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FB Velocities
Minnesota Blizzard Andy Johnson R91
Giants Scout Team Clay Wallace R91
Naperville Chargers John Lieske R89
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Jacob Powers R89
Minnesota Starz Charles Weinberg R89
Prep Baseball Report #1 Scott Firth R88
Cangelosi Baseball White Kevin Johnson R88
Prep Baseball Report #1 Kevin Koziol R88
Midwest Blazers Scout Team Brad Schreiber R88
Wisconsin Braves Eric Semmelhack R88
Midwest Blazers Scout Team Taylor Eikenberry L87
Giants Scout Team Alex Gordon R87
Hitters Baseball Kevin James L87
Giants Scout Team Kyle Lloyd R87
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Jake Naumann R87
Iowa Select Team Rick Sandquist R87
Giants Scout Team TJ Witham R87
Ontario Nationals 18U Matt Cook R86
Iowa Cobras Tyler Durant R86
Cangelosi Baseball White Dietrich Enns L86
Michigan Motor City Pride Jon Fitzsimmons R86
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Andy Flett R86
Michigan Motor City Pride Griffin Jones R86
Cangelosi Baseball Academy Adam Karger R86
Giants Scout Team Alex Moore L86
Naperville Chargers Ryan Scarpetta R86
Giants Scout Team Josh Biggs L85
Iowa Select Team Chad Christensen R85
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Joe Claver L85
Giants Scout Team Matt Duncan R85
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Matt Duren R85
Cangelosi Baseball White Kevin Gates R85
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Dan Huenecke R85
Iowa Select Team Jon Keller R85
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Brian Krowlikowski R85
Team Tampa Sean Prieto L85
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Kyle Rupe R85
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Luke Shearrow R85
Cangelosi Baseball Blue David Suarez R85
Hitters Baseball Timothy Suminski L85
Prep Baseball Report #1 Jonathan Surber R85
Longshots Baseball Kevin Sweeney R85
Prep Baseball Report #1 Trevor Bodie R84
Big Hitter Diamond Stars Ryan Daniels R84
Iowa Select Team Joshua DeBoer R84
PG Iowa Steel Dakota Freese R84
Iowa Cobras Drew Freie R84
Minnesota Starz Jose Gonzalez R84
St. Louis Pirates 16u Chad Green R84
Minnesota Starz Max Gregory R84
Minnesota Starz 17u Jack Hogan R84
PG Iowa Navy Lucas Ingersoll L84
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Pat Kaminska R84
Giants Scout Team Max Kamradt R84
Michigan Motor City Pride Keaton LeBlanc L84
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Cody Loertscher R84
Cangelosi Baseball White Brett Maus L84
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Andrew Overman R84
Prep Baseball Report #1 Matt Robin L84
Minnesota Blizzard Ben Schaben R84
Minnesota Starz Hogan Seagraves R84
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Clint Seefeldt R84
Iowa Cobras Tommy Smith R84
Ray Smith Insurance Dylan Thomas R84
Cangelosi Baseball White Anthony Andres L83
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Alex Belew L83
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Tyler Dierke R83
Akadema IN Yankees 18U Jerad Eickhoff R83
Cangelosi Baseball White Lucas Fritsch  83
Cangelosi Baseball Blue Patrick Gannon L83
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Ben Heller R83
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Ryan Huck R83
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Austin Jackson R83
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Matt Jefferson L83
PG Iowa Steel Jared Kraus R83
McHenry County Hurricanes Zach Liebman R83
Iowa Select Team Jimmy Six L83
Iowa Select Team Kellen Sweeney R83
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Jesse Taylor L83
Longshots Baseball Mark Winkelman L83
NX Level All-Stars Jackson Archie R82
PG Iowa Navy Will Artino L82
PG Iowa Steel Matt Beer R82
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Nick Conley R82
Midwest Blazers Scout Team Nick Czaja R82
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Stevie Eberhart L82
McHenry County Hurricanes Tanner Funke L82
Cangelosi Baseball Academy Joe Greenfield R82
Indiana Bandits Mason Haines R82
Longshots Baseball Kyle King L82
McHenry County Hurricanes John Larson R82
NX Level All-Stars Ricky Leachy R82
McHenry County Hurricanes Craig Lipp L82
Hard Knox Joey Long R82
Indiana Brewers Scout Team Jeremy Lucas R82
Hitters Baseball Sam Mahar L82
Wisconsin Braves Justin Mortensen L82
PG Wisconsin Red Alex Rejniak R82
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Tony Schaeffer L82
Iowa Cobras Nathan Schickling L82
PG Iowa Steel Brandon Shulista R82
PG Wisconsin Red Lucas Simon R82
St. Louis Pirates 16u AJ Walkenhorst R82
Hitters Baseball Mason Weber R82
Naperville Chargers Tyler Wester R82
Akadema IN Yankees 18U Brandon Winschief R82
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Zac Zellers R82
Cangelosi Baseball White Brian Baldwin R81
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Dan Chambliss R81
Hard Knox Jacob Chandler R81
Indiana Bandits Clint Chestnut R81
Akadema IN Yankees 18U Adam Culiver R81
Michigan Motor City Pride Jacob Davis R81
Minnesota Blizzard Cody Ege L81
St. Louis Pirates 16u Jordan Hankins R81
Longshots Baseball Jacob Hernandez R81
Cangelosi Baseball White Matt Highland R81
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Tom Jarka R81
Hitters Baseball Jack Jorgenson R81
Minnesota Starz 17u Colin Keefe R81
Minnesota Starz 17u Neal Kunik R81
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Justin Lois R81
Cangelosi Baseball Academy Dave Ludwig R81
McHenry County Hurricanes Jeff Moree R81
PG Iowa Navy Kyle Moses R81
Hitters Baseball Paul Poirier R81
Prep Baseball Report #1 Thomas Polus L81
PG Iowa Navy Keaton Rieks L81
Wisconsin Braves Chris Ritter R81
Ontario Nationals 18U Tyler Soucie R81
Midwest Blazers Scout Team Tyler Sparger R81
Iowa Select Team Ben Strellner L81
PG Wisconsin Navy John Bennett R80
Minnesota Blizzard Jacob Dahl R80
Iowa Cobras Patrick Dorman R80
Hard Knox Brett Fredricks R80
Big Hitter Diamond Stars Chris Garrow R80
PG Iowa Navy Jacob Johnson R80
Ray Smith Insurance Garrett Lanier R80
Hard Knox Austin LeClere R80
Cangelosi Baseball Academy Kris Singh L80
NX Level All-Stars Brady Bingham R79
Ray Smith Insurance David Borchardt R79
Big Hitter Diamond Stars Bubba Bradshaw R79
PG Iowa Steel Dustin Carlson R79
McHenry County Hurricanes Drew Chibe R79
Ray Smith Insurance dan ellefson R79
Ontario Nationals 18U Henry Ethan R79
Hitters Baseball Ross Fassbinder R79
St. Louis Pirates 16u Travis Felax R79
Minnesota Blizzard Brian Gosz L79
PG Iowa Steel Jordan Hohensee R79
NX Level All-Stars Russ Hurley R79
PG Wisconsin Navy Alec Jalovec R79
Naperville Chargers Drew Kornak R79
St. Louis Pirates 16u Nathan Maeys R79
PG Iowa Navy Tyler McCreary R79
PG Wisconsin Red Will Randerson R79
Hitters Baseball John Rashid L79
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Dan Schneider L79
St. Louis Gamers 17U Scott Szarek R79
PG Wisconsin Navy Jake Blair R78
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Brian Bumpus R78
Naperville Chargers Ben Burns L78
Minnesota Blizzard Collin Coats R78
St. Louis Gamers 17U Gall Corey R78
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Anthony (AJ) Gaura R78
Minnesota Blizzard Aaron Gretz R78
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Zachary Haskins L78
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Mike Jacobs L78
Indiana Bandits Brian Lauer R78
Iowa Select Team Dirk Lindaman R78
PG Wisconsin Black Ryan McShane R78
PG Iowa Steel Dakota Miller R78
Wisconsin Braves Justin Quinn R78
St. Louis Gamers 17U Paul Richmond R78
PG Wisconsin Red Jake Schaffhauser R78
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Darren Sneeringer L78
PG Wisconsin Navy John Supple R78
Ontario Nationals 18U Nick Varacalli R78
PG Iowa Navy Tyler Warner L78
Giants Scout Team Joe Wojda R78
PG Wisconsin Black Anthony Dake R77
St. Louis Gamers 17U Jon Glidewell L77
PG Iowa Navy Jonathan Hartley R77
St. Louis Gamers 17U Justin Helbert R77
Minnesota Starz Connor McClain R77
St. Louis Gamers 17U Andrew Ostapowicz L77
PG Wisconsin Navy Michael Robinson R77
Wisconsin All Stars 18u Sam Schmidt L77
PG Wisconsin Navy Eric Stenson L77
Ray Smith Insurance Blake Fangel R76
PG Iowa Steel Luke Montgomery R76
Wisconsin Braves Zach Ransom L76
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black Ryan Richardson R76
Big Hitter Diamond Stars Cory Royer R76
NX Level All-Stars Parker Sear R76
Naperville Chargers Tyler Brown L75
St. Louis Pirates 17u Red Alex Flynn L75
Indiana Bandits Pete Fraker R75
Minnesota Blizzard Aaron Jensen  75
PG Wisconsin Black Mike Monfre R75
Prep Baseball Report #1 Eric Mueller R75
PG Iowa Navy Ryan Rumpf R75
PG Wisconsin Red Daniel Sayles L75
PG Wisconsin Navy Adam Vlaj R75
Iowa Cobras Ryan Waack R75
Big Hitter Diamond Stars Clint Wobbe R75
PG Iowa Navy Aaron Young L75
Minnesota Starz 17u Ryan Beringer R74
Wisconsin Braves Connor McElligot L74
PG Iowa Navy Sean Moore R74
NX Level All-Stars Andy Suchorski R74
Michigan Motor City Pride Aaron Zucchet R73
Minnesota Starz 17u Kevin Greening R72
Ray Smith Insurance Jack Lassonde L72
PG Iowa Navy Taylor Johnson R71
PG Wisconsin Red Jayme Gawrych R70
Indiana Bandits Eric Pearson R70
Hard Knox Luke Wickman R70
PG Wisconsin Black Alex Mlachnik R68
PG Wisconsin Black David Mlachnik R67
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