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PG-East Cobb Invite: Day 2 Recap

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Photo: Brad Grenkoski (Perfect Game)

PG-East Cobb Invitational: Day 1 Recap

Riley Cruce (2021 Loganville, Ga.) showcased a medium frame with wide shoulders and a strong lower half with some room to fill out down the road. He liked to work from an over-the-top delivery while driving downhill. The lefthander’s arm action was fluid and he worked with an ease, throwing five innings this morning in pool play, giving up six hits and striking out seven batters. His fastball sat in the low-80s and showed some serious sink and arm side run deceiving hitters. He also flashed a brilliant changeup that dropped off the table in the low-70s. His third pitch consisted of a slurvy breaking ball in the upper-70s.

Mitchell Heer (2021 Acworth, Ga.) flashed a lanky frame with a lean build and plenty of room to fill out in the future. He proved to be an asset both on the mound and at the plate. On the mound he showcased a fluid, longer arm action and then delivered from a three-quarters arm slot. The projectable righthanded pitcher showed some serious mound presence, shutting the door and getting a win for his squad. He sat in the mid-80s with his fastball topping out at 85 and backed it up with a wicked 11-to-5 curveball in the low-70s. He struck out five batters in only 2 2/3 innings pitched. He also got the job done at the plate, scoring a run and hitting over .600 for the tournament so far. 

Kobe Butts (2020 Macon, Ga.) showed a medium frame with a strong, athletic build. The catcher proved to be the leader on the defensive side of the ball, being vocal and staying in the game. He took a gritty approach behind the plate keeping balls in front and flashed soft hands receiving. The righthanded hitter also showed he could get it done at the plate. Butts took a gap-to-gap approach in the box with quick hands and a strong lower half. He created some separation and got the barrel out front, creating some loud contact. Keep an eye on him in the future to become a vocal catcher who can showcase some power at the plate.

Brad Grenkoski (2020 Kennesaw, Ga.) continued to show why he is a top prospect in the country. He flashed a tall, lanky frame with an extremely athletic build. Very projectable. The Georgia Tech commit had a strong showing at the plate. The righthanded hitter worked with high hands and created some bat lag, looking to lift the baseball. He did just that while creating backspin and hitting for power. The centerfielder also showed some serious speed with a strong arm to complement the wheels. With all of these tools already in place, the sky is the limit.

Devin Obee (2021 Bowling Green, Ky.) showed a bigger frame with a very mature build. The righthanded hitter proved to be an issue at the plate for opposing pitchers. He created some serious separation at the plate while working with higher hands. He took a downhill swing plane with him and created some backspin, which was shown in his two-run home run in the first inning of today’s action. Obee flashed strong hands and had great extension through the baseball. The Duke commit continues to prove why he is a top prospect from his home state of Kentucky.

Brodie Chestnutt (2021 Fitzgerald, Ga.) proved why he is one of the top arms in the country for his class. The righthanded pitcher flashed a tall frame with some mature strength already present and he continues to grow. The Florida State commit liked to work from an over-the-top arm angle and pounded the lower half of the zone while staying on plane. His fastball sat in the low-90’s topping out at 92 with some sink to it. He also flashed a slurvy type breaking ball in the mid-70’s that made hitters look foolish. He struck out three batters in only two innings pitched.

– Drew Wesolowski 

Jack Tullier (2021, Auburn, Ala.) stood on the mound as a 5-foot-9 lefthander but didn’t seem to show that as he dominated throughout the majority of the game. He sat around 82-83 mph and peaked at 86. He had a very pretty curveball that broke from 2-to-7. He was especially fast while he was moving up there, controlling his own game and dictating the tempo. He also showed the capability to field his own position well, ending from the stretch or windup in a position to be able to get grounders or bunts.

Brayden Broome (2020, Ringgold, Ga.) has a great offensive game, with an ability to make contact with the ball a large majority of the time. His two-strike approach is great, keeping him alive in deep counts which allowed him to either get a hit or a walk. His speed isn’t the greatest but the reads he gets on balls in the outfield gives him an advantage. Broome carries a strong arm, holding runners from advancing an extra base whenever the ball is in the outfield. Broome also is able to learn from his coaches in the middle of the game and apply what is being taught to him, showing how quick of a learner and how big of a listener he is.

Ryan Austin (2021, Auburn, Ala.) stands at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, but is able to deliver a quick swing with quite a lot of pop to him. The lefthander showed his power by hitting a ball to the left field corner wall, over 300 feet away. He took the mound later in relief and showed good control of his curve. The southpaw lacked velocity but had a curve that was around the same speed of his fastball, which threw hitters off as the curve had tremendous break on it.

– Brian Treadway

Andrew Kribbs (2021, Knoxville, Tenn.) Proved to have plenty of arm strength to play the hot corner. His big arm allows him to make plays from anywhere the ball takes him. At the plate Kribbs’ strong 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame proved why he is a staple in the heart of the order for the Pro Hitting Prospects. Kribbs finished the day 2-for-4 with two doubles and three RBI. Kribbs’ ability to transfer his weight through his lower half combined with his great barrel to ball skills and high finish allowed him to display his gap-to-gap power. This power projects well with Kribbs’ swing and added strength as he continues to grow and mature.

Preston Gunnell (2021, Canton, Ga.) showcased yet another dangerous bat in the lineup for his Georgia Bombers 16u club on the second day of pool play at the Perfect Game-East Cobb Invitational. Gunnell utilized his open, upright, righthanded stance, and good feel for the zone to work counts in his favor. Once he got a pitch to handle Gunnell was able to display some of his pull side power by driving a ball high off the left field fence. At third base, Gunnell’s quick first step paired with his good hands and strong arm allow him to make all the plays with relative ease. With a 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame that already displays power and good athleticism, Gunnell projects well as a middle-of-the-order, gap-to-gap hitting third baseman as he continues to grow and mature.

Carson Harof (2021, Alpharetta, Ga.) was the catalyst of the Georgia Bombers 16u offense, hitting out of the leadoff spot helped lead his club to its second win of the Perfect Game-East Cobb Invitational as well as their second straight day with 10 runs. Harof was able to create great separation with his hands through his load and transfer that into his compact line drive swing. His level bat path allows him to stay through the ball. Combine that with his great barrel-to-ball skills and you have a dangerous option at the top of the lineup. Defensively, Harof’s fast-twitch, athletic frame displayed a strong accurate arm and good hands working well through the ball to get his body moving towards first base.

– Colton Olinger

Bradley Wilson (2021, Irwinton, Ga.) a primary catcher, showed his infield abilities at third base on Friday. The Mississippi State commit’s 6-foot-1 frame holds 190 pounds of lean muscle and still shows room for growth, even with his current size. Wilson’s body projects to be bigger and stronger. Wilson showcased his strong arm and quick hands at third while also flashing the leather, making an impressive backhand play on a ground ball that was scorched to his right. Although Wilson went 0-for-2 at the plate with a walk, he still showed promise in his swing. Wilson gets extended down through the zone and keeps the barrel on plane. With the lift generated in his swing and strength, Wilson projects as a power hitter with the potential to do damage at every plate appearance.

Kendall Diggs (2021, Olathe, Kan.) put on a show Friday afternoon, going 3-for-3 with a stand-up triple and two RBI. The uncommitted third baseman also had a phenomenal day in the field. Every ball hit Diggs’ way was fielded cleanly and smoothly. Diggs keeps his head on the ball and is patient, avoiding rushing into a mistake. With soft hands and a cannon for an arm, Diggs’ talent is easy to spot. Diggs also flashed his vertical and ability to throw on the run. At the plate, he generates more power in his 6-foot, 180-pound frame than you might expect. Diggs consistently barrels the ball up for hard contact and possesses gap-to-gap power; his triple one hopped the wall in the left-center field gap.

Brock Daniels (2021, Chesterfield, Mo.) is a young projectable shortstop with big potential. Daniels’ 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame provides plenty of room for continued growth and the ability to get stronger. Presently, Daniels shows arm strength in the field and pop with the bat. In the field, Daniels is quick twitch with fast reflexes. His soft hands and smooth fielding motion give off the illusion that fielding is effortless. At the plate, Daniels flashed his ability to turn on inside pitches pull side and sit back and drive balls back up the middle. Daniels is committed to Oklahoma.

Zachary McKinnis (2021, Springfield, Mo.) pitched a solid game Friday going five innings, allowing three hits, two runs, and posting four strikeouts, and only one walk. McKinnis attacked the zone all afternoon, pitching to contact and generating groundballs. A sharp slider in the 73-75 mph range generated swing and misses and worked well the whole game. McKinnis commanded it well and consistently threw it for strikes. McKinnis’ fastball sat in the 81-83 mph range and was up to 85. The righthander has a fluid arm action and a smooth delivery, which he repeated well. The Mizzou commit utilizes a high leg lift, overhand arm slot, and long stride. The delivery is quick and compact.

Ian Daugherty (2021, Kingfisher, Okla.) is a catcher committed to Oklahoma State. Daugherty’s large, physical frame and current strength make his projection an exciting one. The 16-year-old is a solid 6-foot-2, 200 pounds with a muscular build and a high motor. Daugherty rounded the bases with ease on an extra base hit with an error on the play. Behind the plate, Daugherty receives very well; he frames pitches well with soft hands. The catcher also does a nice job of blocking, keeping everything in front of him. At the plate, Daugherty went 1-1 with three runs scored and two walks.

– Jacob Jordan

Chay Yeager (2021, Fayetteville, Ga.) played well on both sides of the ball during the second day of the tournament. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound middle infielder has a small but athletic frame with room to grow. He played a solid and athletic shortstop but he will probably project as a second baseman moving forward. His arm strength was above-average from shortstop and he made strong throws from deep in the hole. He also made a couple of diving stops to his right. Yeager never got caught in-between hops, he identified ground balls well off the bat and reacted quickly on whether to charge or stay back. He also made quick transfers. Before nearly every pitch, Yeager communicated about strategy with at least one of his teammates, showing leadership skills. At the plate, Yeager is a switch-hitter with a line drive approach. He displays quick hands which allow him to spray the ball all over the field. He hit line drives to left, center, and right field all while batting lefthanded.

Carson Howard (2021, Pike Road, Ala.) showed off his arm in the outfield and on the mound. Howard has a projectable 5-foot-11, 160-pound lean frame with room to fill out. He made athletic plays in the outfield and displayed smooth footwork and a quick arm. Howard stifled a sacrifice fly attempt by throwing a missile to the catcher’s chest, the runner stopped halfway and retreated to third base. On the mound, Howard picked up the save for the Triton Rays Scout Team. His advanced athleticism made for a smooth delivery transitioning his powerful base into good arm action from an upper three-quarters arm slot. The fastest pitch recorded from Howard in 2018 was 83 mph. In this outing, his fastball ranged between 86-88 mph with some natural cut. He also spun a tight curveball with accuracy from 70-71 mph. Howard might have a third pitch but he never displayed it during this outing. With a solid two-pitch mix, Howard projects to be a reliever moving forward.

James McCoy (2021, Dunwoody, Ga.) is an extremely athletic outfielder with a combination of strength and speed. With a 6-foot-3, 182-pound projectable frame, the switch-hitter has room to fill out even further and be a legitimate power threat. McCoy only batted from the left side of the plate in his second game of tournament action. He got his hands through the zone early and employed an opposite field approach. He made hard contact two out of his three at-bats, a single through the left side of the infield and a bases-clearing line drive triple over the head of the leftfielder. His bat gets through the zone on a level plane and he usually hits ground balls or line drives. Due to his strength and projectable frame, he has the potential to hit for legitimate power in the future. McCoy also has plus speed on the bases showing off his athleticism. He stole second and third base after his single through the left side of the infield.

– Jake Martin

Timmy Kelley (2021, Mesa, Ariz.) Kelley is a 6-foot-1, 172-pound, righthanded pitcher with good size and strength in his current state. Kelley pitched for his Arizona native team, BCB Baseball to a win this afternoon at East Cobb and was the driving force behind his team’s resurgence all afternoon. Kelley pitches out of a full windup, which displayed good rhythm and timing. Kelley uses a high three-quarters arm slot, and good arm action through delivery. He did a nice job mixing a 79-81 mph fastball, with a 63-64 mph curveball. He showed the ability to mix his two offerings in all counts, which really kept his opposition off balance. Kelley’s fastball is firm with some late two-seam run and dive arm side through the zone. His curve had some good shape and depth, which helped him rack up many swings and misses on the day, on his way to a complete game, where he scattered five hits and recorded five strikeouts. Overall, he showed some great pitchability and really competed on the hill.

Noah Lebron (2019, Lexington, S.C.) is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound middle infielder from Lexington, South Carolina. The recent River Bluff High School graduate and Southern Wesleyan University commit had a nice day at the plate for his team, Bodyshop Baseball 18u. Lebron has a good eye at the plate and uses it to remain patient and athletic in the box. He demonstrated a quick, short stroke which he paired with good hand-eye coordination and barrel control. Not much was seen to get past Lebron at the plate on his way to a three-hit day this afternoon. Aside from his advanced hit tool, he showed the ability to move well on the bases as well as up the middle in the infield on defense.

Jeremy Lee (2020, Valleygrande, Ala.) performed how we have come to expect when he pitches at Perfect Game events, as he was able to use his two-pitch mix to shut down his opponent on Friday afternoon at East Cobb. Lee is a strong kid, with not much room to fill in his frame. Very strong appearance on the mound which he was seen to use to his advantage all afternoon. Lee pitches out of a full windup from the third base side of the rubber. He does a great job keeping his weight back and staying on-line and up-tempo through his delivery. Lee showed the ability to maintain his three-quarters arm slot, which helped add deception to his offerings. Lee’s fastball sat 89-91 mph with life and angle which helped him blow it past his opponent with regularity. Jeremy also showed the makings of a good curveball which registered at 75-77 mph and had depth and good shape at times. Lee was able to mix both offerings, keeping his opponent off balance all afternoon on his way to a nine strikeout day through 4 2/3 innings, receiving the win.

Zion Spearman (2019, Philadelphia, Pa.) is a 5-foot-10, 220-pound outfielder from Pennsylvania who performed really well this afternoon for East Cobb Astros 18u at the East Cobb Complex, which in part helped contribute to his team’s victory. Spearman, a Pittsburgh commit, uses a slightly open stance in the box, with high hands. He is seen to remain balanced, and patient in the box as well. He has a quick trigger, and uses his strong hands, and wrists to whip his bat head through the zone, demonstrating a lot of feel for his barrel in the process. On the day, Spearman went 3-for-4, with a double and deep home run to left field, his pull side. He has what is the making of consistent home run and gap power potential and demonstrates some good raw power now with his current build and approach. For his strong, mature frame, he moves well on the bases, showing his ability to go first-to-third with ease. In the outfield, Spearman has the ability to make all plays as his speed translates to his corner outfield position. He has a strong, accurate arm to bases as well. A very bright future lies ahead for this ballplayer. Very good showing this afternoon. Not much missing currently from his game.

Austin Tienda (2020, Canton, Ga.) is a 6-foot-3, 180-pound outfielder from Canton, GA. The rising senior at Sequoyah High School, and Georgia Tech commit, had a nice day all around on Friday, as he helped his East Cobb Astros 17u Orange squad to a 10-5 victory. Tienda showed great size and strength to his current frame, and did a nice job demonstrating patience in the box which led to a two walk, one hit day from the right side of the plate. Austin stands tall and balanced at the plate and showed good strength and feel for the barrel when he did connect on his single to the pull-side gap. Tienda moves well on the bases and in the outfield and has a good glove and arm which profiles well to a corner outfield position. Overall, Tienda showed a lot of promise and tools in his performance on Friday and will be an exciting player to watch moving forward.

– Matt Arietta

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