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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
5 Star National 16u Black (4-2-0 in 2024) Warner Robins, GA
5 Star National 16u Gold (9-1-0 in 2024) Warner Robins, GA
Georgia Jackets 16U - Nationals (3-1-0 in 2024) Milton, GA
Inevitable A's National 16u (0-0-0 in 2024) St Louis, MO
Legends Scout (3-2-0 in 2024) Maineville, OH
Showtime Select 16u Fusco (0-0-0 in 2024) Westbury, NY
Slammers Duman (7-6-0 in 2024) ENGLEWOOD, CO
Texas Elite (0-0-0 in 2024) Lake Dallas, TX
Top Tier Americans (1-3-0 in 2024) McCook, IL

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend
5 Star Performance 2026 National Kilgore, TX
643 DP Cougars 16U Roswell, GA
All American Prospects Underclass Port Saint Lucie, FL
Arlington A'S Navy Arlington, TX
Artillery Baseball 2026 Scout Gibbstown, NJ
Banditos Scout Team Spring, TX
Canada Reds Academy Ottawa, Canada
Canes 16U Scout Team Fredericksburg, VA
Canes American 16U Fredericksburg, VA
Canes National 16U Fredericksburg, VA
Canes Southeast Scout 16U Carrollton, GA
Canes Southwest Scout Team Austin, TX
CBA Bulldogs Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Charlotte Baseball Academy 2026 National Waxhaw, NC
Dallas Patriots 16u Frisco, TX
Dallas Tigers 2026 - Cienega/Myles Weatherford, TX
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Wading River, NY
East Cobb Astros 16U Marietta, GA
East Cobb Texas Orange 16U Marietta, GA
Florida Burn 2026 Scout Sarsasota, FL
Florida Friars Scout Team Miami, FL
AZ Generals Elite Chandler, AZ
Ghost National Little Silver, NJ
Houston Wildcatters 2026 Scout Navy Kingwood, TX
Hp 2026 Poland Houston, TX
Marucci Elite Texas - Rodriguez Houston, TX
NorCal U 2026 Pleasanton, CA
Original Florida Pokers 2026 (25) Coral Springs, FL
Ostingers Baseball 2026 Macaluso Lithia, FL
Padres Prospects Shaker Heights, OH
Power Baseball 2026 Marucci Winter Garden, FL
San Diego Padres Scout Team 16u San Diego, CA
Sandlot Scout Team 2026 Catoosa, OK
Scorpions 2026 Scout Orlando, FL
Scorpions Team Easton (Moore) Spring, TX
Slammers Anderson 2026's Broomfield, CO
SmarTense 16U The Show National Alpharetta, GA
Team California 16U Warriors Carlsbad, CA
Team Elite 16U National Atlanta, GA
Team Elite 16U Scout Team Atlanta, GA
The Dream NTL 16U Atlanta, GA
Top Tier Roos 2026 American Tampa, FL
Top Tier Roos 2026 American Red Tampa Bay, FL
TPA Nationals 16u Black Apex, NC
USA Prime 16U National/Detroit Tigers Underclass Scout Team Carrollton, TX
USA Prime Scout Team Florida Tampa, FL
Wow Factor G's Lions 2026 Gaithersburg, MD
Wow Factor Nation 16U Memphis, TN
ZT Prospects National La Habra, CA