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General  | Press Release  | 8/13/2019

PG partners with Re-Play Athletics

Perfect Game Partners with Re-Play Athletics to Offer
State-of-the-Art, Scientific Training and Development App

Targets youth athletes to focus and accelerate their
development and help them reach for their goals

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – What do mobile apps, bots and artificial intelligence have to do with youth athlete training and development? According to Jerry Ford, founder and President of Perfect Game USA™, the largest and most successful baseball scouting organization…everything. 

Perfect Game today announced a new partnership with technology provider Re-Play Athletics to bring cutting-edge training technology to the masses, designed to help youth athletes train smarter to help them realize their goals. The new mobile app and synchronized web platform, called “Perfect Game Development, powered by Re-Play™”, is available for both Apple and all Android devices. Due to the foundational impact they can have, Perfect Game bills these revolutionary new tools as the athlete’s “best step to the next level”. They are designed to quickly assess each athlete’s individual skills using their personal and performance data, define key development areas, and using Re-Play’s patent pending technology, along with Perfect Game’s best practices content, serve up personalized daily training programs, containing video exercises, that focus and accelerate their personal development.

“From the day we started Perfect Game over 20 years ago, our goal was simply to help athletes attain their goals. And even though we run hundreds of showcase and tournament events around the country each year, and hundreds of thousands of athletes get the direct benefit of being assessed and working with our professional coaches, these new tools give us the expanded ability to influence any athlete, anywhere, every day. And our unique approach addresses all facets of being a successful athlete – it’s like working with your own team of highly trained and experienced professional coaches, trainers, sports therapist, nutritionist and more. These new tools effectively size up the athlete’s individual needs and show them what they must do to quickly improve and earn play at the next level. We like to say that the app helps users become tomorrow’s athletes today.”

Touting it provides “instant everything”, the app builds a continuously updating, personalized training and development plan unique to the athlete, filters their training activity to address other events on their calendar, provides a customized nutrition and hydration plan based on upcoming activity, captures key accomplishments such as academic, awards, and community service, tracks injuries and factors them into the athlete’s recovery and much more. “It is a complete package that meets the needs of today’s highly competitive athletes that seek to make it to the next level,” added Brad Clement, CEO of Perfect Game. “Once on our platform, Athletes can easily share their progress with coaches, scouts, administrators or anyone who has influence in them playing at the next level. The data is added to their Perfect Game profile too. It is a great way for an athlete to provide a foundation of who they are as a student and athlete, to differentiate themselves, and to capture the interest of influencers, regardless if the next level they are seeking is earning a spot on a more competitive team, playing in high school, receiving a college scholarship or beyond.”

“We are thrilled to have Perfect Game partner with us to get this new technology in the hands of their athletes,” said Alan Discount, founder of Re-Play. “Perfect Game has a long-standing, proven reputation for helping athletes achieve their goals. 1,300+ MLB Players, over 12,000 MLB Draft Picks, and tens of thousands of College Commits have attended Perfect Game events. Perfect Game’s impact on the industry, and more importantly the players, has been staggering.”

Discount went on to explain how the technology works – “We know that working with youth athletes meant we had to develop an interface and delivery mechanism they would relate to and thrive using. Our mobile app starts with texting-based interaction between the athlete and a handful of known industry experts presented as bots, to assess the athlete’s personal characteristics. We can also link with data from the Perfect Game database and devices such as sensors, wearables, other apps and more to integrate the athlete’s recent performance data. Our platform then goes through a complex set of calculations and analysis behind the scenes (which only takes milliseconds) and compares the results to national benchmarks or other athletes that have the same profile as the user. This allows us to assess the development areas or gaps in their abilities, as well as cues us in to any warning areas that might be present from a safety perspective. These development areas are matched using our proprietary, scientific algorithms to customized exercise activity that focuses the athlete’s daily training, and more rapidly develops their skills and abilities. The athlete simply clicks through the videos presented in their unique training plan for the day and completes them.” Discount continued, “It all sounds very complex, but all the user needs to know is if they complete our personalized training recommendations, as presented, they will become a better athlete more quickly (and safely). And as the app gets to know the athlete our AI (Artificial Intelligence) kicks in to further customize their experience.”

The content for each of the training exercises was developed by a world-class team of coaches and trainers, led by Kevin Barr, strength and conditioning coach for the Miami Marlins, who has also worked with the Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, Tampa Bay Rays, and Los Angeles Dodgers in the past. Kevin commented, “We have been working for the last 3 years to compile the largest repository of development content in the world.

Our biggest challenge up until now has been how we connect that content to athletes on a personal level. Now with Perfect Game Development, powered by Re-Play™ we have solved that problem. Through the power of this technology, as an athlete’s personal needs are assessed the system automatically presents the right training to the athlete at the right time. We are very excited to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing the impact our efforts have in helping athletes advance their skills on a one-to-one basis.”

“Even though we have been at this for decades, we still feel like our business is in its infancy,” said Clement. “While our core showcase and tournament businesses have helped a large number of athletes make it to the next level, we believe these new tools will greatly improve our ability to reach and help an even larger number of athletes. And that is why we do what we do in the first place.”

“And by using technology, we can also expand the market to a broader age range and remove geographic barriers,” added Carlos Iriarte, Re-Play Co-Founder. “Our app can be a very powerful development tool for any player ages 7-17 and up, playing at any level, and any position. Regardless of where they are in their development process, we know we can make them a better and more engaged athlete.”

The new tools are available on the Perfect Game website located at www.perfectgame.org/development and through the App Store andGoogle Play. The app is a free download and the ongoing service is offered as a low-cost monthly subscription. The service does not require any long-term commitments and can be cancelled at any time. Athletes that cannot afford the service may qualify for free use of the tools as well.

About Perfect Game
Founded in 1995 by former scout and college coach Jerry Ford, Perfect Game is the world's largest and most comprehensive scouting report service, operating tournaments and showcases across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe. Perfect Game provides its athletes exposure to the top collegiate recruiters and professional scouts in the industry. Perfect Game's mission is to develop amateur baseball players by providing the highest caliber events and attract new players and fans for the game of baseball. For more information, visit www.perfectgame.org.

PG Alumni include, MVP's such as Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper, All-Stars such as Francisco Lindor, Alex Bregman, Clayton Kershaw, Gerrit Cole, Chris Sale, David Price, Manny Machado and many more. Parents, coaches and players know that Perfect Game makes Major League dreams a reality!

About Re-Play Athletics
Founded in 2013, Re-Play Athletics’ goal is to provide the best practices, tools, technology and information to help athletes of all ages, levels and sports, optimize their chances for success. That success could be playing at a more competitive youth level, earning a spot on a high school roster, receiving a scholarship and playing college level, or beyond. Re-Play’s patent-pending technology uses data acquired from a variety of methods and devices to quickly create a data-driven profile for the athlete, and then using national benchmarks, in-depth analysis, proprietary rules and algorithms and AI, define the best development path to safely and effectively help them achieve their goals. The foundation of information can be shared with key constituents to support an athlete’s drive to the next level. For more information, visit www.replay.app