kyle Maglio Premium Content
Royal7Steven Martel Premium Content
Purple10Ryan Masetta Premium Content
Purple11Charlie Meder Premium Content
Purple12Ryan Mordecai Premium Content
Green10Eric Mueller Premium Content
Gold19Patrick Mullins Premium Content
Red21Peter Nanos Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Michael Nocera Premium Content
Black7David Palladino Premium Content
Green11Joseph Palumbo Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Brandon Pedley Premium Content
Green12Alex Perry Premium Content
Green16Frank Pettinato Premium Content
Black18Nicholas Plachno Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Brendan Polke Premium Content
Red10Mike Powers Premium Content
Royal8Lukas Pracher Premium Content
Green13Harrison Preschel Premium Content
Black19Michael Reiher Premium Content
Gold6Zachary Risedorf Premium Content
Black8Michael Roberts Premium Content
Gold7Tyler Ropp Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Cameron Scott Premium Content
Black11Benjamin Seals Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Johnny Selden Premium Content
White8Michael Slaby Premium Content
Green17Dariusz Sokol-Randell Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Gerard Spiegel Premium Content
Green14Rob Sprafke Premium Content
Gold8Shane St. Onge Premium Content
White9Samuel Stauble Premium Content
Gold9Patrick Sullivan Premium Content
Gold24Jeremy Swan Premium Content
Red11Hunter Tracy Premium Content
Royal10Nicholas Turco Premium Content
Black20Neil Turner Premium Content
Gold10Michael Vaitkunas Premium Content
Red12Christopher Van de Bogart Premium Content
Columbia Blue14Ben Walsh Premium Content
Black12Jonathan Wilkins Premium Content
White20Adam Woodhead Premium Content
Royal29Timothy Woods Premium Content
White10Zach Zaino Premium Content
Red20Zachary Zona Premium Content
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