FB Velocities
Huskies 14U Reece Mims R76
Total Baseball Timberwolves Carter Abrams R73
Huskies 14U Hayden Berry R73
Huskies 14U Alex Harrison L73
HElena baseball 14u Caleb Fox R71
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Coby Moore R68
HElena baseball 14u Logan Barber R67
HElena baseball 14u Tripp Bouler R67
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Jackson Carroll R67
Total Baseball Timberwolves George Mange R67
Huskies 14U Miles Plugge R67
HElena baseball 14u Gregory Strickland R67
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Nicholas Sulenski R67
Total Baseball Timberwolves Fletcher Neely R65
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Cace Reynolds R65
HElena baseball 14u Carson Acker R64
HElena baseball 14u Baker Davis R64
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Logan Starnes R64
Magic City Blazers Jake Stephens L64
Huskies 14U John Martin Williamson R64
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Anderson Brooks R63
Magic City Blazers Ben Garrett R63
Total Baseball Timberwolves Drew Helton L62
Huskies 14U Blake Patrick R62
Magic City Blazers Brooks Prier R62
Magic City Blazers Wyatt Schultz R62
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Braden Sullivan L62
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Brady Butler R61
HElena baseball 14u Luke Reid R60
HElena baseball 14u George Walker R60
Huskies 14U Bennett Plowden R59
Magic City Blazers Witt Brown L58
Total Baseball Timberwolves Nolan Shaver R57
Cahaba Valley Copperheads Emerson Howatt L52
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