FB Velocities
Sudden Impact Jaden Calhoun R83
5 star 2021 Will Vinyard R82
5 star 2021 Jackson Hilton L80
33s 16U 323 Jared Kaplan R80
33s 16U 323 Howell Polk R79
33s 16U 323 Caleb Shofner R78
33s 16U 323 McCollum Mansfield R77
Alabama Colts James Ingle R76
Alabama Colts Jake Knight R76
33s 16U 323 Patch Lyman L76
Alabama 9Spikes 17U Dakota Martin L76
Alabama 9Spikes 17U Will Rainer R76
Alabama 9Spikes 17U Mason Norris R75
33s 16U 323 Nicholas Ragland R75
Sudden Impact Elijah Smith R75
Alabama 9Spikes 17U Brendon Gaunt R74
Sudden Impact Lane Hardin L74
Alabama Colts Andrew Edwards R73
33s 16U 323 Jon-Matthew Mattson R73
Sudden Impact Luis Diego R72
Alabama Colts Preston Johnson R72
Sudden Impact Hayden Gallahar L71
Sudden Impact Justin Brooks L69
33s 16U 323 Carson Camper R69
33s 16U 323 Samuel Temple R69
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