FB Velocities
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Jack Lausch R84
HITTERS 2021 Tyler Peck R84
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Will Rogers R84
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Julius Sanchez R84
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Matthew Garcia R83
HITTERS 2021 Billy Howard R83
HITTERS 2021 Blake Read L83
HITTERS 2021 Mason Ruh R83
Cangelosi Sparks 16u Silver Danny Durkin R82
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Dillon Hanson R82
Nevers Larkin Baseball Drew Hedtke R82
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Red Brian Henehan R82
STIKS Academy U16 Black Hunter Johnstone R82
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Conor Kelly R82
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Ethan Knopf R82
HITTERS 2021 Logan Landers R82
29ers Baseball '21 Black Dominic Ferrari R81
HITTERS 2021 Noah Miller R81
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Will Skjold R81
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black CJ Byrdak R80
HITTERS 2021 Alex Jamroziak R80
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Justin Loer L80
Cangelosi Sparks White 16U Brendan McQuillan R80
Cangelosi Sparks White 16U Tom Slazyk R80
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Kade Bowar R79
29ers Baseball '21 Black Zach Carpita R79
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Jayden Comia R79
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Ean Compton L79
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Korey Dahlberg R79
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Jared Dillon R79
Cangelosi Sparks 16u Silver Danny Dolitsky L79
29ers Baseball '21 Black Jacob Formenti R79
Cangelosi Sparks 16u Silver Caden Leonard R79
Harrisburg Junior Legion Ben Loos R79
HITTERS 2021 Tommy Meyer L79
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Gio Ponferreda R79
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Red Henry Schuler R79
29ers Baseball '21 Red Alex Brodie R78
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Nicholas Daugherty R78
Quad City Sticks Quinn Hoftender L78
STIKS Academy U16 Black Jordan McNello R78
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Jimmy Rolder R78
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Kyle Winston R78
29ers Baseball '21 Black Nathan Beneke R77
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black George Bilecki L77
29ers Baseball '21 Red Chase Chappell R77
Nevers Larkin Baseball Matthew Evans R77
Nevers Larkin Baseball Cayden Ferrell L77
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black William Flanigan R77
STIKS Academy U16 Black Joey Giricz R77
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Tony Ingram R77
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Tayden Patterson L77
29ers Baseball '21 Black Tyler Stanford R77
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Will Ahnen R76
Cangelosi Sparks 16u Silver Joey Cesarini R76
Cangelosi Sparks White 16U Jacob Cook R76
29ers Baseball '21 Black Connor Corrigan L76
HITTERS 2021 Dominik Garza L76
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Logan Grimm R76
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Ethan Healy R76
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Danny Howell R76
Nevers Larkin Baseball Dan McCoy R76
29ers Baseball '21 Black Ryan Radek R76
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Saverio Scumaci R76
Harrisburg Junior Legion Jack Sutton R76
NorthStar Baseball Club 16u Frank Vogel L76
Cangelosi Sparks 16u Silver Dylan Walenga L76
29ers Baseball '21 Black Lukas Wenz R76
Harrisburg Junior Legion Carter Bahrenfuss R75
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Clayton Beaurline R75
29ers Baseball '21 Red Xander George R75
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Miken Godfrey L75
Harrisburg Junior Legion Connor Hanselman R75
29ers Baseball '21 Red Austin Jones R75
Quad City Sticks Braxton Kellett R75
Nevers Larkin Baseball Matt Kitzman L75
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Silver Marty Moloney R75
STIKS Academy U16 Black Preston Piranio R75
Cangelosi Sparks 15u Black Beau Polickey R75
Harrisburg Junior Legion Sam Rabern R75
Sluggers Baseball 2021 Riley Richard L75
Quad City Sticks Ryan Showalter L75
Cangelosi Sparks White 16U Emmett Spolar L75
Harrisburg Junior Legion Kai Yungbluth L75
Harrisburg Junior Legion Colt Harder R74
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Gavin Johnson R74
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Miles Liebren R74
Great Lakes Baseball 16U Colten Becker L73
Cangelosi Sparks 17u Red Kyle Siksta R73
Naperville Renegades Harrison Brosius R72
Quad City Sticks James Conner L72
Sluggers Baseball 2021 Anthony Culberson R72
Harrisburg Junior Legion Andrew Haar R72
HITTERS 2021 Eric McLevige R72
Sluggers Baseball 2021 Aidan Schubert R72
Harrisburg Junior Legion Kamen Hudson R70
Sluggers Baseball 2021 Finn Polman R70
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Tyler Hach R69
Sluggers Baseball 2020 Justin Hasken R68
Quad City Sticks Jake Nelms L68
Quad City Sticks Jackson Praet R68
Nevers Larkin Baseball John Watkins L68
29ers Baseball '21 Red Julius White R67
Sluggers Baseball 2021 Aiden Sparkman R66
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