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2020 Top Prospects

Liam Norris  LHP - 2020 - Cary, NC   North Carolina

Norris checks plenty of boxes before even striding onto the mound with his broad and physical 6-4/215 frame. A young lefthander, Norris ran his fastball up to 94 mph with hard angle, late life and a fast arm action while also showing a hard, tight slider up to 87 mph for strikes.

Robert Moore  SS - 2020 - Leawood, KS   Arkansas

There wasn't anything the uncommitted Moore didn't do this event, making outstanding defensive play after outstanding defensive play, showing soft hands and advanced actions. He's continued to make strides with the bat with added strength and was able to drive the ball from both sides of the plate, especially from the left side.

Dylan Crews  OF - 2020 - Longwood, FL   Louisiana State

Crews continues to improve every time we see him in a showcase setting and this event was no different as he ran a 6.82 60-yard and threw 89 mph from the outfield. The bat has long been the calling card and he took perhaps one of the loudest BPs with lots of barrel and hard jump coming off with backspin.

Carson Montgomery  RHP - 2020 - Windermere, FL   Florida State

Montgomery came out throwing some serious heat with his fastball, living comfortably in the low-90s, bumping as high as 94 mph with short sink. His slider proved to be his out pitch up to 85 mph which he tunneled well and is also a very good athlete as evidenced by his 6.85 60-yard dash.

Kellum Clark  1B - 2020 - Brandon, MS   Mississippi State

Clark established himself as one of the top hitters a couple summers back and it's a theme he's continued to maintain through this past weekend. His swing offers plenty of balance, leverage and strength at the point of contact with big jump off his barrel. He also ran a 6.75 60-yard dash and was up to 90 mph on the mound with a clean arm action.

Nicholas Griffin  OF - 2020 - Monticello, AR   Arkansas

Griffin made a lasting impression on everybody in attendance with both his present tools and future projection on both sides of the ball. On the mound Griffin topped out at 91 mph from the left side and spun a legitimate curveball up to 81 mph but also showed an easy and fluid lefthanded swing with quick hands and solid extension out front.

Jack Bulger  C - 2020 - Bowie, MD   Vanderbilt

As evidenced by his 101 mph exit velocity, Bulger is able to generate some serious bat speed and whip to his righthanded swing and it's a tool that played both during his BP and in game. He ran a 7.00 and performed well behind the plate, popping a 1.80 and showed a strong arm and sound receiving skills with flexibility and looseness.

Jackson Phipps  LHP - 2020 - Dallas, GA   South Carolina

Just as he has shown in the past, Phipps made for an uncomfortable at-bat given his extended release point on top of the ability to live in the low-90s while peaking at 92 mph. He's always shown the big velocity and during his outing the young South Carolina commit also showed an improved slider that worked in the mid-70s.

Masyn Winn  SS - 2020 - Kingwood, TX   Arkansas

Whether it’s as a shortstop or righthanded pitcher, Masyn Winn has a bright future and his skills make it easy to envision him as a true two-way at Stanford in a couple of years. He set the record with a 98 mph velocity across the diamond but also offers loose wrists and plenty of bat speed at the plate, along with command a full mix on the bump with a fastball that topped 91 mph in this look.

Daxton Fulton  LHP - 2020 - Oklahoma City, OK   Vanderbilt

Fulton demands your attention on the mound with his physical 6-foot-6 build and then has the arsenal to back it up. He ran his fastball up to 88 mph with consistent cut action but more impressively could land both his curveball and changeup for strikes at will, consistently mixing and locating.

Alex Greene  OF - 2020 - Edgewater, MD   Virginia

It was a loud start to the showcase for the young Virginia commit as he tied the event record with a top throw from the outfield at an impressive 98 mph. He swung it well and barreled up a couple of hard hits including a triple to center field but also ran his fastball up to 91 mph with a feel for his curveball.

Drew Romo  C - 2020 - The Woodlands, TX   Louisiana State

Romo is already committed to Louisiana State yet he continues to elevate his game, especially behind the plate where he has a chance to be a special player. His catch and throw skills are among the best in the class, as is his 84 mph arm, but he also shows upside at the plate as a switch-hitter with skills from either side.

Nate Savino  LHP - 2020 - Sterling, VA   Virginia

Pithcing on the final day of the event, Savino continued the train of talented lefthanded pitchers and certainly has a bright future moving forward. Savino, who stands at 6-foot-3 with long limbs and plenty of projection, ran his fastball up to 92 mph with a loose arm stroke and showed the ability to spin a slider for strikes.

CJ Kayfus  1B - 2020 - Wellington, FL   Miami

Kayfus has already established himself on the national scene thanks to his lefthanded swing and it was on display once again at Lake Point. His hands are very loose and easy and the barrel skill speaks for itself, creating hard jump off the barrel with linear contact to all parts of the field both in BP and live action.

Grant Trinkle  OF - 2020 - Columbus, IN   Kentucky

Trinkle made his presence felt this past weekend during the Junior National with a bevy of tools that certainly caught the attention of college coaches. He's a fast-twitch athlete who ran a 6.45 60-yard dash and thew 90 mph from the outfield, though with the bat he was able to drive the ball and created loud contact with a simple, repeated stroke and fast hands.

Alek Boychuk  C - 2020 - Buford, GA   South Carolina

Boychuk has been on the national scene for a long while already despite just finishing his sophomore season yet he continues to elevate his game every year. He's plenty physical and shows loud tools on both sides of the ball with sound, repeatable defensive actions and very quick hands offensively with hard jump off the barrel and carry to all fields.

Joseph Dixon  RHP - 2020 - South Jordan, UT   Stanford

Dixon showed one of the faster arms of the event and given his uncommitted status, he had college coaches more than interested. Not only did he bump 91 mph with his fastball and live in the 88-91 mph range, he did a nice job of filling the zone with plane to his heater while mixing in a hard spinning curveball for strikes.

Asher Akridge  OF - 2020 - Gainesville, FL   Uncommitted

There's a very good chance that Akridge adds plenty of strength over the next three years though he already shows the type of tools that make college recruiters circle his name. He possesses plus sped with a 6.49 60-yard dash but also has lots of twitch to his swing and can already impact the ball to his pull side.

Chad Born  OF - 2020 - Placentia, CA   Miami

There's a lot to like with the uncommitted Born who made the trip out from California and impressed everybody in attendance. He ran a 6.95 and threw 90 mph from the outfield but it's his loose and fluid righthanded swing that may end up his loudest tool with whip to the barrel and carry to all fields.

Charez Butcher  RHP - 2020 - Kokomo, IN   Uncommitted

Charez Butcher is one of those young arms that makes throwing hard an easy task, looking like he's playing a game of catch on the mound. He ran his fastball up to 94 mph during his two inning stint, showing better balance to his delivery while creating some nice angle when working glove side.

Coby Mayo  3B - 2020 - Coral Springs, FL   Uncommitted

Mayo has the frame to develop into a physical specimen with a long and projectable 6-5/195 frame though he can already impact the baseball from the right side. His swing is easy and he does a nice job of getting extended, driving the baseball at the point of contact just as he did with a 98 mph exit velocity on a double to his pull side. He also moves well defensively at third base and threw 89 mph across the diamond.

John (TJ) Curd  1B - 2020 - Port Saint Lucie, FL   Florida

The calling card for Curd is his strong, lefthanded swing and it's one that already helps him impact the ball hard to his pull side. He does a nice job of staying short to the ball and creates solid bat speed through the zone, showing solid leverage at the point of contact with carry off the barrel.

Cayden Wallace  3B - 2020 - Greenbrier, AR   Arkansas

Don't let Wallace's physicality fool you as there's premier athleticism in the third baseman's 6-foot-1, 200-pound as highlighted by his 6.69 60-yard dash. He moves very well defensively and shows above average arm strength across at this level (92 mph) and was also up to 91 mph on the mound while showing a strong righthanded stick with plenty of quickness to his hands.

Garret Guillemette  C - 2020 - Yorba Linda, CA   Oregon

Guillemette performed as one of the better backstops of the event, shows solid catch and throw skills during drills and carried them over into live action. He popped a 1.84 and threw 80 mph in drills and bumped 89 mph on the mound, and also took a loud round of BP with a simple, leverage stroke and life off the barrel.

Ross Dunn  LHP - 2020 - Salt Lake City, UT   Kentucky

Dunn was very impressive on day one of the event, touching 90 mph early on and showing a changeup that has the makings of a future plus pitch at maturity. The changeup had significant arm side fading action to the arm side that is tunneled well with the fastball and crossfire delivery which makes him significantly difficult to square up.

Alex Edmondson  RHP - 2020 - Simpsonville, SC   Clemson

There's a lot to like with Edmondson on the mound right now and there certainly appears to be more in the tank moving forward. With a fast and whippy arm action, Edmondson was able to generate big angle on his fastball which topped out at 91 mph and spun a tight slider at 77 mph as well.

Joshua Allen  OF - 2020 - Oviedo, FL   Duke

Though he's listed as primary lefthanded pitcher, Allen took one of the loudest rounds of batting practice as he launched a few home runs to his pull side. The swing offers nice loft and bat speed through the zone with jump off the barrel and was also up to 85 mph on the mound.

Jordan Andrade  SS - 2020 - Yucaipa, CA   Washington

An early commit to Washington, Andrade made the trip out from California and impressed with tools on both sides of the ball. He uncoils well into this righthanded swing and shows quickness to his hands, both offensively and defensively, with softness out front and sound actions to play up the middle.

Ari Arteaga  OF - 2020 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Arteaga's biggest tool may just be his speed, a trait he highlighted with a 6.69 60-yard dash and continued to show in game with routes and ability to cover ground in the outfield. He shows a linear stroke offensively and projects well moving forward with added strength, already showing some jump off the barrel.

Logan Austin  RHP - 2020 - Salem, AL   Auburn

Earlier this summer we first saw the big velocity jump for Austin and he continued to pump big heaters during his two innings, topping out at 93 mph with hard downhill plane and a fast right arm. The fastball shows heavy life and he mixed both a curveball and changeup for strikes, the later of which offered late fading life.

Hank Bearden  RHP - 2020 - Rocky Face, GA   Georgia

Bearden came out attacking the zone early and often during his outing, missing plenty of bats with his fastball which topped out at 91 mph from an extended three-quarters slot. His breaking ball was sharp and he turned over a nice changeup in the upper-70s with mimicked arm speed and release.

Jadon Bercovich  RHP - 2020 - Reno, NV   San Diego State

Another highly regarded uncommitted prospect, Bercovich came out from Nevada to work up to 90 mph and live in the 87-89 mph range. Bercovich sinks his fastball well and the arm stroke when combined with the broadness and size make for a very high ceiling prospect; he also shows good feel for a changeup.

Sam Bianco  SS - 2020 - Oxford, MS   Louisiana-Lafayette

Bianco offers a solid speed component to his game and he knows how to use it, both on the bases and with his range defensively. He's a lefthanded bat and took some nice swings in game, utilizing a contact approach and linear stroke through the zone with projectable bat speed.

Jace Bohrofen  OF - 2020 - Oklahoma City, OK   Uncommitted

Physically built at 6-1/185 and still showing more room for added growth, Bohrofen shows quick twitch to his body and ran a 6.76 60-yard. His lefthanded swing shows nice looseness through the zone with whip to the barrel and strength off the barrel while also throwing 87 mph from the outfield.

Nic Britt  SS - 2020 - Chesapeake, VA   William & Mary

Nic Britt continues to evolve his game and has added noticeable strength to his 5-foot-10 frame. A primary middle infielder and a commit to the University of Virginia, Britt showed soft hands out front and a strong arm across the infield as well as a balanced swing with a present feel for the barrel and comfort working to the middle of the field.

Michael Brooks  SS - 2020 - Wellington, FL   Arkansas

Brooks is a well rounded baseball player who does everything well, regardless of where he is on the mound. Running a sub-7 60-yard, the Mississippi State commit showed smooth actions up the middle with strong instincts and continues to show increased strength in his swing with extension out front and plenty of looseness throughout.

Ryland Brown  OF - 2020 - Chesapeake, VA   Uncommitted

Brown is a high-motor, high-energy positional prospect with the ability to impact the game in a multitude of facets. He was timed at an average run time of 4.3 seconds while showing serious juice to the pull side offensively and turning in a 60-yard dash time that was recorded in under7.00 seconds to further highlight the speed.

Marcus Brown  SS - 2020 - Springdale, AR   Kentucky

The Kentucky commit is a fairly athletic prospect, with good balance and moves well to either side of the infield well. He has a lot of balance at the plate, with a short controlled swing that allows him to put his barrel skills to good use and the smooth glove work projects very nicely for a quality shortstop at the next level.

Tyler Cacciatori  RHP - 2020 - Sheridan, AR   Arkansas

A strong and physically built righthander who's committed to Arkansas, Cacciatori was up to 87 mph with a shorter, compact arm stroke and a lower three-quarters release point. He did a nice job of living down in the zone and was able to generate solid sink from his release while mixing in a slider up to 77 mph.

Collin Caldwell  LHP - 2020 - Powder Springs, GA   Uncommitted

There's a lot to like with the uncommitted Caldwell, a loose and quick armed lefthanded who ran his fastball up to 89 mph and projects for plenty more moving forward. His arm action is both online and quick through the back and more importantly showed a feel for three pitches, all of which he mixed and threw for strikes.

Dylan Carmouche  LHP - 2020 - Denham Springs, LA   Louisiana-Lafayette

Carmouche is an extremely deceptive and projectable prospect as a primary lefthanded pitcher on the mound. The Louisiana commit lives in the mid-80s and varies his arm angle from a higher slot to a sidearm slot to create more run on the fastball. At the plate, Carmouch has a short and controlled swing with an all fields approach.

Jordan Carrion  SS - 2020 - Miami, FL   Florida

Like other talented commits the Florida Gators have locked up in the past, Carrion offers true two-way potential with loud skills on both sides of the plate. A 6.63 runner, Carrion shows soft hands up the middle, a quick and loose bat from the right side, and a fastball that topped out at 90 mph with a firm, deceptive changeup up to 82 mph.

Trey Carter  OF - 2020 - Martinsville, VA   Florida State

Trey Carter did a little bit of everything during the showcase and whatever he did proved to be loud and intriguing. On top of standing 6-4/195, Carter ran a 6.78 60-yard, threw 96 mph from the outfield and bumped 89 on the mound while showing raw power at the plate that could develop very nicely moving forward.

Kyle Casper  OF - 2020 - El Cajon, CA   Arizona

Capser showed tools all over the diamond, though it was what he did in game with his swing that proved to be the loudest as he hit a 361-foot home run that registered 94 mph off the barrel in game. On top of that drive Casper also ran a 6.70 60-yard dash and threw 89 mph from the outfield and on the mound.

Lukas Cook  SS - 2020 - Knoxville, TN   South Carolina

Two-way talent Lukas Cook has a lot of strength in all facets of his game, with impressive arm strength, exit velocity, and raw power through the point of impact. The 6-foot-3/205-pound prospect is surprisingly agile for his size, a 6.7 60-yard dash runner, and runs his fastball up to 92 mph with good life and the hitting tools jump off the page for the Mississippi State commit.

Lucas Costello  SS - 2020 - Miami, FL   Wake Forest

A long and projectable 6-2/185 infielder, Costello showed two-way potential as he was also up to 87 mph and ran a 6.69 60-yard dash. His arm action is loose both on the mound and defensively while showing an easier swing and some feel for the barrel which should only continue to develop with added strength.

Wyatt Crowell  LHP - 2020 - Cumming, GA   Florida State

Another talented and uncommitted lefthander, Crowell offers both athleticism and projectability as he ran a 6.84 60-yard dash and bumped as high as 87 mph with a quick arm stroke. Working to an extended slot, Crowell, showed short sinking life to his heater while mixing in a tight spinning slider up to 76 mph.

Max DeJong  RHP - 2020 - Powder Springs, GA   Georgia

With a low effort delivery, DeJong managed to run his fastball up to 90 mph, DeJong showed impressive stuff on the mound with a loose arm stroke and flashed some hard cutting life on the pitch. DeJong has a fairly good curveball with shape and depth while projecting well as one of the better uncommitted prospects in the class.

Hunter Donaldson  SS - 2020 - Salem, AL   South Alabama

The tools are very loud for Donaldson, an uncommitted prospect out of Alabama. A 6.70 60-yard runner, Donaldson threw 91 mph from the outfield and 89 mph from the infield and offers a quick righthanded swing which projects well moving forward showing whip to his hands and barrel.

Luis Espinal  3B - 2020 - Miami, FL   Miami

Espinal has very loud, yet raw, hitting tools at the plate with electric bat speed for the age and tons of impact strength that resulted in a pull side home run in game. Espinal has serious juice in his righthanded bat with some loft, though consistency will be his key to unlocking his full offensive potential.

Jamar Fairweather  RHP - 2020 - Miami, FL   Miami

Fairweather is a fascinating two-way prospect committed to FIU with projectable, loud tools both on the mound and at the dish. Offensively, Fairweather has a full swing path with strength through the point of impact that results in home run power while he runs his fastball up to 90 mph with advanced feel for a changeup and breaking ball.

Zane Faulk  C - 2020 - Phenix City, AL   Uncommitted

Faulk did a little bit of everything during the showcase and all of his tools are loud, highlighted by his overall arm strength. A 6.74 runner, Faulk threw 94 mph from the outfield, 93 from the infield and 85 from behind the plate while also putting a fast righthanded swing on display with hard contact off the barrel.

Brandon Fields  OF - 2020 - Orlando, FL   South Carolina

In terms of overall tools there aren't many who have a louder skillset than the uncommitted Fields. Physically impressive at 5-11/195, Fields ran a 6.65 60-yard, threw 93 mph from the outfield, and was able to generate some of the biggest bat speed which yielded loud and hard contact off the barrel.

Michael Fowler  RHP - 2020 - Trussville, AL   Louisiana State

An uncommitted righthander out of Alabama, Fowler impressed those in attendance with his ease of operation on the mound and his ability to generate velocity with low effort. He topped out at 91 mph with a loose and fast arm action and spun a nice slider up to 76 mph.

Alex Freeland  SS - 2020 - Cape Coral, FL   UCF

Freeland has always impressed with his defensive actions up the middle and the Juniro National wasn't any different as he continues to add strength to his frame. He threw 86 mph across the diamond and showed loose actions while also swinging it well from both sides of the plate, creating whip to the barrel with carry when squared.

Jake Gelof  SS - 2020 - Rehoboth Beach, DE   William & Mary

Gelof has a bevy of tools as a prospect, not even including the fact that he is a two-way prospect, but the lead here is the significant arm strength which was recorded up to 91 mph at his primary position of shortstop. There are traits defensively and on the mound that project well while showing a clean, compact stroke with some loft at the plate.

Jovan Gill  RHP - 2020 - Fort Myers, FL   Stetson

Gil showed one of the better three pitch mixes of the event, highlighted by his fastball that topped out at 89 mph with significant plane and sinking life. Gil pounded the strike zone. He hides the ball well from his 6-foot-2/204-pound frame to add in deception and mix in a 12/6 breaking ball with good depth for strikes while flashing a changeup.

Alec Gonzalez  SS - 2020 - Flossmoor, IL   Tennessee

One of the all-around better performers during the event, Gonzalez oozed tools with 89 mph throws from the field, a sub-7.00 second 60-yard dash time, and plenty of present bat speed to impact the ball well. The Tennessee commit makes consistent contact to the pull side and middle of the field while showing a line drive, extended swing plane.

Mac Guscette  C - 2020 - Nokomis, FL   Florida

Guscette has long shown refined actions on both sides of the ball and this past weekend wasn't any different, especially behind the plate where he blocked well in game and showed a solid arm. Offensively his tools are just as noteworthy with lots of barrel whip and good separation out front.

Colby Halter  SS - 2020 - Jacksonville, FL   Florida

Committed to the University of Florida, Halter shows exciting two-way potential for the Gators, especially on the mound where he was up to 90 mph with sinking life and a sweeping curveball for a chase pitch. He ran a 6.96 60-yard dash and showed fast defensive actions up the middle with a fast lefthanded stroke and nice jump coming off the barrel.

Parks Harber  3B - 2020 - Atlanta, GA   Georgia

Already committed to Georgia, the strongly built 6-3/195 Harber does a nice job of staying short and direct to the ball, incorporating his strength nicely in game with solid jump off the barrel. His hands with the bat and he moves well defensively, showing some twitch to his actions and good carry across the diamond on his throws.

Albert Hernandez  RHP - 2020 - Davie, FL   Miami

Hernandez has long been on the national scene as an early commit to the University of Miami and has done nothing but evolve his game since then. On the mound he showed better balance to his delivery while bumping 92 mph with a loose arm stroke but also launched an impressive three home runs during his round of batting practice.

Storm Hierholzer  RHP - 2020 - Austin, TX   TCU

Hierholzer made the trip out from Texas and impressed, working two innings on the mound and showing a full three-pitch mix for strikes. His fastball topped out at 89 mph from a full and fluid arm action, creating sink down in the zone and had a feel for both a curveball and changeup at 73 and 77 mph apiece.

Cade Horton  SS - 2020 - Norman, OK   Oklahoma

Time will tell where Horton ultimately plays, though there's no reason to see why he couldn't be successful at Ole Miss as a true two-way player. Offensively he packs plenty of strength into his swing and can drive the baseball but was also up to 90 mph on the mound with a power curveball up to 81 mph.

Samuel Infante  SS - 2020 - Hialeah, FL   Miami

Infante's game continues to evolve as he adds strength to his frame and this most recent look was no different for the Miami commit. Still fluid up the middle with a strong arm across the middle, Infante ran a 6.78 and offered quick hands offensively with leverage out front and jump off the barrel.

Isaiah Jackson  OF - 2020 - Savoy, IL   Uncommitted

The tools are plenty loud for the uncommitted Jackson as he ran a 6.76 60-yard, threw 93 mph from the outfield and topped out at 91 mph on the mound. His speed is a loud, usable tool that can impact a game while showing jump off the barrel when squared and tools that will only continue to develop.

Dominic Johnson  OF - 2020 - Edmond, OK   Oklahoma State

Johnson is full of fast-twitch muscle and it shows with his 6.58 60-yard time, one of the best from the event. Offensively he shows plenty of looseness to his hands and is able to generate big bat speed through the zone, impacting the ball well to the middle and pull side parts of the field.

Alex Logusch  SS - 2020 - St. Louis, MO   Indiana

Committed to Indiana, Logusch showed skills on both sides of the ball and also swung it well, connecting for a hard double in live action. He ran a 6.95 60-yard dash and threw an impressive 90 mph from the outfield while also working with a low effort delivery on the mound, bumping 87 mph.

Ryan Lynch  LHP - 2020 - Granger, IN   Notre Dame

A former 14u PG Select Festival participant, Ryan Lynch showed off his athleticism by running a 6.72 60-yard dash before impressing on the mound. With a quick arm and an over-the-top release point Lynch ran his fastball up to 88 mph and flashed tight break with 1-7 shape on his curveball up to 75 mph.

Timothy Manning  LHP - 2020 - Pompano Beach, FL   Florida

Manning continues to make strides on the mound, continuing to show an uptick with his arsenal. His balanced is both balanced and repeatable and with a quick arm action was able to run his fastball up to 88 mph with an excellent, well tunneled changeup at 80 mph that offered plenty of deception.

Nate McCollum  OF - 2020 - McDonough, GA   Uncommitted

The biggest tool in McCollum's toolbox is his speed and it's a premier skill as he ran a 6.39 60-yard dash and brought that impact skill to game action, stealing bags while putting pressure on the defense. His swing shows plenty of quickness with a linear stroke and some loud contact to the middle and pull side parts of the field.

Jackson Miller  C - 2020 - Trinity, FL   Wake Forest

The calling card for Miller has long been his strong, lefthanded stroke as it's one that can impact the baseball when squared up off the barrel. Behind the plate he popped a 2.00 and showed solid receiving skills and a strong arm, an element he brought to the mound as he topped out at 89 mph and filled the zone.

Camden Minacci  RHP - 2020 - Tampa, FL   Wake Forest

A good athlete who ran a 6.61 60-yard dash and currently uncommitted, Minacci looked like he was playing a game of catch during his stint on the mound. Up to 88 mph with his fastball, Minacci filled the zone strike zone, created deception with his delivery and mixed in a sharp slider up to 77 mph for a put away pitch.

John Miralia  LHP - 2020 - Charlotte, NC   Duke

You won't miss John Miralia physically as he stands 6-6/225 and can continue to add strength moving forward. With long limbs the young Duke commit was able to power his fastball downhill, topping out at 90 mph with cut action while mixing in a sharp, downer curveball with 12-6 shape up to 72 mph.

Yohandy Morales  SS - 2020 - Miami, FL   Miami

Morales more than looks the part at 6-4/180 and he moves well defensively up the middle with soft hands and sound body control. His righthanded stroke is an easy one and one that you can project to hit for power moving forward as he continues to fill out physically with carry off the barrel when squared.

Connor Morgan  3B - 2020 - Brooksville, FL   Uncommitted

Morgan is a very physical prospect and what immediately jumps out is his prodigious raw power from the right side of the plate. He has a bit of a longer swing which allows him to loft the ball and hit a number of long home runs during the BP round; the arm strength also plays as he is a two-way prospect and ran his throws up to 88 mph across the infield.

Roberto Moya  C - 2020 - Miami, FL   Tallahassee CC

Moya is a very physical and impressive prospect with legitimate arm strength and catching tools behind the dish. The righthanded hitter has lots of strength and leverage through the point of contact while profiling well as a power-hitting backstop; the flexibility and athleticism also are pretty impressive behind the dish.

Bryan Muniz  SS - 2020 - Orange Park, FL   Miami

Muniz is full of fast-twitch muscle, a tool that was quickly highlighted with his 6.56 60-yard dash time. A primary shortstop and Florida International commit, Muniz showed soft hands defensively and good arm strength across as well as a linear stroke from the right side with nice contact skills.

Aaron Nixon  MIF - 2020 - Mission, TX   Texas

Nixon did a little bit of everything throughout the showcase as he usually does in tournament, showing well with both the bat and his right arm. On the mound Nixon ran his fastball up to 92 mph and mixed in a hard, downer 12-6 curveball. He also swung it well from the right side with present bat speed and strength to his pull side.

Jack O'Dowd  SS - 2020 - Nashville, TN   Vanderbilt

The son of MLB executive Dan O'Dowd, Jack has a lot of intriguing potential as a lefthanded hitting infielder committed to Vanderbilt. The feel to hit immediately stands out with requisite bat speed and very good feel for the barrel of the bat, while O'Dowd also shows smooth actions and glove work with arm strength up to 85 mph across.

Tommy O'Rourke  RHP - 2020 - Morristown, NJ   Stanford

When you project young righthanded pitchers, Tommy O'Rourke checks a lot of boxes early with a loose arm stroke, low effort delivery, and physically capable frame. The Stanford commit ran his fastball up to 89 mph that created significant plane upon entry to the strike zone thanks to his higher arm slot while showing three pitches.

Steven Ondina  SS - 2020 - Gurabo, PR   Florida International

Ondina continues to add strength to his frame yet maintains his fast-twitch muscle as evidenced by his 6.65 60-yard dash. He's very smooth defensively and showed soft hands with plenty of arm strength across the diamond (93 mph) while creating nice line drive contact to all fields and whip through the zone.

Yanluis Ortiz  C - 2020 - Grapevine, TX   Miami

A power hitting third baseman/righthanded pitcher last summer, Ortiz has made the transition to catcher recently though judging by this weekend you'd think he's been doing it much longer. His arm (88 mph) is a real weapon and his actions overall are clean and projectable while still showing the same strength to his swing.

Brandt Pancer  RHP - 2020 - Suwanee, GA   Uncommitted

Pancer may not have run his fastball up past the 90 mph as he worked 86-88 mph range but he did have some of the cleaner and most efficient innings. He pounded the strike zone with a quick and compact arm action, working to either side with intent while mixing in a curveball for strikes.

Dalton Pearson  OF - 2020 - Johns Creek, GA   Uncommitted

The former 14u PG Select Festival Participant, Pearson is a very fast twitch centerfielder with arm strength recorded up to 88 mph into the infield and a 6.69 second 60-yard dash. Pearson has a fast swing at the dish but the combination of the tools make him very interesting, with positives to add to almost every tool category.

Joel Perez Jr.  SS - 2020 - Miramar, FL   UCF

The MVP of last year's PG Select 14u Festival, Perez continues to add strength to his frame and still shows smoothness to his hands defensively. He performed well with the bat in game finding the barrel with a loose stroke and projects well as he fills out physically.

Brooks Rice  RHP - 2020 - Madison, MS   Louisiana State

A long and projectable 6-3/170 righthander already committed to Louisiana State, Rice continues to bump his velocity and topped out at 90 mph in this most recent look. He shows a clean arm action and heavy downhill plane to his fastball while mixing in a curveball up to 77 mph with big depth through the zone.

Brayden Rowe  RHP - 2020 - Warrior, AL   Alabama

Rowe is a good looking uncommitted prospect with a large frame, clean arm stroke, and a fastball that reaches 90 mph upon peak velocity. He maintains the velocity from a fairly low effort delivery and mixes in a tight rotating curveball that generated some swings and misses when buried low in the strike zone.

Orlando Salinas  SS - 2020 - Corpus Christi, TX   Oklahoma State

Lefthanded hitting middle infielders who are uncommitted and show big skill are always a hot commodity and Salinas is no exception. He moved well on his feet up the middle and shows twitch to his actions along with a strong arm, but also a fast lefthanded stroke with which he was able to impact the baseball to his pull side.

Anthony Shaver  OF - 2020 - Clermont, FL   Florida State

Shaver is a talented righthanded bat and recent commit to Florida State who continues to improve every time we see him. After a loud round of batting practice Shaver continued to find the barrel in game and ran a 6.78 60-yard while throwing 87 mph from the outfield with clean actions.

Tyler Shelnut  SS - 2020 - Lake City, FL   Florida

Shelnut is a solid ballplayer, currently committed to the Florida Gators, with intriguing tools on both sides of the ball for the young prospect. He has a fluid, extended swing path with some barrel feel and loft from a swing plane that plays to all fields while showing some arm strength up to 87 mph and being timed under 7.00 seconds in the 60-yard dash time.

Josh Shuler  OF - 2020 - Suwanee, GA   South Carolina

Though he didn't work out from the outfield, he moved well defensively in the outfield tracking down fly balls and also ran a 6.79 60-yard dash. An uncommitted lefthanded bat, Shuler is able to impact the baseball with a relatively low effort swing and connected for a double in game that he shot back up the middle with a 96 mph exit velocity.

Vince Smith  SS - 2020 - Clearwater, FL   Louisiana State

Smith was one of the all-around more athletic prospects, showing quality twitch and athleticism both in the box and at shortstop. The footwork and smoothness of the actions project nicely and he showed off improve arm strength all the while working with a short, direct, and controlled swing that results in a lot of barreled up contact.

Charlie Taylor  C - 2020 - Dunwoody, GA   Tennessee

Taylor has proven to be one of the more adept catchers in the area with regards to his raw ability to catch and throw. He popped under a 2.0 second time during drills and has a fairly balanced swing with requisite bat speed and power potential, all of which culminate to describe a remarkably interesting and attractive uncommitted prospect.

Jordan Thompson  SS - 2020 - Chula Vista, CA   Louisiana State

A loose and easy primary shortstop, Thompson showed nice two-way potential on the mound as well with a quick arm that helped run his fastball up to 89 mph with late life. Defensively he moves well with soft hands and showed a quick righthanded stroke with a nice feel for the barrel at present.

Carter Trice  SS - 2020 - Mechanicsville, VA   Old Dominion

Trice is a fascinating uncommitted prospect from Virginia, as his arm strength alone makes him a legitimate Division I prospect as he can throw up to 92 mph from the outfield. Trice turned in a 7.20 second 60-yard dash time while also showing a projectable swing from both sides of the plate.

Cade Udell  RHP - 2020 - Longwood, FL   Duke

Cade Udell has the build of a power arm at 6-foot-4, 205-pounds and has the makings of a power arsenal. His arm stroke is both clean and easy and he's already up to 90 mph with late life through the zone and mixed three pitches for strikes with comfort and a replicated arm slot.

Ben Vespi  RHP - 2020 - Boynton Beach, FL   UCF

Vespi may not have showed a fastball north of 90 mph like other arms in attendance but he didn’t have to either as he mixed and matched three pitches for strikes with plenty of comfort. His arm action is short and quick, working downhill with his fastball that topped 89 mph but also spun it very well and maintained his release well on his changeup as well.

Jordan Walker  3B - 2020 - Stone Mountain, GA   Duke

Walker offers plenty of projectability at 6-4/194 with long limbs and broad shoulders. He ran a 6.89 60-yard dash and showed a strong arm across the infield as well as on the mound, bumping 87 mph from shortstop. He also swings it well from the right side and shows nice projection with present strength off the barrel.

Carson Wells  OF - 2020 - Henderson, NV   Southern California

The younger brother of 2017 PG All-American Austin Wells, Carson is a very interesting player in his own right with plenty of fast twitch muscle and a very fluid and easy swing. The hands work very well through the hitting zone with requisite looseness and speed to get the barrel through the hitting zone on time and he showed of the speed with a 6.5 second 60-yard dash time.

Benjamin Wiegman  RHP - 2020 - Antioch, IL   Louisville

Wiegman certainly looks the part at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds and has continued to refine his delivery and overall mechanics on the mound. After running a 6.69 60-yard dash, the Louisville commit ran his fastball up to 92 mph with a fast right arm and looks like there's still another jump or two left in the tank.

2021 Top Prospects

Blaze Jordan  1B - 2021 - Southaven, MS   Mississippi State

Jordan came into the event with plenty of past success, notably due to his power that you simply don't find at this age. During his round of batting practice he launched three home runs, showing his strength with the bat along with his arm as he was up to 90 mph on the mound and threw an impressive 88 mph from first base.

Braylon Bishop  OF - 2021 - Texarkana, AR   Arkansas

Bishop showed very well throughout the first two days of the showcase and it won't be the least bit surprising if he continues to develop moving forward. Both strong and athletic, Bishop ran a 6.84 60-yard but it was with the bat he really impressed, driving the ball hard to his pull side while showing strong hands with extension and hard jump off the barrel.

Jordan Lawlar  SS - 2021 - Irving, TX   Vanderbilt

Lawlar is an ultra-projectable shortstop from Texas who already stands 6-foot-1 but isn't near physical maturation yet, though his tools are plenty loud already. He offers a speed tool already (6.65 60-yard) that plays well down the line and up the middle and also handles the barrel well, driving the ball with a loose and easy stroke.

Irving Carter  RHP - 2021 - Boynton Beach, FL   Miami

Carter, a member of the 2017 PG Select Festival, came out and did what we've seen him do: fill the zone and get hitters out. His fastball was up to 90 mph with plane from a higher slot though it's his present feel for his off-speed that helps him stand out, highlighted by his changeup which he tripled up on in one particular at-bat.

Noah Smith  SS - 2021 - Chicago, IL   Louisville

Coming out from Illinois, Noah Smith shows excellent potential on both sides of the ball and can already make his presence felt on the diamond. He's an above average athlete who ran a 6.70 60-yard, showed smooth and fluid actions in game up the middle, and offers a loose righthanded stroke which only projects as he continues to add strength to his frame.

Andrew Painter  RHP - 2021 - Pompano Beach, FL   Florida

Painter has taken big steps since last summer in terms of his arsenal and judging by what he showed at Lake Point, he isn't done developing. With a clean and online arm action, the future Gator was able to power the ball downhill from a higher slot while bumping 90 mph with a rather effortless release.

Juhlien Gonzalez  3B - 2021 - Southwest Ranches, FL   Florida International

Strongly built at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, Gonzalez does a nice job of incorporating his present strength into his righthanded swing which he put on display throughout the event. With quick hands, a leveraged path and a balanced stroke Gonzalez was able to impact the baseball regularly and also ran his fastball up to 86 mph.

Jayden Melendez  C - 2021 - Palmetto Bay, FL   Florida International

Melendez continued to impress and left a loud impression at Lake Point connecting for one of three home runs, a no doubter to left field that jumped off the barrel. His righthanded stroke is a balanced one and allows for consistent barrel while showing sound tools behind the plate which include strong receiving skills.

Nick Anello  RHP - 2021 - Fort Lauderdale, FL   Miami

Players are always developing physically and in terms of their tools and both this hold true for Nick Anello. After working into the mid-80s last fall, the Miami commit came out running his fastball up to 91 mph with hard sinking life and a fast right arm while mixing in a couple of off-speed pitches to keep hitters off balance.

Ethan Alston  SS - 2021 - Hammond, LA   Uncommitted

Alston put together a nice showcase overall, running a 6.80 60-yard and showing smooth hands, a quick transfer and solid arm strength across. His righthanded swing may be his loudest tool at present as he's able to drive the ball to all fields on a line with nice extension out front and quick hands.

Keegan Allen  OF - 2021 - Rogers, AR   Uncommitted

Allen did a little bit of everything at the showcase and showed his athleticism throughout. A 6.89 runner, Allen showed plenty of arm strength from both the outfield (93 mph) and on the mound (89 mph) along with a balanced stroke and quick hands at the plate from the right side.

Jackson Baumeister  C - 2021 - Jacksonville, FL   Florida State

A long and projectable backstop at 6-3/207, it's easy to see what the Florida State staff saw in the young two-way as he showed well on both sides of the ball. His arm strength is obvious both behind the plate (83 mph) and on the mound (90 mph) -where the velocity came easy- while also showing strong wrists and a gap-to-gap approach in the box.

Michael Braswell  SS - 2021 - Mableton, GA   South Carolina

Braswell is listed as a primary shortstop with soft hands, plenty of athleticism and a strong arm across the diamond as well as a linear stroke with solid contact to all fields. On the mound is where he took the biggest jump though, running his fastball up to 88 mph with a loose arm and a late sinking changeup up to 78 mph.

Thomas Dilandri  OF - 2021 - Las Vegas, NV   TCU

There weren’t too many players in attendance who were more physical than the Nevada native and more importantly he knows how to use that strength in his righthanded swing. Short and compact through the zone, Dilandri was able to impact the baseball with force and also turned in a sub-7 60-yard time while throwing 84 mph from the outfield.

Owen Flynn  RHP - 2021 - Windermere, FL   North Carolina

Flynn may not have lit up the radar guns like other arms who touched 90 or better, but it's only a matter of time before he does. Wth a full and loose arm stroke, the uncommitted Flynn filled the zone with his fastball but also spun it well and was able to land the 70 mph pitch for strikes at will.

Dorian Gonzalez  SS - 2021 - Miami, FL   Miami

Dorian Gonzalez, currently uncommitted, has a knack for finding the barrel in live action and did just that with a loose, easy swing from the left side. He moves well defensively up the middle with light actions and soft hands and an accurate arm across the diamond.

Trevor Haskins  SS - 2021 - San Jose, CA   Stanford

Haskins showed some of the more fluid defensive actions, moving well on his feet with lightness and soft hands out front with an accurate arm across the diamond. His swing will continue to develop as he adds strength though he already shows fluidity to his path and can turn the barrel well through the zone.

Bryan Loriga  3B - 2021 - Hialeah, FL   Florida International

The big tool with Loriga is his righthanded bat and it's one that continues to impress each time we see him. A FIU commit, Loriga does a nice job of creating extension out front and separation at the point of contact with jump off the barrel, especially to his pull side.

Justin Quintana  OF - 2021 - Miramar, FL   Uncommitted

Strongly built at 5-10/175, Quintana has continued to strength his frame and it shows in his righthanded stroke with hard jump off the barrel and a loose, full swing path through the zone. Along with the whip to his barrel, Quintana also ran a 6.76 60-yard dash and moved well in the outfield.

Alex Ulloa  SS - 2021 - Cutler Bay, FL   Miami

Physically built at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds and already committed to Miami, Ulloa continues to take his game to the next level. He's a primary shortstop who possesses big arm strength and threw 91 mph across the diamond but also creates nice torque in his swing with leverage to his path and hard jump coming off the barrel.

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