FB Velocities
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Eli Rimer R85
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Micah Henson L82
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Drake Jones R82
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Chase Olson L82
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Emmitt Peters R81
Grays Academy Jaxson Bean R80
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Jake Thomas R80
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Darrel Wilson R80
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Matt Brown R79
SOAR Select 2023 Aidan Norris R79
Midwest Bruins Zachary Sharshel R79
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Damien Callagy R78
Clutch Performance - Compliment Blake Hicks R78
B45 Oklahoma 2023 Blayke Nunn R78
Midwest Bruins Braden Ailslieger R77
Clutch Performance - Compliment Will Barnard R77
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Carter Beach R77
SOAR Select 2023 Hunter Canole R77
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Tj Kerns R77
Midwest Bruins Gavin Hillebert R76
SOAR Select 2023 Coen Leeson L76
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Landon Christiansen L75
SOAR Select 2023 Jake Fernandez R75
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Dax Howard L75
Grays Academy Kameron Jaso R75
SOAR Select 2023 Caden Beshears R74
Grays Academy Tyke Creekmore R74
Millard West Tyson Dirks R74
Clutch Performance - Compliment Carson Eddleman R74
Millard West Reid Hazen R74
Grays Academy Jared Ricke R74
Millard West Max Wand L74
SOAR Select 2023 Alonzo Byrd L73
SOAR Select 2023 Zachary Glidewell R73
Grays Academy Chris Harris L73
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Mason Pangborn R73
2023 Padres Max White L73
Clutch Performance - Compliment Cooper Alexander L72
Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Owen Avery R72
Millard West Eyston Behrens R72
SOAR Select 2023 Bobby Bulloc R72
Clutch Performance - Compliment Nic Mozingo R72
Grays Academy Nik Pai R72
Midwest Bruins Carter Ulrich R72
Clutch Performance - Compliment Grayson Wroten R72
2023 Padres Trenton Davis R71
Midwest Bruins Xavier Alexander L70
Millard West Kaleb Hoffman R70
Clutch Performance - Compliment Slayde Jennerwein R70
Millard West Aaron Jung L69
Clutch Performance - Compliment Bryce Kirchner R69
Grays Academy Dj Spring R69
Grays Academy Brad Harris R68
2023 Padres Hayden Heise R68
Clutch Performance - Compliment Braedan McCaslin R68
2023 Padres Hudson Cahill R67
Grays Academy Nathan Forrest L67
2023 Padres Garrett Hounschell R66
2023 Padres Andrew Schreck R65
2023 Padres Leshoan Davis L60
Grays Academy Kenneth Stimmel L60
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