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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion SBA Futures 13u (18-9-1 in 2022) 13Major Charlotte, NC Jake Robbins
Champion SBA Marucci 13u (31-6-0 in 2022) 13Major Charlotte, NC Jake Robbins
Third Place Carolina Rays Select 13U Regional (8-6-1 in 2022) 13Major Myrtle Beach, SC Willie James
Third Place Dirtbags East (32-7-0 in 2022) 13Major Greenville, NC Jeremy Taylor
  5 Star Carolina 13U Elite (29-13-1 in 2022) 13Major Winston Salem, NC Roger Terry
  Area Stars 13U - Orange (2-7-1 in 2022) 13Major Fayetteville, NC Chris Roberts
  Canes 13U NOVA (4-2-0 in 2022) 13Major Aldie, VA Joe McDonald
  Canes Sc 13u Reames (20-11-1 in 2022) 13Major Charleston, SC Warren Ostergard
  Canes Wiggins 13U (19-12-2 in 2022) 13Major Wilson, NC Dewey Scott
  Carolina Rampage 13u (0-2-0 in 2022) 13Major Goldsboro, NC Jeff Waters
  DBC 2027 - Pfafftown (9-9-2 in 2022) 13AAA Pfafftown, NC Spencer Holcomb
  Dirtbags 13U Prime (7-12-1 in 2022) 13Major Burlington, NC Ryan Falcon
  Dirtbags 13U Voodoo (19-11-2 in 2022) 13Major Burlington, NC Andy Partin
  Dirtbags Virginia 13u Ghost (8-8-1 in 2022) 13AAA Danville, VA David Goulding
  Garner Royals (15-8-1 in 2022) 13Major Raleigh, NC Derik Goffena
  GBG Carolina 13u (7-6-0 in 2022) 13AAA Belmont, NC John Hernandez
  Gbg Southeast 13u (33-9-1 in 2022) 13Major Bristol, VA Billy Gobble
  Mid Atlantic Orioles Youngman (3-6-0 in 2022) 13AAA Henrico, VA Josh Youngman
  MVP Athletics 13u (3-2-1 in 2022) 13Major Zebulon, NC Rodney Collier
  NOVA Premier Blue (1-2-0 in 2022) 13Major Ashburn, VA Eddie Jordan
  Queen City Corndogs - 13U Cooke (7-7-0 in 2022) 13Major Charlotte, NC Eddie Hull
  Richmond Braves Coastal 13U- Bauswell (3-6-0 in 2022) 13AAA Suffolk, VA Cory Bauswell
  Riptide 13u-Blue (8-14-0 in 2022) 13Major Durham, NC Corey Gross
  Rise Red- Texas (4-5-2 in 2022) 13Major Midlothian, VA Tim Perry
  SC Warhawks Elite (5-6-2 in 2022) 13AAA Summerville, SC Ali Williams
  SoDu IronDawgs (2-11-1 in 2022) 13AAA Durham, NC Ryan Kelly
  Stars Baseball 13U Wrighte (4-5-1 in 2022) 13Major Manssas, VA Mark Wrighte
  Summerfield Stars (26-5-1 in 2022) 13Major Greensboro, NC Gooch Gladwell
  Team Virginia Urgo (3-6-0 in 2022) 13AAA Roanoke, VA Ryan Urgo
  TM Sports Mizuno (28-9-1 in 2022) 13Major Wilmington, NC Tim Adkins
  USA Prime 13U Doub (16-11-2 in 2022) 13AAA Winston-Salem, NC Michael Douob
  West Raleigh Elite - 14U National (8-4-1 in 2022) 13Major Raleigh, NC Sammy Serrano

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend