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Summer Collegiate | Story | 8/22/2011

Summer Collegiate Top Prospects

Allan Simpson     
Photo: Perfect Game

Perfect Game CrossChecker pursues the nation’s summer college leagues more extensively than anyone, and we’ll be providing comprehensive coverage over the next several weeks as we recap the 2011 season, which ended Friday.

We will identify the top professional prospects that played in some 25 of the nation’s leading summer college leagues. Through personal observation, contact with scouts and input from league managers, we’ll focus on those players who have the greatest chance to succeed at the next level—and beyond.

Before we start that coverage, though, we will unveil our final weekly ranking of the nation’s top 50 summer-league clubs, along with a story on the No. 1-ranked team.

On Tuesday, we will identify our summer-league player of the year, along with our first summer-league All-America team.

On Wednesday, PG CrossChecker’s Kendall Rogers will take a look at the top 20 prospects that played for Team USA’s college national team this summer, with scouting profiles on each.

All that will serve as an appetizer to our summer-league top prospect reports, which will begin on Thursday and continue well into September.

The depth of prospect information provided will vary according to the relative strength of each league, and to a lesser degree the number of teams in the league. In the Cape Cod League alone, we’ll rank the top 100 prospects. In all, we’ll identify more than 750 prospects.

We’ll provide information on each league in two stages. Initially, we’ll provide a raw list (and relevant biographical information) on the top prospects in each league (LIST on schedule listed below). Then we’ll follow with mini-scouting reports (REPORT on schedule listed below) on each ranked player. The number of players we’ve ranked in each league is noted.

In addition, each league will be given a 'star' ranking based on the strength of talent.  Here is the breakdown for those rankings:

**** Elite high-end talent, depth

*** Strong high-end talent, moderate depth
** Solid high-end talent, limited depth
* Marginal talent

We’ll also provide more comprehensive scouting profiles on the top 1-10 prospects in each league, with the number of profiles depending on the strength of the league. You can also link to each league’s official website for more complete information on the 2011 season.

Once we’ve wrapped up the final league report, we’ll take an up-close look at hundreds of the top college, junior-college and high-school prospects in each of the next three draft classes, beginning with the top 250 prospects in the 2012 draft class.

All of our summer-league information will be available to PG CrossChecker Insider-level and College Baseball Ticket subscribers, with select portions available for free. Please click here for subscriber information.

Please refer to the attached list/schedule on a regular basis over the next several weeks. We’ll provide a link to each league’s top prospect lists and player scouting reports as they become available.

Content Schedule (subject to change)
Reports to be compiled by Allan Simpson, Patrick Ebert and Kendall Rogers

Shaun Cooper - 2011 Summer Player of the Year
2011 Summer Collegiate All-Americans

League No. LIST REPORT Top Prospect, Position, Team (College)
TEAM USA 20 Aug. 24 Aug. 24 Deven Marrero, ss (Arizona State)
Alaska*** 25 Aug. 25 Aug. 25 Aaron Judge, of, Anchorage Pilots (Fresno State)
Hawaii Collegiate** 15 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Trey Teakell, rhp, Kauai (Texas Christian)
MINK** 15 Aug. 25 Aug. 29 Nick Petree, rhp, Sedalia (Missouri State)
Valley*** 35 Aug. 29 Aug. 30 Mac Williamson, of, Harrisonburg (Wake Forest)
New York Collegiate** 15 Aug. 26 Aug. 30 Chris Bostick, 2b, Webster (SIGNED/A's)
Southern Collegiate** 10 Aug. 31 Sept. 1 David Lee, of, Lake Norman (Bethune-Cookman)
Prospect*** 35 Aug. 26 Sept. 6 Seth Manaea, lhp, Dubois County (Indiana State)
Jayhawk** 20 Aug. 26 Sept. 6 Aaron Cornell, of, Hays (Oklahoma State)
Southern California** 15 Aug. 30 Sept. 6 Ryan Garvey, of, Palm Springs (Southern Cal)
California*** 35 Aug. 29 Sept. 8 Austin Kubitza, rhp, Santa Barbara (Rice)
Great Lakes*** 30 Aug. 29 Sept. 9 Dusty Isaacs, rhp, Hamilton (Georgia Tech)
Far West** 20 Aug. 31 Sept. 12 Aaron West, rhp, Humboldt (Washington)
Cal Ripken*** 30 Aug. 31 Sept. 13 Hunter Renfroe, c-rhp, Bethesda (Mississippi State)
Texas Collegiate*** 25 Sept. 6 Sept. 13 Tyler Collins, of, Coppell (SIGNED/Tigers)
Atlantic Collegiate** 25 Aug. 30 Sept. 15 Brandon Kuter, rhp, Westhampton (George Mason)
Florida Collegiate*** 25 Aug. 30 Sept. 17 Garrett Nuss, rhp, Orlando (Central Florida)
Perfect Game Collegiate** 30 Aug. 31 Sept. 12 Erick Gaylord, of, Watertown (Campbell)
West Coast*** 35 Aug. 31 Sept. 19 Jace Fry, lhp, Corvallis (Oregon State)
New England Collegiate*** 40 Sept. 1 Sept. 20 Jeff Thompson, rhp, Keene (Louisville)
Coastal Plain**** 50 Sept. 2 Sept. 23 Jake Cave, of, Peninsula (SIGNED/Yankees)
Northwoods**** 75 Sept. 2 Sept. 21 Nolan Sanburn, rhp, Battle Creek (Arkansas)
Cape Cod**** 100 Sept. 6 Sept. 27 Deven Marrero, ss, Cotuit (Arizona State)

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