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College  | Recruiting  | 12/8/2021

2023 Uncommitted Gems: Texahoma

Tyler Henninger     
Photo: Cooper Strawn (Perfect Game)
2023 Uncommitted Gems: Georgia | West Coast | Four Corners

James Ellwanger (2023, Magnolia, Texas) features an uber-projectable frame, standing at 6-foot-5, 185 pounds. The right-hander utilizes a slight drop-and-drive delivery to move down the mound with efficiency. There is solid arm speed within the clean three-quarter arm slot. The delivery is repeated fairly well due to little effort used throughout. The fastball has topped at 92 mph with a spin rate of 2600+. The offering generates whiffs at the top of the zone. It is paired with a mid-70s curveball with fairly sharp, slurvy action. The frame and pitch mix make Ellwanger an enticing arm with huge upside down the line.

Cooper Strawn (2023, Farmersville, Texas) is a projectable arm with an advanced three-pitch mix presently. The right-hander has plenty of room to add to his 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. The right-hander utilizes a quick tempo delivery with a short, quick arm action that hides the ball well before coming out of a high three-quarter slot. Fluidity within the delivery and the ability to stay online allow it to be repeated well. The fastball sits 87-90 mph, topping out at 91 mph. It is paired with a mid-70s curveball which features tight 11-5 action. Late bite and the ability to throw the pitch for strikes makes it a legit out pitch offering. The right-hander also has flashed fading changeup which sits in the upper-80s. The pitch mix should play at the next level with the ability to miss bats and get outs consistently.

Samson Pugh (2023, Montgomery, Texas) has shown potential both as a bat and an arm. In the box, Pugh utilizes a simple stroke with a direct path to contact. The path combines with solid bat speed to produce plenty of hard-hit line drives. The approach allows for balls to be hit to all fields and combines with advanced bat-to-ball skills, making the shortstop a tough out at the plate. On the mound, Pugh uses a quick arm stroke to produce a fastball which has been up in the low-90s. The right-hander pairs it with a low-70s curveball with 11-5 action and some depth. The pitch mix has the ability to play out of the 'pen and makes Pugh a potential two-way player at the next level.

Diego Ramos (2023, Vian, Okla.) is an athletic infielder capable of playing multiple spots and can produce on the offensive side of the ball. The switch-hitter displays a patient approach with advanced bat-to-ball skills that make him tough with two strikes. The ability to go the other way is another quality trait within a strong hit profile. There is some strength within the 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame that can drive the ball with authority. On the bases, Ramos runs fairly well with the ability to steal bases. The athleticism and speed play on the infield, allowing him the ability to play multiple positions. Ramos shows two-way potential on the mound with a quick tempo, repeatable delivery. The athleticism allows for the right-hander to move efficiently down the mound. The fastball has been clocked at 90 mph with the ability to throw it on both sides of the plate. Ramos will also mix in a low-80s changeup and a mid-70s slider. A quality quarterback and basketball player as well, the carrying tool for Ramos will be his athleticism, whether it is on the mound or on the dirt.

Lane Sparks (2023, Brenham, Texas) uses solid athleticism throughout his game, both as a position player and a left-handed arm. Sparks features projectable, high-waisted frame with plenty of room to fill out. The athleticism plays well on the defensive side of the ball, allowing the outfielder to work smooth and easy through balls. It transfers well into a long, loose throwing motion that produces strong throws to bags. A 6.74 60-yard runner, Sparks covers ground well in all directions. In the box, a simple swing on a direct path finds the barrel regularly. The power is more gap-to-gap for now. Quality bat speed and good extension after contact hint toward more power as more strength is added to the frame. On the mound, the left-hander utilizes a fluid, athletic delivery with the ability to mess with timing. A short, quick arm stroke produces a mid-80s fastball that can be located on both sides of the plate. It is paired with a sharp, low-70s breaking ball with tight spin and good depth. An advanced feel for pitch allows Sparks to generate whiffs with both offerings.

Jackson Wilkerson (2023, Montgomery, Texas) features an athletic build with some strength at 6-foot, 182 pounds. The left-hander uses that athleticism to his advantage on the bump with a quick tempo delivery with a ton of intent. The arm speed is impressive, causing the ball to jump out of the hand and get on hitters quickly. Using an advanced two-pitch mix, Wilkerson has the ability to overwhelm hitters. The fastball has been clocked at 88 mph with life through the zone. It is paired with a nasty, mid-70s breaking ball with plenty of depth and bite. Despite the intent within the delivery, Wilkerson has the ability to throw both offerings for strikes and generate plenty of whiffs with both.

Morgan Pearson (2023, Ardmore, Okla.) is a star wide receiver on the football field. The size and athleticism that make him stand out on the gridiron are also what make him a prospect on the diamond. The swing is fairly simple with a single step load before unleashing quick hands that explode the barrel through the zone. Quick bat speed and natural loft combine with a strong 6-foot-3, 220-pound frame to produce loud contact on a regular basis. The simplicity of the swing allows for the plus power to be tapped into during games fairly frequently. Advanced athleticism plays well in the outfield. It allows for smooth, fluid actions with solid range in both directions. Pearson also possess solid arm strength that can produce on-line carry. He has also been clocked at 88 mph on the bump.

Thomas Williamson (2023, Cypress, Texas) possesses a solid three-pitch mix that has the ability to miss bats. The right-hander utilizes a quick tempo delivery with the ability to stay online. All three pitches look the same out of a quick, clean action from a high three-quarter slot. The fastball sits in the upper-80s, topping out at 90 mph, with tailing action. Williamson has the ability to throw it to both sides of the plate and maintain the velocity throughout outings. An upper-70s curveball features 11-5 action with bite when thrown with conviction. The splitter is the true out pitch. The offering features very low spin, creating late diving action at the plate. It has swing-and-miss ability, especially to left-handed hitters who struggle often with the pitch.

Anthony Smith (2023, Stillwater, Okla.) is a primary right-handed pitcher who utilizes athleticism and efficient movements to generate plenty of life on his pitches. The right-hander features a tall and fall delivery that moves down the mound with ease. Quick arm speed and an efficient body sequence produces a fastball in the upper-80s with arm-side run. The right-hander has the ability to attack hitters with the offering and gets whiffs at the top of the zone. Pairing it with a curveball in the low-70s, Smith has legit power arm potential on the mound. The power is just on the bump. In the box, Smith uses his strength and quick bat speed to produce advanced pull-side power. When the barrel is on time, loud contact is usually made. Smith is a little more advanced on the bump, but it is hard not to be intrigued by the power potential in the box.

Cole Johnson (2023, Austin, Texas) is a power hitting first baseman with the ability to drive the ball out of the ballpark. There is obvious strength within the large 6-foot-5, 220-pound frame that is used well in the box. The right-handed hitting slugger features a big weight shift onto the backside before exploding the barrel through the zone. The linear bat path has easy bat speed and above-average barrel control that produces loud contact frequently. The ability to lift the ball and generate backspin leads to plenty of power that plays in games and to all fields. Johnson possesses legit middle-of-the-order power that can change a game at any moment.

Eduardo Balboa (2023, Weslaco, Texas) features a strong 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame that performs well both on the mound and at the plate. The strength combines with quick bat speed to produce big-time pull-side power. Despite being a power-oriented profile, Balboa has continued to show a refined approach that is capable of driving the ball the other way. At third base, Balboa plays hard-nosed defense. He moved fairly well in both directions and with actions that are playable at the position. Balboa has also shown two-way ability on the mound. The fastball has been up to 87 mph on a downhill plane with the ability to locate it on both sides of the plate. It pairs well with a sharp, mid-60s breaking ball that can produce whiffs often. The right-hander goes right at hitters with both offerings.

Alex Conover (2023, Tuttle, Okla.) showcased a well-rounded skill set that can produce on both sides of the ball. Behind the plate, Conover displays advanced defensive actions with a strong catch-and-throw ability. Athleticism helps produce an extremely quick transfer and release allowing him to throw out runners. Conover also showed soft hands with quality action on the dirt. Twitchy actions allow for smooth, fluid movements throughout the fielding process. There is plenty to like within Conover’s left-handed swing. Quick hands and lofted bat path to drive ball hard to the pull side. Advanced barrel control allows for consistent quality contact.