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Tournaments  | Story  | 5/29/2023

MBA Scout Wins Hard-Fought Battle

Hannah Jo Groves     
Photo: Ethan Wheeler (Perfect Game)
MBA 2026 Scout Team showed patience and composure in their 1-0 win over BID National.

Though both teams showed excellence in their pitching, MBA emerged victorious with 12 strikeouts, 11 of them from one pitcher.

Right-handed pitcher Ethan Wheeler threw 84 pitches in 6 innings topping out at 90 mph. Wheeler explained the difference in his strategy when it came to right-handed or left-handed pitchers.

“I tried to attack with the fastball down in the zone,” Wheeler said. “I felt like, for the most part, with the lefties, curveball in the dirt, and for righties, fastball up, just got them off balance.”

It was a balk from BID in the bottom of the third inning that resulted in the only run of the game.

Catcher, Luke Labbe, had hit a double, followed by shortstop Brady Harris being walked to first - which put them in scoring position for a run after BID’s balk.

Before the error, BID’s pitching was excellent. Left-handed pitcher Bryan Fernandez threw 17 pitches in the first inning and got three strikeouts. However, he was taken out of the game after a long warm-up.

Abraham Halaoui, a right-handed pitcher, came in for Fernandez and threw 67 pitches in 4 innings with 3 strikeouts.

Though BID’s defense had a few magnificent plays, MBA’s incredible pitching and communicative defense contributed to their win.

MBA’s head coach Jonathan Murphy credits the team’s victory to their camaraderie and ability to pull off any form of victory.

“This group, they’ve been together for so long, and so they believe in each other and that plays such a huge role in what we do,” Murphy said. “They’re prepared - if it’s going to be a 1-0 game or a 10-8 ball game - whatever it takes that day, they’re willing to do whatever it takes for their teammates - for their brothers - to try to win a baseball game.”

MBA will be back in action at 8:00 a.m. at JetBlue Park.