2014 17u Super25
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FB Velocities
Longshots Baseball Fitz Stadler R94
Marucci Elite Al Pesto R92
Marucci Elite Hogan Harris L91
Marucci Elite Andy Pagnozzi R90
Marucci Elite Dylon Poncho R89
Indiana Landsharks Ryan Betcher L88
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Jack Connolly R88
Longshots Baseball Pete Hamot R88
Indiana Landsharks Augustine Rubalcava R88
Marucci Elite Ty Harpenau R87
Longshots Baseball Jared Liebelt R87
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Michael Martinez L87
AZ Pro RJ Bell R86
Marucci Elite Sam Czabala L86
Longshots Baseball Danny Ehrsam R86
Longshots Baseball Andrew Hill R86
9ers Prime Morgan Maguire R86
Cleats Pilots Chase Merriman R86
Cleats Pilots Justin Revels R86
Longshots Baseball Mitch Boyer R85
Marucci Elite Brennan Breaux L85
9ers Prime Brett Hyers R85
9ers Prime Brandon Janofsky R85
War Eagle Aaron Makil R85
Marucci Elite Zachary Rider R85
Cleats Pilots Bradley Denny R84
Marucci Elite Lenni Kunert R84
Indiana Landsharks Joey Lange R84
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Matthew McKeown R84
9ers Prime Anthony Morrone R84
Indiana Landsharks Cody Quier R84
War Eagle Connor Sheridan R84
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Ryan Shinn L84
Cleats Pilots Grant Smith R84
Indiana Landsharks James Whiteman R84
9ers Prime Johnny Zega R84
AZ Wildfire Michael Caldwell R83
AZ Pro Blake Camarena R83
Longshots Baseball Cole Channell R83
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Ethan Frohman L83
AZ Pro Harry Gard R83
Cleats Pilots Brendan McKee R83
AZ Wildfire Brett Matthews R82
9ers Prime Will Morgan R82
AZ Wildfire Austin Murphy R82
9ers Prime Connor Youncofski R82
Longshots Baseball Casey Kempner L81
AZ Pro Zach Neild R81
PB Outlaws Joel Osuna R81
Indiana Landsharks Andrew Petsche L81
AZ Wildfire Christopher Romero R81
Cleats Pilots Cody Viena R81
PB Outlaws Jason Yanez R81
PB Outlaws Tim Bever R80
9ers Prime Max Goione R80
AZ Wildfire Tyler Hansen L80
Indiana Landsharks Murphy Jobin L80
AZ Wildfire Jack Ruegge R80
PB Outlaws Tyler Smith R80
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 AJ Wright R80
War Eagle Kaya Hayes R79
PB Outlaws Justin Yanez R79
War Eagle Anthony Crisci R78
War Eagle Justin Hagarty L78
AZ Pro Robert Johnson R78
Tri-State Arsenal 17U Showcase 1 Matt Padre R78
AZ Pro Ryan Sutton R78
Cleats Pilots Tanner Fallon R77
AZ Pro Jordan Pierce R77
AZ Wildfire Jose Rodriguez R77
AZ Pro Dan Geissler L76
AZ Wildfire Graham Greenbeck R76
War Eagle Ezra Johnson R76
PB Outlaws Zach Lehman R76
AZ Pro Blake Newman R75
War Eagle Zinedin Medina R74
War Eagle Drake Sadosky R71
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