FB Velocities
TPL Pro Elite Kaden Heatherly R79
TPL Pro Elite Mark Rutherford R77
TPL Pro Elite Jackson Thomas L77
33s Baseball Club 15u Russell Nelson R76
TPL Pro Elite Mac Bowman R75
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Wyatt Baggett R74
33s Baseball Club 15u Evan Bibb R74
33s Baseball Club 15u Garrett Gray R74
Birmingham Bruins Andrew McAdams R73
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Colton Mitchell R73
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Colby Smith R73
Birmingham Bruins Jackson Dexter R71
Georgia Lookouts Brandon Watts R70
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Johnleyton Lewis R69
Birmingham Bruins Brooks Morgan R69
33s Baseball Club 15u Colin Chavers R68
Georgia Lookouts Jaki Johnson R68
33s Baseball Club 15u Mac Palmer R68
Alabama 9Spikes 14u Prime Brady Smitherman L67
Birmingham Bruins Jackson Adams R66
33s Baseball Club 15u Daniel Kubiszyn R66
Birmingham Bruins Trey Kocks R65
Birmingham Bruins Ryan Delucca L63
Georgia Lookouts Malcolm Robinson R63
Georgia Lookouts Aj Stroman R63
Georgia Lookouts David Stanard R59
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