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PG Select Baseball Festival | General | 8/29/2019

14u PG Select roster preview

Jheremy Brown        
Photo: Termarr Johnson (Perfect Game)

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Team Gordon

#9 Manuel Beltre, SS, 2022
5-11/160, R-R, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Travel Team: FTB Resmondo | College Commitment: FIU

A two-time Select Festival participant, Beltre may be a native of the Dominican Republic but he spends a good amount of time stateside playing in Perfect Game events. His defensive actions are among the best in attendance with silky smooth hands and footwork and the feel for the barrel is comes naturally as evidenced by his .491 average this summer. His skills will be coveted by pro teams once he’s eligible to sign July 2 of 2020.

#8 Drew Burress, OF, 2023
5-9/165, R-R, Houston County HS (Perry, Ga.)
Travel Team: 5 Star National

If you watch Burress for even a couple at-bats, you’ll be convinced that the entirety of his bat is in fact the barrel as he does nothing but square up the baseball on a consistent basis. Thanks to a keen eye at the plate and an advanced baseball IQ, he understands the situation at the plate and adjusts to the pitcher’s plan. The bat is his loudest tool though his defensive actions in center field also stand out, showing big range and a quick first step.

#6 Cam Collier, 3B, 2023
6-1/200, L-R, Mt. Paran Christian HS (Austell, Ga.)
Travel Team: MGBA | College Commitment: Louisville

Nothing about Collier’s abilities on the diamond suggest his age, already standing at 6-foot-1, 200-pounds, exuding strength in his hands with loud impact off his barrel to all parts of the yard from the left side. Already committed to Louisville, Collier continues to establish himself as one of the top bats in the country, though he also shows light footwork in the infield and plenty of arm strength and carry for third base moving forward.

#3 Dylan Cupp, SS, 2023
6-0/170, R-R, Cedartown, HS (Cedartown, Ga.)
Travel Team: East Cobb Astros

Cupp has stood out on the big stage for a while now, and despite his age, he shows advanced actions on the infield and his broad-shouldered frame makes it easy to envision what he could ultimately become. There’s fluidity in everything he does at shortstop, from his footwork to his glove work at the ball, with plenty of arm across the diamond. Cupp’s swing offers a similar ease with looseness throughout and a natural feel for the barrel with loud impact.

#5 Demitri Diamant, 3B/RHP, 2022
5-11/178, R-R, Bishop Gorman HS (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Travel Team: 3D Gold | College Commitment: Georgia Tech

Of all the players in the Festival with two-way potential, Diamant may be one of the best thanks to an upper-80s fastball and a righthanded swing that has stood out in every tournament he has attended, including the 14u West Memorial Day Classic in which he went a perfect 10-for-10. The feel for the barrel is inherent and he does a nice job of incorporating his physical strength while generating nice plane to his heater with sinking life and an 11-to-5 shaped breaker.

#38 Bryce Eldridge, RHP, 2023
6-6/187, L-R, Madison HS (Vienna, Va.)
Travel Team: Stars Baseball

Eldridge stands at a slender 6-foot-6 and makes for an intimidating at-bat given his size and what he’s able to produce out of his right hand. Already up to 88 mph with near endless physical projection, Eldridge is able to replicate his delivery well for his size/age combo while working to either side of the plate with intent and sinking life. He’s able to induce weak contact off the barrel with his fastball and mixes both a breaking ball and changeup for strikes.

#18 Walter Ford, RHP, 2023
6-1/70, R-R, Pace HS (Pace, Fla.)
Travel Team: East Coast Sox | College Commitment: Alabama

Ford offers true two-way potential for the next level, especially given another four years of growth until he graduates. Already possessing a fastball that peaked at 89 mph this summer, Ford offers one of the faster arm strokes in the 2023 class as well as one of the more advanced sliders with late biting life. His arm strength plays across the infield too and his righthanded swing offers plenty of bat speed and overall looseness.

#10 Kevin Jaxel, RHP, 2022
6-4/195, R-R, Don Bosco Prep (Congers, N.Y.)
Travel Team: Grit Black | College Commitment: Virginia

At 6-foot-4, 195-pounds it’s hard to envision Jaxel not bumping into the 90s sooner rather than later given the current ease of operation he works with on the mound. He uses his length well to generate extension out front, allowing his fastball to play up even more than his current 88 mph heater shows on the radar gun. Along with his heater Jaxel mixes in both a curveball and changeup with comfort, giving him a true three-pitch mix.

#4 Cade Kurland, 3B, 2023
5-11/175, R-R, Berkeley Prep (Tampa, Fla.)
Travel Team: Kangaroo Court Roos | College Commitment: Florida

You don’t have to squint to see what the University of Florida coaching staff sees in Kurland, a twitchy middle infielder who exhibits fast hands in the batter’s box with the ability to drive the ball to either gap. And while it’s an easy and repeatable stroke, Kurland is just as impressive on the infield dirt with advanced glove actions at the ball with balanced footwork and lateral movements to wherever the ball takes him.

#29 Jake Lankie, RHP, 2023
6-0/145, L-R, Blessed Trinity Catholic HS (McDonough, Ga.)
Travel Team: Georgia Jackets National

Lankie is no stranger to Perfect Game events, logging 46 innings this summer in which he punched out 62 and walked just 18 while finishing with a 1.20 ERA. As one could surmise, the overall pitchability and command are off the charts for Lankie, running his fastball up to 86 mph while landing both a late biting curveball and slider for strikes. He also throws an advanced, tumbling changeup in the mid-70s which leaves his hand looking like a fastball.

#22 Devan Meran, OF, 2022
6-0/185, R-R, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Aventura, Fla.)
Travel Team: Florida Hurricanes | College Commitment: FIU

Meran certainly looks the part of a prospect in the batter’s box with a strong 6-foot, 185-pound frame and he uses that strength aplenty, generating big bat speed through the zone. Along with the barrel whip, the FIU commit shows an innate ability of finding the barrel as evidenced by his .451 batting average this summer. He uses his 6.70 speed to glide in the outfield and attack the ball, showing plenty of carry on this throws as well.

#2 Steven Milam, SS, 2023
5-6/140, B-R, Centennial HS (Las Cruces, N.M.)
Travel Team: USA Prime North

Milam may not be the biggest of players in the 2019 Select Festival but he has the talent that demands he be followed closely on the diamond. His defensive actions up the middle are among the best in the class with light footwork and softness to his hands. The first New Mexico native to make the Festival, Milam is a switch-hitter who shows a natural feel for the barrel from either side, generating whip through the zone with loose hands and strength at impact.

#16 Brady Neal, C, 2023
5-10/170, L-R, North Florida Christian (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Travel Team: 5 Star National

Refined receiving skills are a hard thing to come across at the 14u level but that’s not the case with Neal, who already understands – and executes – the advanced fundamental that make a great backstop. From his ability to stick and frame pitches to his big arm strength and a lefthanded swing that produces plenty of bat speed and leverage through the zone with strength at impact, don’t expect the Florida native to remain uncommitted for much longer.

#34 Matthew Ossenfort, 1B/LHP, 2023
6-2/210, L-L, Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, S.D.)
Travel Team: Dulin Dodgers Prime

It’s not often the great state of South Dakota produces a high level talent on the diamond and it’s even more rare for a refined 14u player to emerge. Ossenfort isn’t your typical prospect, however, already plenty physical with a fastball that routinely works in the mid-80s and continues to climb. As good as he has proven to be on the mound, there’s real two-way potential with Ossenfort as there’s plenty of strength and jump off the barrel at the point of contact.

#0 Ryan Reckley, SS, 2023
5-7/145, R-R, Global Academy (Nassau, Bahamas)
Travel Team: Elite Squad

Reckley is following the path of fellow Bahamian Andre Arthur, a 2018 participant in the Select Festival, and while he’s not as physical as Arthur, Reckley is tightly wound with fast-twitch muscle, an element of his game that aids him on both sides of the ball. He’s a switch-hitter with present bat speed from either side, whipping the barrel while showing an advanced defensive skill-set, all of which equate to a highly intriguing international sign come July 2 of 2021.

#99 Ethan Robinson, RHP, 2023
6-4/177, R-R, Donelson Christian Academy (Antioch, Tenn.)
Travel Team: SWA Storm | College Commitment: Vanderbilt

Robinson set the baseball world abuzz like few 14u players can early this spring as he came out pumping a 90 mph fastball in his first Perfect Game event of the year. That outing proved to set the tone for the rest of the summer, regularly sitting in the upper-80s with his fastball while showing polished mechanics and one of the faster arms in the class. A recent Vanderbilt commit, the present arsenal along with future projection make him one of the most intriguing arms in 2023.

#23 Nikolas Sanders, C, 2023
6-1/185, R-R, Robinson HS (Waco, Texas)
Travel Team: USA Prime North

A product of Waco, Texas, Sanders offers as much physical strength as any player in the Festival and it’s a component to his game that helps lead to an abundance of loud contact. His approach at the plate is clear as he looks over-power the baseball, showing separation and leverage out front with big jump at the point of contact. Sanders’ abilities behind the plate add value to his overall profile as a hard-hitting backstop at the next level.

#30 Nolan Schubart, OF/RHP, 2022
6-5/195, L-R, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep (Durand, Mich.)
Travel Team: Louisiana Knights | College Commitment: Michigan

Schubart is a legitimate two-way prospect for the next level with a fastball that works into the upper-80s with ease, however, at the end of the day his lefthanded swing and what it’s capable of producing is simply be too loud to put aside. At 6-foot-5 the University of Michigan commit is able to generate big leverage in part to his fast hands, which along with his balance at the plate, helps produce some of the best raw strength at the Select Festival.

#24 Dean West, OF, 2023
5-8/150, L-R, Notre Dame HS (Woodland Hills, Calif.)
Travel Team: San Diego Show

West continues to improve each time he’s at a Perfect Game event, continuously lowering his 60-yard dash time (now at 6.78 seconds) which aids in tracking balls in the outfield while gaining physical strength throughout his frame. That strength shows best in his lefthanded swing as he turns over the barrel with comfort, showing fast hands to produce consistent line drive contact to the middle and pull-side parts of the field.

#25 Thomas White, LHP, 2023
6-3/185, L-L, Phillips Academy (Rowley, Mass.)
Travel Team: Legends Baseball

“Have you heard about that lefty from Massachusetts?” quickly spread through the baseball world after White burst onto the national scene at the 14u BCS National Championship. College recruiters quickly flocked to Fort Myers to see the 6-foot-3 lefthander consistently run his fastball up to 91 mph with a loose and fast arm stroke and angle release, pounding the strike zone while also hitting .478 on the tournament from the left side.

#7 Jaxon Willits, SS, 2023
6-0/175, B-R, Fort Cobb-Broxton HS (Fort Cobb, Okla.)
Travel Team: Team Elite | College Commitment: Oklahoma

The first player to commit amongst the 2023 players in attendance, Willits performed well both in the 14u PG World Series as well as at the 14u WWBA National Championship where he took home MVP honors. Strongly built, the switch-hitting Willits shows a natural feel for the barrel with juice coming off from the left side while playing noteworthy defense up the middle with soft hands and plenty of balance to his footwork.

#19 Colton Wombles, C, 2023
5-8/165, R-R, Russell County HS (Salem, Ala.)
Travel Team: Kangaroo Court Roos

Wombles’ physical strength plays well in his all-around game, both offensively with the bat as well as behind the plate where he moves well to either side with polished receiving mechanics and a fast arm with plenty of carry on his throws. One of three players from the Kangaroo Court roster, Wombles’ physicality shows in the box with a simple approach and strength in his hands, generating loft out front with loud life off the barrel.

Team Sturtze

#69 Ariel Antigua, SS 2023
5-6/175, R-R, Trinity Christian Academy (Lake Worth, Fla.)
Travel Team: FTB Resmondo

Antigua has been on the national scene for quite some time, and given his talent around the diamond, he’s a name you aren’t going to forget moving forward. In a game that features plenty of talented shortstops, Antigua exudes some of the top defensive actions with quick feet, excellent range and an advanced internal clock. He’s not just about defense though as he hit just shy of .400 this summer with loose hands and leverage out front.

#32 Conner Bennett, C, 2023
5-8/150, R-R, Oak Ridge HS (Spring, Texas)
Travel Team: Banditos Scout Team

Bennett has already carved out a niche on the circuit as a big-time bat for the Banditos, hitting out of the middle of their order all summer. Though he may not be the most physical player on Team Sturtze you’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who can whip the barrel as quickly as Bennett can through the zone. Courtesy of the barrel whip, the young Texas native is able to create consistent hard contact to his pull side with a natural feel for the barrel.

#1 Karson Bowen, C, 2022
5-11/195, R-R, Orange Lutheran HS (Anaheim Hills, Calif.)
Travel Team: GBG Renegades

Already having a season of high school under his belt, Bowen comes to the Festival as one of the top-ranked 2022 prospects nationally, a lofty placement that his skill certainly backs up. The Californian backstop shows some of the best catch-and-throw skills thanks to soft hands and a lightening quick release along with quality arm strength. He also knows how to tap into his raw power thanks to outstanding bat speed and excellent torque in his swing.

#34 Rayner Castillo, RHP, 2022
6-3/195, R-R, Mansanillo, Dominican Republic
Travel Team: DDLA Sport

Castillo made his Perfect Game debut last December at the World Showcase, an event typically held for the top rising seniors in the country, and though he was one of the youngest players in attendance, he still made a name for himself. Already sporting physical strength throughout his 6-foot-3 build, Castillo was up to 86 mph in that look and has continued to see his velocity climb while mixing in a hard, downer curveball with comfort.

#99 Owen Egan, OF, 2023
6-0/175, R-R, Yucaipa HS (Yucaipa, Calif.)
Travel Team: GBG Renegades

There isn’t much that Egan can’t do on the diamond and across the last calendar year he has continued to make noticeable strides in every facet of his game. Egan already offers plenty of physicality on his 6-foot frame, and it’s a key element to his overall game, particularly in the box where he stays balanced yet explosive through the point of contact. He’s also an outstanding defender in the outfield with a fast first step and above average arm strength.

#12 Blake Grimmer, 3B, 2023
6-2/160, L-R, Spring Lake, HS (Spring Lake, Mich.)
Travel Team: Motor City Hit Dogs

Michigan has been a hot bed of sorts for top-tier middle infield prospects and the lefthanded hitting Grimmer appears to be the next in line. With near endless projection upon his 6-foot-2 frame, Grimmer offers a smooth and easy stroke with lots of fluidity in the box, which college recruiters across the country have taken notice of. That same fluidity plays on the infield dirt with softness to his glove skills and present footwork coming through the ball.

#15 Braden Holcomb, 3B, 2023
6-3/210, R-R, Foundation Academy (Ocoee, Fla.)
Travel Team: Power Baseball

It’s one thing to show some of the best raw power in an entire class during batting practice, but it’s a different story when it translates to live action and Holcomb continues to solidify himself as one of the top power bats in 2023. After one of the loudest rounds of BP at the 14u National Showcase, Holcomb went on to hit a towering shot in game action to his pull side thanks to a combination of advanced strength, bat speed and leverage all working in unison.

#4 Riley Jackson, C, 2023
5-11/175, R-R, Eau Gallie HS (Melbourne, Fla.)
Travel Team: 5 Star National

Jackson has already proven to be a well-rounded prospect with consistent performances throughout the summer, both at the plate and behind it. A middle-of-the-order threat for 5 Star this summer, Jackson shows a fluid path through the zone with bat speed that seems to improve with every outing, all while powering the ball to all fields. He’s also a loose and flexible receiver with some of the best arm strength in the country.

#42 Termarr Johnson, SS, 2022
5-9/150, L-R, Mays HS (Atlanta, Ga.)
Travel Team: MGBA

Johnson is back for his second year at the Select Festival, and despite being one of the top players last year, he has continued to improve his overall game. He features some of the fastest hands in the country offensively and some of the smoothest defensively, exuding confidence in everything he does. While flashy in the infield, his lefthanded stroke and natural feel for the barrel are what have attracted the likes of every college recruiter.

#24 Trenton Lape, RHP, 2023
6-0/160, R-R, Parkway HS (Bossier City, La.)
Travel Team: Performance Baseball

The athleticism possessed by Lape is evident from even the briefest of glimpses on the diamond and the overall twitch to his profile is one that’ll allow him to play virtually anywhere. After running a 6.87 60-yard dash at the 14u National Showcase, Lape went on to show off his arm strength from both the outfield (92 mph) and infield while also working an easy upper-80s off the bump thanks to a live and fast whip-like right arm.

#3 Dylan Lonergan, RHP, 2023
6-2/198, R-R, Brookwood HS (Duluth, Ga.)
Travel Team: Georgia Jackets National

The ability to excel at one sport as a rising freshman is one thing, but Lonergan is a standout both on the mound as well as on the gridiron as a high-level quarterback prospect. The physicality stands out for Lonergan, as does the ease in which he generates premium velocity, routinely sitting in the upper-80s with more to come. Not only does he light up radar guns, he also pounds the strike zone with heavy life and a late biting slider.

#20 Matthew Matthijs, RHP, 2022
6-2/190, R-R, D.H. Conley HS (Greenville, N.C.)
Travel Team: Canes National | College Commitment: North Carolina

Matthijs has already had the national spotlight shine brightly upon him early in his career, but as his University of North Carolina commitment shows, he’s continued to thrive on the diamond at every stage. On the bump the righthander generates steep plane on a fastball that has already topped at 91 mph with hard cutting life while mixing in a big downer, 12-to-6 shaped curveball, a combo of pitches that served him well this past summer.

#55 Jackson McKenzie, 1B, 2023
6-2-180, L-L, Pace HS (Pace, Fla.)
Travel Team: East Cobb Astros | College Commitments: Mississippi State

McKenzie gave his verbal commitment to Mississippi State this summer during the 14u WWBA, a tournament in which he was outstanding on the mound, punching out 10 in a complete game effort. Armed with some of the best pitchability in the 2023 class, a fastball that continues to climb and a hammer-like curveball, McKenzie also shows fast hands in the box which leads to loud jump to all parts of the field with some serious pop.

#25 Aidan Miller, 3B/RHP, 2023
6-1/175, R-R, J.W. Mitchell HS (Trinity, Fla.)
Travel Team: Kangaroo Court Roos

The younger brother of Jackson Miller, a 2016 Select Festival alum, Aidan shows some of the loudest tools in the country and will be an exciting prospect to follow moving forward. There’s no mistaking his athleticism or his tools as he’s a true two-way prospect at the next level with an upper-80s fastball and a tight, late breaking curveball. His bat speed from the righthanded batter’s box is among the best in the 2023 class with the ability to impact the ball hard to all fields.

#5 Derrick Mitchell, OF, 2023
6-3/193, B-R, Prestonwood Christian Academy (Tempe, Ariz.)
Travel Team: USA Prime North | College Commitment: Arizona State

Mitchell is a rarity in that he managed to capture the attention of college recruiters before even entering his eighth grade year of school. Now standing at 6-foot-3, 193-pounds, the recent Arizona State commit certainly looks the part and he uses his size to generate big extension at the plate to drive the ball from both sides. He’s also able to cover ample ground in the outfield, seemingly able to patrol the entirety of it by himself with long, graceful strides.

#2 Nazier Mule, SS/RHP, 2022
6-3/185, R-R, Passaic County Tech (Paterson, N.J.)
Travel Team: NJ Axemen

Listed as a primary shortstop who hit .406 in 2019 with plenty of athleticsim, Mule’s name has been on the national circuit for quite some time now for his abilities, showing an upper-80s fastball at the 13u level before bumping 94 mph this past summer. Mule is strongly built and long limbed, two assets that help his right arm act as a whip while pounding the strike zone and missing bats as evidenced by his numbers: 43 strikeouts and a 0.60 ERA in 26 innings.

#0 Nicolas Perez, SS, 2022
5-11/156, R-R, Borinquen Bilingual & Sports (Isabela, Puerto Rico)
Travel Team: 5 Star National

There may not be a more dynamic skill-set at the 2019 Select Festival than that possessed by the young shortstop out of Puerto Rico. Full of fast-twitch muscle as evidenced by his 6.40 60-yard dash time at the 14u National Showcase, Perez also shows advanced arm strength up to 91 mph across the diamond. His game doesn’t revolve around just his defense as he generates big whip with the barrel and can already drive the ball firmly to all parts of the field.

#9 Austen Roellig, SS, 2023
5-9/165, R-R, Rancho Cucamonga HS (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.)
Travel Team: CBA

Roellig appears to be the next in line of a long string of success of shortstops out of the CBA program in California. His defensive actions show no signs of him having to move off the premium position with advanced lateral agility and balance to his footwork along with the ability to throw from multiple slots. In the batter’s box Roellig employs a fluid, leveraged stroke with plenty of balance, staying through the ball nicely while checking plenty of boxes.

#10 Jakob Schulz, LHP, 2023
6-2/185, R-L, Memorial HS (Houston, Texas)
Travel Team: Twelve

Every time Schulz takes the mound he seems to improve upon his last Perfect Game outing, and after just one viewing it’s easy to envision some big velocity numbers coming from the lefthander in the near future. Already up to 87 mph, Schulz produces his velocity with extremely low effort, a key indicator in projecting what he’ll develop into, and mixes in a tight and hard mid-70s slider with which he can miss plenty of bats.

#8 TayShaun Walton, OF, 2023
6-1/209, R-R, Greensville County HS (Emporia, Va.)
Travel Team: NBA Nationals

Players at the 14u level simply aren’t built the way Walton is, standing at a physically built 6-foot-2, 205-pounds, and it’s clear he knows how to incorporate that strength as his 99 mph exit velocity at the 14u National Showcase suggests. He’s able to generate some of the loudest bat speed in the class, already showing next-level strength and carry off the barrel to all parts of the yard, and he is also a sub 7.0-second runner in the 60 which serves him well patrolling the outfield.

#37 Lance Williams, RHP, 2023
5-10/160, R-R, Page County HS (Shenandoah, Va.)
Travel Team: Louisiana Knights | College Commitment: Virginia Tech

The 14u National Showcase proved to be an extension of what Williams did all summer, albeit against older competition, in pounding the strike zone while providing a variety of looks on the mound. The young Virginia Tech commit has already run his fastball up to 87 mph, though it’s his overall feel and comfort on the mound that stands out, manipulating his slot and overall tempo, which along with a late breaking slider, led to a pristine 0.00 ERA this summer.

#7 Hiro Wyatt, RHP, 2023
6-1/162, R-R, King School (Westport, Conn.)
Travel Team: Team Elite

Wyatt’s Perfect Game career started at the 14u Northeast Showcase and proved to be the starting point of an impressive circuit for the Connecticut native. A loose and twitchy righthander, it’s easy to project upon the 6-foot-1 Wyatt who ran his fastball up to 88 mph during the summer from a lower three-quarters slot. Given his release point he’s able to generate late sinking life, inducing weak contact off the barrel while mixing a pair of secondaries for strikes.

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