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The Lead Off: December

Clint Hurdle     
Photo: Perfect Game
Welcome to December!

I hope your Thanksgiving was meaningful and your Holiday season bright and full of fun times and family.

One more month to finish what we started last January. Much has taken place and much can still happen before the calendar flips to 2022.

I didn’t forget…..
Here is our annual family Halloween photo.

I warned you - we don’t mess around.

And the Braves are WS Champions! And to my point, it’s not how you start but how you finish. 💯

How are you going to finish 2021? Worn out and just tired….or can you find a way to not settle for 'OK' or 'That’s good enough' or 'I’m just done.'

Have you ever noticed a boat cruising on the water? Behind the boat there is always a wake. Each one of us creates a wake behind us everyday. It can be positive or negative. We all run with a posse either personally, professionally or socially. 

What type of people are in your posse?
Who are you connecting with and why?

We can take on the personalities of those we spend the most time. Who is influencing you and why? 

I know what kind of people I’m attracted to: 
They are real people.
They are not a color or a race.
I’m hunting authentic people.
People who keep their word.
People who are unselfish and giving.
People who listen more than they talk.
People who are not like me so I can learn from their experiences, strengths and hopes.
People who love me for me. Not what I do or what I used to do. Not for my title or for my stuff.

Let’s hunt together this month. Let’s create a positive wake that we all can take into the New Year. It’s never too late to do what’s right. There’s also no right way to do wrong.

This works in life and on the ball field.
What do you always hear in the final clubhouse celebrations?

“It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. It took all of US to reach this goal.”


Keep looking up ⬆️
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