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FB Velocities
East Coast Grays Andrew Del Colle R92
East Coast Grays John Tangherlini R91
Farrah Builders Jerry Elsing R90
World Yacht Clippers American Steven Roche R90
New York Nine Scout Mariel Checko R89
New York Nine Scout Jimmy Bermudez R88
College Select Andrew Brockett R88
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Christopher (Cito) Culver R88
Baseball U Prospects Patrick Light R88
Philadelphia Senators National Slater McCue R88
East Coast Grays TJ Pecoraro R88
Team Connecticut Baseball Joseph Swindells R88
East Coast Grays Blaze Tart R88
Ontario Prospects Jerome Werniuk R88
Philadelphia Senators National Jesse Biddle L87
Farrah Builders Matt Coughlin R87
World Yacht Clippers American Nick Iuni R87
East Coast Grays Thomas Lawrence R87
New Jersey Super 17 Jake Porcello R87
Baseball U Prospects Fabian Roman R87
Philadelphia Senators National Rob Swift R87
Long Island Titans Adam Brown L86
New York Nine Scout Alex Calvert R86
Staten Island Orioles Mike Campbell R86
Long Island Cobras 09s James Lomangino R86
New Jersey Super 17 Elihaj Muhammad R86
East Coast Grays Daniel Allen R85
New Jersey Super 17 Matt Alvarez R85
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Scott DiCecco L85
Farrah Builders Jim Fuhrman R85
Baseball U Underclass Phillip Gianakos R85
Baseball U Terminators Brian Gilbert R85
College Select Sean Hagan L85
New Jersey Super 17 Brett Koehler R85
College Select Ryan Pennell L85
Pleasant Valley Panthers Tyler Albrecht R84
Team Connecticut Baseball Eric Anderson L84
Syracuse Sports Zone Andrew Barbarino R84
Long Island Titans Tom Buckley L84
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Matt Colbert L84
Farrah Builders Tyler Courter R84
Ontario Prospects Ryan Dillabough R84
Long Island Titans Jordan Epstein R84
Sorensco Devil Cats Nolan Gaige L84
Baseball U Terminators Peter Kelich R84
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Ryan Malley R84
Baseball U Prospects Jamie Barr R83
Team Connecticut Baseball Taylor Candage R83
World Yacht Clippers American Alex Caravella L83
Richmond County Baseball Club Evan Catti R83
Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics Tom Curry R83
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Victor Diaz R83
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Matthew Ford R83
Long Island Braves 18u Joe Lipari R83
New Jersey Super 17 Kevin MacLachlan R83
Team Connecticut Baseball Michael McGinnis R83
Long Island Cobras 09s James Powers L83
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Brian Ruby R83
College Select Tyler Scott R83
New York Nine Scout Michael Tandy R83
Philadelphia Senators National Jeff Wiand R83
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Kyle Burdi R82
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Red Mike Czenszak R82
Baseball U Underclass Patrick Egan L82
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Navy Tre Herman R82
Sorensco Devil Cats Eric Hilton L82
Ontario Prospects Dustin Lawson R82
College Select Ed Macaluso L82
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Chris Martelli L82
Long Island Titans Dominick Martelli R82
Baseball U Terminators Kevin Needham R82
Ontario Prospects Vito Perri R82
Staten Island Orioles Sean Salsano L82
Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics Adam Smith R82
Farrah Builders Tyler Smith L82
Bullett Proof Prospects Paul Somerville L82
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Red Brett Wildfeure R82
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Joey Calogero L81
Baseball U Terminators Louis Clemente L81
World Yacht Clippers American Christopher Connolly L81
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Navy Christian Duclos R81
Staten Island Orioles Joseph Fiori R81
New York Nine Scout Ryan Gerspach R81
Sorensco Devil Cats Zak Hunt R81
Pleasant Valley Panthers Eric Luksis L81
Staten Island Orioles Vincent Luppino R81
World Yacht Clippers National John Melville R81
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Adam Prestifilippo R81
Richmond County Baseball Club Ryan Rechten R81
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Daniel Smith L81
Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics Justin Topa R81
World Yacht Clippers National Anthony Zawistowski L81
Baseball U Terminators Arthur Barnek L80
East Coast Grays Sean Cole R80
Richmond County Baseball Club Matt DiPoalo L80
New York Nine Scout Francesco Gracesqui L80
Farrah Builders Jake Kalish L80
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Navy Devon Landis R80
Taconic Rangers 18U Richard Lennox R80
Long Island Titans Kyle Leonard R80
Long Island Mustangs Blue Rob Loftus R80
Long Island Cobras 09s Vinny Messana L80
Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics James Murray R80
Taconic Rangers 18U Shane Peterman R80
World Yacht Clippers American Seth Roberts R80
Team Connecticut Baseball Bret Siflinger R80
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Navy Brett Slobodinsky L80
Long Island Cobras 09s Andrew Smith R80
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Navy Austin Smith R80
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors George Theodoropoulos R80
Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics Reid Van Woert R80
Long Island Braves 18u Andrew Alesi R79
Richmond County Baseball Club Matt Cascello R79
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Red Rob Courtney L79
Baseball U Terminators Matthew Mancini R79
Taconic Rangers 18U Nicholas Modico R79
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks Christopher Nee L79
Jersey Boys Louis Raccuglia R79
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Eric Skutch R79
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Stephen Toole R79
East Coast Grays Padraic Williams R79
Long Island Cobras 09s Michael Wood L79
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Matt Christoffersen R78
Ontario Prospects Mark Douris R78
Lefty's Lightning Alan Genitempo R78
Ontario Prospects Andrew Greenberg R78
Baseball U Terminators Bill Hoermann R78
Long Island Mustangs Blue Christopher Montana L78
Sorensco Devil Cats James Vooris L78
Baseball U Underclass Charlie Weinkofsky R78
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Red Chris Whitman R78
East Coast Grays Jason Frey R77
Staten Island Orioles Zack Granite L77
South Bergen Mets 18u Al Lesch R77
Staten Island Orioles Stephen Mattina R77
College Select Eric Windsor R77
South Bergen Mets 18u Evan Yacker R77
Ontario Prospects Blake Young R77
World Yacht Clippers American Edwin Aponte R76
South Bergen Mets 18u Don Cusick R76
Bullett Proof Prospects Geordan Dennahower R76
Staten Island Orioles Patrick Kivlon L76
World Yacht Clippers National Justin McCarthy R76
World Yacht Clippers National Brian McNamara L76
World Yacht Clippers National Matt Phillips R76
Pleasant Valley Panthers Nicholas Rahemba L76
Sorensco Devil Cats Justin Rebhun R76
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Mike Snee R76
World Yacht Clippers American Gregory Devaux R75
Long Island Cobras 09s James Knudsen R75
All Star Baseball Academy 18U Red Kyle Kopp R75
Lefty's Lightning Matt Larangera R75
Jersey Boys Michael Nicola R75
Bullett Proof Prospects Chris Pickles R75
Baseball U Terminators Ian Wladika R75
Taconic Rangers 18U Tom Baroni L74
Bullett Proof Prospects AJ Clark R74
Bullett Proof Prospects Mike Dimarcantonio R74
Jersey Boys Jared Graziano R74
Sorensco Devil Cats Matt Mcdonough R74
Long Island Braves 18u Dom Morrelli R74
Lefty's Lightning Ken O'Brien L74
Long Island Braves 18u Joe Waterhouse R74
Team NY Cardinals 18U Seniors Christopher Malatesta R73
Baseball U Underclass Dan Cottrell R72
World Yacht Clippers American Eric Gallos R72
Jersey Boys Mark Metcalfe R72
Bullett Proof Prospects Jacob Sheehan L72
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