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Leagues | Story | 9/5/2018

Week 3 Pitching Schedule Iowa Fall Instructional League

BJ Fish        
With an otherwise very succesful weekend cut short by rain, we would like to thank Central College and Coach Matt Schirm for a great camp on Saturday. We were able to move indoors to their fieldhouse on the beautiful Central College campus. What a hidden gem of a college. Thanks Again to all they did to make sure we would be able to get any sort of work in this past weekend. We now look ahead at this week's camp and league at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Coach Bryan Nikkel and the staff at Luther are looking forward to getting started. The camp is scheduled to start at 11AM on Saturday at Luther.

Week #3's pitching rotations and schedules are listed below. We kept everything pretty similar with a few minor tweaks from last week. If anyone listed is no longer a pitcher or does not wish to throw on a mound this weekend, please reach out to me directly at

11:00 AM

Maxx Stanton (3 Innings), Garrett Heying (2 Innings), Eli Slaymaker (1 Inning), Damin Churchman (1 Inning)
Catching: Luke Posegate (Full Game)

Blue Devils
Zach Jacobson (3 Innings) , Logan McDermott (3 Innings), Griffin Maloney (2 Innings)
Catching: Quin Cornell (Full Game)

1:15 PM

Blue Devils
Robert Porth (2 Inning), Carter Petsche (2 Innings), Ethan Shimak (1 Inning), Ryder Bunch (1 Inning), Aiden Carstensen (1 Inning)
Catching: Wesley Hamor (Full Game)

Red Dragons
Sebastian Hutson (3 Innings), Nathan Wilkinson (2 Innings), Alexander Swack (2 Innings)
Catching: JD Alberhasky (Full Game)

3:30 PM

Red Dragons
Tanner Collins (3 Innings), Tyler Welch (2 Innings), Brock Krieger (2 Innings)
Catching: Sebastian Hutson (Full Game)

Eric Hayden (2 Innings), Posegate (2 Innings), Jason Moist (2 Inning), Michael Pierick (1 Inning),
Catching: Garrett Heying (Full Game)

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