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Leagues | Story | 12/14/2018

Indoor League Playoff Preview

BJ Fish        
18U Playoff Preview


  #1 DBC Dragons Navy (12-0)
          #2 PG Red (12-0)
    12:30 PM
            11:50 AM
    Sunday. December 16th
            Sunday, December 16th
#9 DBC Dragons Grey (5-7)
    1:00 PM
        1:30 PM
  #10 Southworth
      Sunday, December 16th
        Sunday, December 16th
12:10 PM
              11:30 AM
Sunday, December 16th
              Sunday, December 16th
#8 DSA Maroon (6-6)
              #7 DSA Red (9-5)
        2 PM
        (Best of 3)
  #4 Southworth Black (7-3)
          #3 DSA Silver (9-5)
    12:30 PM
            1:10 PM
    Sunday, December 16th
            Sunday, December 16th
                #11 DSA Pink (7-7)
                12:50 PM
  #5 PE 2022 Blue (3-5-4)
            Sunday. December 16th
                #6 PG Black (7-5)
National Seeds
1) DBC Dragons Navy (12-0) - Dothan, Alabama
2) PG Red (12-0) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3) DSA Silver (9-5) - Grimes, Iowa
4) Southworth Black (7-3) - La Vista, Nebraska
5) PE 2020 Blue (3-5-4) - Wayne, New Jersey
6) PG Black (7-5) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
7) DSA Red (9-5) - Grimes, Iowa
8) DSA Maroon (6-6) - Grimes, Iowa
9) DBC Dragons Grey (5-7) - Dothan, Alabama
10) Southworth () - La Vista, Nebraska
11) DSA Pink (7-7) - Grimes, Iowa

1 DBC Dragons Navy vs Winner of #8 v #9

DBC Dragons Navy from Dothan Baseball Club in Dothan, Alabama brings home this year's #1 overall seed after an undefeated regular season. They are led in large part to the duo of uncommitted 2020 C Jake Killingsworth and Auburn commit Chase Allsup. Killingsworth posted the nation leading batting average at .783 along with 117 RBIs also a national high. Along with Killingsworth, Auburn commit and 2021 grad Chase Allsup added a nation leading 41 home runs and a .673 batting average while playing an age division up. is batting average is good enough for second place in the Nation behind his Navy teammate Killingsworth.

#2 PG Red (12-0) vs Winner of #7 and #10

PG Red from Perfect Game HQ in Cedar Rapids, Iowa comes in at the #2 overall seed at the 18U level after a facility championship and undefeated record. The red team was led by indoor league regular Andrue Henry, Henry went off for a .592 batting average. Along with his sky-high batting average Henry drove in 50 runs and bopped 5 home runs. Joseph Harris and Nolan Frey didn’t let Henry have all the fun. Frey added 29 RBIs and 12 base hits while hitting a very consistent .492. Harris drove in 21 RBIS while showing some power posting 17 extra base hits.

#3 DSA Silver (9-5) vs Winner of #6 and #11

DSA Silver is the facility champion from Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa. They received the championship due to tiebreaker with facility runner-up DSA Red. DSA Silver is led by #500 ranked and University of Iowa commit Alec Nigut. Alec is tied for second in his facility with a .563 average and has crushed a facility high 7 HR's. Teammate Aiden Brown has also hit for a .563 average on the season. Beck Anshutz is hitting over .500 on the season with Alex Pendergast, Same Nicolino and Will Armstrong (all high average hitters) round out this team.

#4 Southworth Black (7-3) vs #5 PE 2020 Blue (3-5-4)

Southworth Black 18U

This year's Facility Champion out of Southworth Hitting in La Vista, Nebraska is Southworth Black. As defending champions of both the 18U and 16U divisions, any championship will need to go through Omaha. Led by Kansas State commit Trey Frahm and Wichita State commit Noah Griese this team is one fo the heavy favories to compete for a National Championship. Trey Frahm and Noah Griese lead the team in HR and average, while Matt Pleiss and Brayden Boch have both shown great seasons as well, both hitting over .400.

 PE 2020 Blue

The fifth and final "automatic" bid goes to facility champion PE 2020 Blue from Player's Edge in Wayne, New Jersey. Juan Castillo, Chris Onove, Ryan Ramirez and David Laman round out the 2020 team. Castillo leads the team in average with a .338 clip.

#6 PG Black (7-5) vs #11 DSA Pink (7-7)

PG Black

PG Black also rightfully earned a birth in the 18u playoffs after a season long battle. The black team was led by Dylan Schultz and Konstantinos Papazoglou. Schultz put up a .524 batting average along with 22 rbis and 12 extra base hits. Konstantinos Papazoglou, former MVP of past 14U and 16U sessions, continued his success in the national indoor league by posting a .505 batting average with 29 RBIs and 23 extra base hits.

DSA Pink

DSA Pink gets the final bid in the 18U division by virtue of tiebreaker with fellow facility team DSA Yellow. DSA Pink has every player hitting for a .400 or better average on the season and they have shown the potential of making a run in the tournament because of this. Arguably their best hitter, Kip Cullinan (Northwestern College Commit) has hit for a .540 clip with 3 HR's.

#7 DSA Red (9-5) vs #10 Southworth ()


DSA Red lost the tiebreaker with DSA Silver for facility championship at Diamond Sports Academy and looks to be one of the darkhorse candidates to make a push for a National Championship. DSA Red is comprised of Urbandale High School players, the defending state champion at the 4A (Iowa's highest level) level in Iowa High School baseball. This is a very well rounded bunch with every player hitting between a .450 and .500 average. Jack Fuchs leads the team in RBI and HR with 28 RBI and 1 HR.


#8 DSA Maroon (6-6) vs #9 DBC Dragons Grey (5-7)

DSA Maroon

DSA Maroon is the 3rd of 4 teams to receive a birth to the National Playoff for Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa. Coming in with a .500 record, they too have shown that they can beat anyone at any time. Led by arguably the top player in the state, 2019 #121 ranked Carter Baumler (TCU Commit) leads the team and facility in average (.569) and max velo (104.2). South Dakota State commit Nathan Steenblock leads the team in HR with 2 and RBI with 30.

DBC Dragons Grey

The second bid for Dothan Baseball Club goes to DBC Dragons Grey. They were runnerups to National #1 seed DBC Dragons Navy. Theron Hawkins and Kade Haywood both hit over .600 on the season. This #8v#9 matchup reads more like a national semifinal matchup with the quality hitters on both of these teams.

16U Playoff Preview


#1 DBC Dragons Navy (12-0)
              #2 DSA Green (10-3)
12:00 PM
              2:00 PM
Saturday, December 15th
              Saturday, December 15th
#16 DSA Navy (8-7)
              #15 PG Gold (5-4-3)
  12:20 PM
            2:20 PM
  Saturday, December 15th
          Saturday, December 15th
#8 NJ Axemen Elite (3-2-1)
              #7 Southworth Black (7-3-2)
11:40 AM
              1:40 PM
Saturday, December 15th
              Saturday, December 15th
#9 PG Green (5-4-3)
              #10 PG Silver (5-4-3)
    3:00 PM
      2:40 PM
    Saturday, December 15th
      Saturday, December 15th
#4 PE 2022 Blue (4-1-3)
      3:30 PM, Saturday, December 15th
      #3 Southworth Red (8-2)
          (Best of 3)
12:40 PM
              11:00 AM
Saturday, December 15th
              Saturday, December 15th
#13 DSA Purple (8-6)
              #14 DSA Yellow (6-5-1)
  1:20 PM
          11:40 AM  
  Saturday, December 15th
          Saturday, December 15th
#5 PG Black (7-5)
              #6 DSA Clones (7-4-3)
1:00 PM
              11:20 AM
  Saturday, December 15th
              Saturday, December 15th
#12 DSA Warriors (7-5)
              #11 Dothan Royal (5-7)

National Seeds
1) DBC Dragons Navy (12-0) - Dothan, Alabama
2) DSA Green (10-3) - Grimes, Iowa
3) Southworth Red (8-2)  - La Vista, Nebraska
4) Players Edge 2022 Blue (4-1-3) - Wayne, New Jersey
5) PG Black (7-5) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
6) DSA Clones (7-4-1) - Grimes, Iowa
7) Southworth Black (7-3-2) - La Vista, Nebraska
8) NJ Axemen Blue (3-2-1) - Wayne, New Jersey
9) PG Green (5-4-3) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
10) PG Silver (5-4-3) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
11) DBC Dragons Royal (5-7) - Dothan, Alabama
12) DSA Warriors (7-5) - Grimes, Iowa
13) DSA Purple (8-6) - Grimes, Iowa
14) DSA Yellow (6-5-1) - Grimes, Iowa
15) PG Gold (5-4-3) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
16) DSA Navy (8-7) - Grimes, Iowa

#1 DBC Dragons Navy (12-0) vs #16 DSA Navy (8-7)

DBC Dragons Navy

Much like the Dragons Navy 18u, The Dragons Navy 16u posted an undefeated regular season. The Navy 16u was lead the entire season by Auburn Commit Chase Allsup, and Jake Smith. Allsup doubled up on his impressive performance in the 18u division by hitting .667 along with 107 RBIs and 36 home runs. Jake Smith was not far behind his teammate Allsup, Posting a .644 AVG with 61 RBIs and 51 doubles.

DSA Navy

Picking up the final wildcard slot, DSA Navy comes in with a record of 8-7 out of Diamond Sports Academy. Tucker Langenberg, a 2021 grad, leads his team in average with a .554  average while Zach Kain sits with an average of .412. Kain also leads the group in EBH with 13.

#2 DSA Green (10-3) vs #15 PG Gold (5-4-3)

DSA Green

Facility Champion of Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa is DSA Green. DSA Green is headlined by the Nation's #282 ranked 2021 grad Gehrig Christiansen, an Iowa commit. Gehrig leads his team with a .520 average with 6 HR and 34 RBI. Fellow top 1000 player Ethan Drown is not far behind with a .475 average with 4 HR and 21 RBI. The team will be tough to beat with every player hitting over .400. Jaden Harrell and Drew Dykstra round out the team with a .473 and .424 average, respectively.

PG Gold

PG Gold comes into the playoffs after a great regular season. The gold team was led by Carson Sansenbach. Sansenbach put up a .314 batting average along with 3 RBIs. Dalton Delay and Zachary Walker also did their fair share to get this team into the playoffs, posting .221 and .275 batting averages respectively.

#3 Southworth Red (8-2) vs #14 DSA Yellow (6-5-1)

Southworth Red

Southworth Red is the facility Champion of Southworth Hitting in La Vista, Nebraska and is this Session's #3 overall seed in 16U. Led by HR hitter Ethan Hergert (12 on the year), they have shown the ability to drive in a lot of runs while averaging 6.3 per game. Dalton Bargo joins his teammate Ethan Hergert with a high average, sitting at .438 average on the season.

DSA Yellow

DSA Yellow comes in as a wildcard out of Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa. Kinnick Christiansen leads the way with a .438 average and 12 RBI. Teammate Archer Ogbourne has also been impressive with a .427 average and an OPS near 1.000

#4 Players Edge 2022 Blue (4-1-3) vs #13 DSA Purple (8-6)

Players Edge 2022 Blue

Players Edge Blue comes in as the #4 overall seed and the facility champion for Players Edge in Wayne, New Jersey. Ethan Young leads the team in average, hitting for a .516 clip on the season and Orin Winslow has probably been the most consistent. knocking in 17 RBI with his max exit velo of 97.3 ranking T-4th nationally. Rudys Luciano and Justin Lorenzo round out the team and both are hitting above .300.

DSA Purple

DSA Purple is yet another wildcard from Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa. DSA had 6 out of the 16 total bids at the 16U level. For DSA Purple, every single player posted at least a .300 average. Jacob Shaw led the way in average, hitting for a .511 clip while John Doty and Jordan Steinke drove in 15 runs a piece. Jaxon Van Pelt provided some power with a team high 8 EBH.

#5 PG Black (7-5) vs #12 DSA Warriors (7-5)

PG Black

PG Black claimed the 16u Cedar Rapids facility championship. The black team got contributions from each player on their squad. Jaxon Brooks lead the team with a .432 batting average getting 41 hits in his 95 chances also tacking on 8 runs. Manning Weiss also enjoyed a successful session putting up 13 RBIs on 42 hits. McKade Jelinek posted he facility best exit velocity at 85.1 miles per hour. Tyler Moores also held up his end of the bargin getting 36 hits in 92 at bats.

DSA Warriors

DSA Warriors are this year's 12 seed and are a very hard out seeded that low. Aiden McGee is arguably one of the league's best players, crusing to a .703 average with 35 RBI. The obvious leader of this team, they will go as far as Aiden carries them. However, Aiden's successes shouldn't over shadow that of his teammates, who all are hitting at or close to a .400 average. Jacob Barton and Joe White have shown some power putting up 20 and 14 EBH each.

#6 DSA Clones (7-4-1) vs #11 DBC Dragons Royal (5-7)

DSA Clones

This year's #11 seed comes in with a 7-4-1 record out of Diamond Sports Academy in Grimes, Iowa. All three players (Boswell, Yawn and Blomgren) are hitting for at least a .333 average. Yawn has driven in a team high 11 RBBI and 8 EBH. Jacob Blomgren has the hardest hit ball in the group, topping out at 91.4 MPH.

DBC Dragons Royal

Dragons Royal 16u enjoyed a successful season getting second place at our Dothan facility, keeping with the trend out of Dothan, Theron Hawkins proved his tremendous 18u season posting similar numbers in the 16u division. Hawkins put up a .606 AVG. with 36 doubles and 86 hits. Zachary Chandler had his say in the outcome of the season also posting a .388 avg with 57 hits..

#7 Southworth Black (7-3-2) vs #10 PG Silver (5-4-3)

Southworth Black

Southworth Black comes in as facility runnerups from Southworth Hitting in La Vista, Nebraska while narrowly beating out Southworth Blue. This team is fairly well rounded with Kaben Steenbock and Cooper Panneton hitting over .300 a piece. Steenbock leads the team in RBI with 12 while teammate Keagen McLaughlin is close behind, driving in 11 on the year.

PG Silver

PG Silver was lead into the playoffs behind the bats of Parker Smith and Stirlen Roberson. Smith posted a .415 batting average also driving in 6 runs for the silver team. Stirlen posted a .394 batting average while also batting in 9 runs for the team. Jake Trca and Cael Hodges round out the PG Silver roster.

#8 NJ Axemen Elite (3-2-1) vs #9 PG Green (5-4-3)

NJ Axemen Elite

The NJ Axemen Elite are the wildcard bid for Players Edge. They are led by the Nation's 26th ranked 2022 grad in Nazier. The team comes in with a younger group for this age division, with the oldest player being Naz Mule, who just turned 14. Jace Gilligan has a team high .359 average and 4 RBI while Nazier Mule has 4 EBH and a .348 average. Playing up, this group could be a dangerous out in the 16U group.

PG Green

PG Green earned a birth in the playoffs after a strong showing in the regular season. The green team was lead by Bennett McKee. McKee paced the team with a .370 batting average and lead the 16u division with 2 extra base hits. Also bringing the boom for PG Green was Boomer Johnson. Johnson got 20 hits in 62 opportunities, also collecting 8 RBIs.

14U Playoff Preview


#1 NJ Axemen Blue 2024 (5-0-3)
          #2 PG Black (9-2-1)
9:00 AM
          10:00 AM

9:40 AM
      10:30 AM

#8 DBC Dragons Columbia  (4-5-1)
          #7 NJ Axemen Red (2-2-4)
#4 DBC Dragons Grey (5-2-3)
    10:45 AM
    #3 DSA Moonshots 14U (8-4)
      (Best of 3)
9:15 AM
10:15 AM

#5 PG Red (8-4)
          #6 DBC Dragons Royal (5-5)

National Seeds

12U Playoff Preview


  NJ Axemen 2026 (5-2-1)
West Essex Warriors (1-3)
9:20 AM
  Saturday, December 15th
9:00 AM
Saturday, December 15th
PG Black (5-7)
  10 AM
    Saturday, December 15th
  National Champion
    (Best of 3)
PG Red (11-4)
  9:40 AM
  Saturday, December 15th
  NJ Axemen 2025 (2-5)

National Seeds
1CR) PG Red (9-4) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1NJ) NJ Axemen 2026 (5-2-1) - Wayne, New Jersey
NJ Axemen 2025 (2-5) - Wayne, New Jersey
PG Black (5-7) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Players Edge Blue F18 (3-4-1) - Wayne, New Jersey
West Essex Warriors (1-3) - Wayne, New Jersey

#1CR PG Red (9-4) vs NJ Axemen 2025 (2-5)

PG Red

PG Red came away with the facility championship in the 12u division in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Red team posted unbelievable batting averages up and down the lineup. Max Leno lead the team in batting average at .495 but was closely followed by Logan Miller and James Perkins at .479 and .476 respectively.

NJ Axemen 2025

The NJ Axemen 2025 comes in with a 2-5 record, however, we wouldn't be surprised if they made a run in the playoffs. THey are led by 2 players hitting for an above .500 average in Chris Gantaifis (.574) and Liam Riley (.543). Andrwe Pami and Heydon Hernandez round out the roster and are both hitting nearly .400. 

#1NJ NJ Axemen 2026

NJ Axemen 2026

Coming in as the facility's #1 overall seed and champion, NJ Axemen 2026 is 5-2-1. They are entirely 2026 grads and they all have averages of .400 or more. Giancarlo Scirocco has a .480 average with a team leading 12 RBI.

PG Black v West Essex Warriors

PG Black

PG Black comes into the playoffs after a 5-7 regular season lead by Tait Tierney who posted a consistent .483 batting average netting 69 hits in 143 chances at the plate. Izak Eilers and Tierney tied for the team lead with 18 RBIs.

West Essex Warriors

The West Essex Warriors bring a 1-3 record into the playoffs. Each player on the team has posted a better than .300 batting average. Nicolas Russo leads the team in RBI with 3, while Mack Lipari has the hardest hit ball with an exit velo of 64.5 mph. 

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