Showcase Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 9 - 10, 2012 Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA  

- Southwestern College  
  900 Otay Lakes Road Chula Vista, CA 91910 Map   

- Eastlake HS  
  1120 Eastlake Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91915 Map   

There will be free parking at Southwestern College.
Please do not park in teacher or staff spaces as those will be ticketed.

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
1-Carolina Blue24Santino Acuna Premium Content
7-Orange7Anthony Aguila Premium Content
2-Dark Green1Nathaniel Alam Premium Content
11-Teal1Javier Alvarez Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue1Larson Anzaldo Premium Content
7-Orange15Charles "CJ" Apel Premium Content
9-Royal1James Arevalo Premium Content
7-Orange2Alex Ayers Premium Content
10-Steel10Billy Baldwin Premium Content
2-Dark Green2Austin Bandemer Premium Content
9-Royal2Justin Bardwell Premium Content
10-Steel22John Battaglia Premium Content
5-Maroon4Jake Bauman Premium Content
9-Royal17Kyle Beadles Premium Content
9-Royal3Peter Beattie Premium Content
9-Royal4Eli Berg-Rosenblatt Premium Content
7-Orange3Donovan Bertoncini Premium Content
4-Kelly Green10Christian Beserra Premium Content
3-Gold1Sean Bouchard Premium Content
10-Steel14Andrew Brown Premium Content
3-Gold9Josh Brown Premium Content
11-Teal2Daniel Buratto Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue13Blake Burton Premium Content
10-Steel18Chase Bushor Premium Content
9-Royal5Marcos Campos Premium Content
8-Red2Nick Cardinale Premium Content
4-Kelly Green16Mark Cardinalli Premium Content
8-Red12Cody Castro Premium Content
3-Gold2Jesus Cerda Premium Content
3-Gold19Luis Cerda Premium Content
4-Kelly Green1Nathan Chang Premium Content
3-Gold3Doug Clapperton Premium Content
8-Red24Ian Clark Premium Content
5-Maroon13Ian Clarkin Premium Content
12-White1Steven Coe Premium Content
5-Maroon15Jake Colombo Premium Content
4-Kelly Green2Mark Contreras Premium Content
4-Kelly Green3Logan Cook Premium Content
12-White2Cesar Corona Premium Content
4-Kelly Green17Nick Costello Premium Content
4-Kelly Green4Austin Curo-Ruis Premium Content
4-Kelly Green18Clayton Dale Premium Content
2-Dark Green3Drew Davis Premium Content
4-Kelly Green5Jonah Davis Premium Content
6-Navy1Patrick Dayton Premium Content
9-Royal18Adrian De Horta Premium Content
9-Royal15Lucas DeRose Premium Content
6-Navy15Joey Dills Premium Content
5-Maroon2Ross Dodds Premium Content
3-Gold4Christian Donahue Premium Content
9-Royal6Stephen Dubb Premium Content
11-Teal3Tyler Durham Premium Content
4-Kelly Green24Wolfgang Ehrgott Premium Content
8-Red3Tyler Eilenfeldt Premium Content
10-Steel15Evan Engelhardt Premium Content
11-Teal4Angel Estrada Premium Content
6-Navy2Brandon Evans Premium Content
12-White15Drew Finley Premium Content
2-Dark Green18Will Finnerty Premium Content
12-White13Mason Fishback Premium Content
8-Red15Sean Flannery Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue2Jaiden France Premium Content
6-Navy3Jack Freedman Premium Content
12-White4John Gamble Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue15Austin Garcia Premium Content
9-Royal7James Garcia Premium Content
4-Kelly Green20Jorge Garcia Premium Content
12-White8Jose Garcia Premium Content
10-Steel5Roman Garcia Premium Content
9-Royal19Jacob Gatewood Premium Content
6-Navy5Alec Godoy Premium Content
9-Royal10Peter Gomez Premium Content
3-Gold15Stephen Gonsalves Premium Content
8-Red4Henry Gonzales Premium Content
2-Dark Green4Hayden Grant Premium Content
2-Dark Green5Josh Guajardo Premium Content
3-Gold16Jose Gudino Premium Content
11-Teal5Spencer Hall Premium Content
6-Navy6Julian Hart Premium Content
12-White6Lamon Harvey Premium Content
3-Gold5Chris Haymond Premium Content
2-Dark Green6Cody Heath Premium Content
3-Gold6Andrew Heideman Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue3Brandon Heinrich Premium Content
5-Maroon3David Hensley Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue16Donald Hernandez Premium Content
9-Royal16Casey Hershfield Premium Content
2-Dark Green7Tristan Hildebrandt Premium Content
2-Dark Green8Robert Hill Premium Content
7-Orange4Brady Hoskins Premium Content
3-Gold7Jeff Houghtby Premium Content
7-Orange5Luke Hussung Premium Content
12-White7Randall Jackson Premium Content
5-Maroon5Andrew Jaekel Premium Content
11-Teal7Manuel Jefferson Premium Content
12-White9Philip Johnson Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue4Ryan Johnston Premium Content
3-Gold8Jack Kaloogian Premium Content
8-Red11Mark Karaviotis Premium Content
5-Maroon1Gosuke Katoh Premium Content
5-Maroon6Austin Kay Premium Content
6-Navy8Ariel Kenney Premium Content
4-Kelly Green7Andres Kim Premium Content
11-Teal6Devin Kopas Premium Content
12-White16Justin Land Premium Content
5-Maroon7Nathan Landers Premium Content
11-Teal17Brandon Langan Premium Content
5-Maroon8Reynaldo Lara III Premium Content
5-Maroon9Barry Lasseigne Jr Premium Content
2-Dark Green14Anthony Lepre Premium Content
6-Navy9Sage Lewis Premium Content
12-White10Benjamin Liogon Premium Content
11-Teal15Brett Little Premium Content
11-Teal11Justin (J.T.) Long Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue5Adam Maciel Premium Content
6-Navy14Nico Maida Premium Content
9-Royal9Brantley Markoski Premium Content
4-Kelly Green19Michael Martin Premium Content
9-Royal8Erik Martinez Premium Content
10-Steel24Michael Martinez Premium Content
3-Gold17Cody Mashburn Premium Content
6-Navy10Holt Maybank Premium Content
3-Gold12Griffin Mazur Premium Content
4-Kelly Green8Ryan McCarvel Premium Content
6-Navy11Harrison McElroy Premium Content
7-Orange10Sean McElroy Premium Content
7-Orange6Tyler McElroy Premium Content
8-Red5Max McSparran Premium Content
2-Dark Green10Ryan Meoni Premium Content
8-Red16Jack Morello Premium Content
10-Steel12Vincent Mori Premium Content
7-Orange16Eddie Muhl Premium Content
2-Dark Green11Jacob Mullin Premium Content
9-Royal11Antonio Muniz Premium Content
8-Red6Cortlen Nielsen Premium Content
2-Dark Green17Hunter Noah Premium Content
12-White24Enrique Ocampo Premium Content
9-Royal20Ryan Olson Premium Content
2-Dark Green12Nick Ono Premium Content
11-Teal8Carter Owens Premium Content
10-Steel11Hudson Pearson Premium Content
8-Red7Jonathan Pendergast Premium Content
8-Red8Florencio Perez Premium Content
8-Red9Garrett Peters Premium Content
7-Orange1Tommy Pincin Premium Content
6-Navy12Drew Ponce Premium Content
9-Royal12Daniel Ramos Premium Content
11-Teal9Andy Rios Premium Content
7-Orange8Alfonso Rivas Premium Content
12-White11Eli Rivera Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue6Andre Riveroy Premium Content
2-Dark Green13Matt Roll Premium Content
11-Teal10Ryan Rosas Premium Content
3-Gold10Cecil Rucker Jr. Premium Content
10-Steel13Jack Rupe Premium Content
11-Teal12Turner Scarborough Premium Content
5-Maroon17Samuel Schneider Premium Content
6-Navy16Connor Sears Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue7Ricardo Silguero Premium Content
2-Dark Green9Jacob Silva Premium Content
11-Teal16Harrison Simon Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue8Michael Simonis Premium Content
10-Steel16Deandre Simpson Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue9Dylan Sloan Premium Content
3-Gold24Justin Sparby Premium Content
4-Kelly Green9Connor Speed Premium Content
11-Teal13Marcus Still Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue10Matt Stumme Premium Content
10-Steel9German Sugiura Premium Content
8-Red10Spencer Sundahl Premium Content
5-Maroon10Nick Tanner Premium Content
10-Steel8Adam Taylor Premium Content
6-Navy17Cole Taylor Premium Content
7-Orange9Zak Thomas Premium Content
3-Gold18Justin Tidwell Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue11Tyler Tidwell Premium Content
6-Navy13Tucker Torano Premium Content
7-Orange11Dominic Trento Premium Content
7-Orange12Kyle Van Beveren Premium Content
12-White12Adrian Velasquez Premium Content
7-Orange13Brett Volger Premium Content
3-Gold11Easton Walker Premium Content
10-Steel7Keaton Weisz Premium Content
10-Steel6Zach Weisz Premium Content
1-Carolina Blue12Kevin White Premium Content
5-Maroon11Nick Woo Premium Content
10-Steel17Casey Worden Premium Content
5-Maroon18Andrew Wright Premium Content
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