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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Canes Pirro 13U (30-5-0 in 2022) 13Major Waxhaw, NC Michael Pirro
Runner-Up Canes Wiggins 13U (19-12-2 in 2022) 13Major Wilson, NC Dewey Scott
Third Place 5 Star Carolina 13U Elite (29-13-1 in 2022) 13Major Winston Salem, NC Roger Terry
Third Place SBA Futures 13u (18-9-1 in 2022) 13Major Charlotte, NC Jake Robbins
  5 Star Carolina 13U Bates (3-5-0 in 2022) 13AAA Dallas, NC Jonathan Bates
  5 Star Carolina 13U Lance (13-15-2 in 2022) 13Major Trinity, NC Eric Lance
  Dirtbags 13U Prime (7-12-1 in 2022) 13Major Burlington, NC Ryan Falcon
  Dirtbags East (32-7-0 in 2022) 13Major Greenville, NC Jeremy Taylor
  Queen City Corndogs - 13U Cooke (7-7-0 in 2022) 13Major Charlotte, NC Eddie Hull
  SBA North 2027 (8-6-1 in 2022) 13AA Mooresville, NC Markus Duckworth
  Stampede Baseball Club - 13U/2027 (6-10-0 in 2022) 13AAA Charlotte, NC Kayse Foor
  Triad Cardinals Harris (2-8-0 in 2022) 13AAA Stokesdale, NC Kirk Harris
  USA Prime 13U Leonard (7-12-0 in 2022) 13AAA Winston-Salem, NC Conner Leonard

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend