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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 5/17/2023

2023 HAS PG Elite 40 Showcase

Rachel Klipper     

2023 HAS PG Elite 40 Showcase

North Kansas City, MO.

May 13-14, 2023


Was a beautiful and warm Mother’s Day weekend for 14 teams to come out to play in the Midwest. The undefeated champions for the weekend, Top Gun Gold KC started out the championship strong with 5 runs in the first inning and allowing 0 runs to the opposing team for the entirety of the game.


5-8 RHP Makenna Moore (2025, Grain Valley MO) with Top Gun Gold KC pitched exceptional championship game where the team did not earn any runs for the game. Averaging 61 mph for the weekend she played a major role in her team making it to the ship with her limitless accuracy to keep the ball just touching in the zone as the pitches were just spinning past with a swing and a miss. In their last game of the weekend, she allowed 0 walks and runs. In one game alone she totaled 18 strikeouts. Great potential for the pitcher as she continues to excel.    


RHP and utility Sydney Atkins (2025, Gretna NE) with Primetime 06 – Koozer was averaging 60 mph with combo of great command of the ball she made a total of 14 strikeouts in one game. She stood out at the mound as she regularly had first pitch strikes batter after batter. Her ability to command the ball was often unmatched for who was at the plate and played a major role in her team making it to the championship. 


RHP Jaclyn Johnson (2024, Ralston NE) with primetime 06 – Koozer was averaging 59 mph and in one game she had 5 strikeouts and 0 walks allowed. At the plate she was a force and the ball jumped from her bat when she made contact.


Middle infielder Riley McCall (2023, Waverly NE) with Nebraska Quake 18U – Ritchhart showed mighty consistency with her lefty bat. As a slapper she was consistent with putting the ball into play along with the ability to place the ball where needed to find herself on base and move runners. In the field she had an aggressive approach on the ball and was always moving on every pitch to have a jump on the ball. Her transitions were smooth, and throws were to the point. 


Alli Nichols (2024, Omaha NE) with Nebraska Thunder Gold 16u as a catcher stood out with her glove out in front of the ball and the skill to frame for strikes to get some wins at the plate. She hustled after every ball in her vicinity with the result of snagging some hard-to-reach pop ups. At the plate her hips were quick on the swing, and she hit mid ball to get some gaps.


Lindsey Jackson (2025, Ravenwood MO) the RHP for Marek Fastpitch academy averaging mid 50s and hit corners well with some north and south spots mixed in. Her rise ball played a part in getting some swing and misses past the batters for some wins at the plate.


Centerfielder Brooke Sterling (2024, Osborn MO) with Diamond Club Premier – Gordon used her quick feet to give herself wide range in the outfield. On more than one occasion she snagged a gap hit in the grass booted with a consistent glove if it was in the grass you could count on her to be under the ball or back her fellow outfielders on a play. Her hustle to get the ball followed when she was making her way off and on the field each inning.


5-7 RHP Riley Bebb (2024, Altamont KS) with Louisville Lady Sluggers Lovelady was averaging 60 mph and in 4 innings pitched she had 7 strikeouts, 1 hit allowed, 0 walks, and 0 runs allowed. She was precise in hitting her spots and seemed to never miss.  


Shortstop Emma Downing (2025, Weston MO) with Louisville Lady Sluggers Lovelady showcased naturally athletic ability on the field. Her range and quickness in the field was unmatched to 5–6-hole hits with the follow through of long and accurate throw to first. Her speedy feet did her good on the bases with 2 stolen bases in a game. Her bat was aggressive and yet her poised swing made for middle-of-ball hits to consistently make her way to be on base.


Maci Ann Cass (2027, Blue Springs MO) with Originals 08 was memorable as a RHP as her team was playing against several teams that had 3-4 years of age on them. Though she was one of the younger pitchers this weekend you would not have known watching her on the mound. Her average for the weekend was 60 mph and was up 5 mph since the early fall of 2022. She had control of her pitches on the corners, hitting her spots at the top of the count on each batter. Change up was reliable in resulting in a swing and a miss.