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Press Release  | Press Release  | 10/26/2023

Prospect Pathway Set to Launch

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New Initiative Aims to Shape the Future of 13U and 14U Baseball Talent 


Sanford, Florida (Thursday, October 26, 2023) - Perfect Game, the world’s largest youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, today announced the launch of the Perfect Game Prospect Pathway. This innovative program is designed to provide exceptional growth opportunities for 13- and 14-year-old baseball prospects, while offering personalized and cutting-edge progression insights to enhance their career trajectory in the sport. 


“The Perfect Game Prospect Pathway is a natural extension of Perfect Game's commitment to excellence and dedication to foster talent at every level of the game,” said Jheremy Brown, Director of 13u and 14u Player Development and Festivals. The program's primary objective is to offer 13U and 14U players an unparalleled platform that not only showcases their abilities but also equips them with valuable tools to advance their performance. 


One of the highlights of the Prospect Pathway events is the comprehensive evaluation provided by Perfect Game Scouts. Players will receive detailed metrics, grades, and rankings, offering them a clear understanding of their current standing in the competitive landscape. This information not only serves as a benchmark for their progress but also empowers them to set and achieve new goals. 


In a groundbreaking move, Perfect Game is introducing an additional layer of support through dedicated PG Advisors. These experts will provide young prospects with personalized feedback and actionable advice to enhance specific areas of their gameplay. This means that in addition to participating in high-caliber events, players will benefit from a tailored roadmap for skill improvement, setting the stage for long-term success. 


The Perfect Game Prospect Pathway encompasses several key elements that redefine the developmental experience for young players: 


    • Guided by the expertise of Perfect Game Scouts, participants receive Tailored Tips for Growth. These personalized and private insights and guidance empower players to refine their skills now and establish a strong foundation for a promising baseball career.  


    • Players gain access to National Development tracking, allowing them to measure their progress against their peers across the nation.  


    • Exceptional players will find their journey extended beyond the Prospect Pathway events, with consideration for exclusive invitations to prestigious National Showcases where they can earn a spot in the Select Festivals. This unique opportunity magnifies their exposure and positions them on a grand stage to showcase their talents. 


To be a part of this groundbreaking initiative, aspiring young athletes can find a Prospect Pathway event near them by visiting the Perfect Game website and registering today. 




Media contacts: 

Greg Casterioto / Gcasterioto@perfectgame.org / (267) 246-5709 


About Perfect Game 


Perfect Game is the world’s largest elite youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, producing over 9,800+ events, hundreds of thousands of games, and showcases each year across the country. Perfect Game is dedicated to giving amateur players exposure to take their game to the next level, whether that be in college or in the professional ranks. At Perfect Game events, players are performing with top-level competition in front of college recruiters and professional scouts from all over the country. Because of this, these events prove to be invaluable to college coaches as well as Major League Baseball, as they can scout a large population of talented ballplayers in one location. To date, more than 1,847 players that have played in a Perfect Game event have also played in Major League Baseball. Since 2003, 13,893 Perfect Game alumni have been selected in the MLB First-Year Amateur Player Draft. In the 2022 Draft, for example, more than 90 percent of all players selected had played in Perfect Game events, and every player selected on the Draft’s first day had previously attended Perfect Game events.