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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Gladiators Hampshire (32-18-1 in 2022) 14Major Beaumont, TX Morgan Walker
Runner-Up Storm Chasers 13U Sanches (29-17-0 in 2022) 13AAA Orange, TX Brian Sanches
Runner-Up Texas Mizuno - Santos (39-24-3 in 2022) 14AAA Beaumont, TX Brian Cansler
  14u Storm Chasers (8-20-1 in 2022) 14AA Orange, TX Trey Bradley
  Gladiators 14u Morris (33-13-0 in 2022) 14AAA Beaumont, TX Jarrod Morris
  Houston C2 Black 14u (20-15-3 in 2022) 14AAA League City, TX Nick Harris
  L-Town Bombers (7-15-2 in 2022) 14AA Lumberton, TX Joshua Porter
  LTX Baseball Rebels - Red (12-15-2 in 2022) 14AA Lumberton, TX Rusty Hartt
  Msa Blackhawks - Seastrunk (16-22-2 in 2022) 14AA Baytown, TX, TX Diego Seastrunk
  Piranhas-Berry (26-12-0 in 2022) 14Major Nederland, TX Bj Berry
  RBI Baseball 2027 (35-22-3 in 2022) 14AA Mont Belvieu, TX Ricky Cox
  Stingers Baseball (0-6-0 in 2022) 14AAA Lafayette, LA Lance Dronet
  Texas Mizuno - Garcia (27-20-1 in 2022) 14AA Beaumont, TX Brian Cansler
  Tx Powerhouse Baseball (50-31-3 in 2022) 14AA Baytown, TX Brian Hamm

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend