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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

16u Richmond Super Qualifier All-Tourney

PG Super25 Staff        

Perfect Game Super25 has released its official All-Tournament teams from the 2016 PG Super25 16u Fall Richmond Super Qualifier. The event was held October 21-23 at University of Richmond in Richmond, Va. The players selected were based on first-hand observations as well as statistical data compiled using GameChanger, the official scoring application of Perfect Game.

**Players who do not have their Participant and/or Media Releases signed are not eligible to be displayed on the All-Tournament Team on our website. There is no fee for this process. If you need help getting the releases signed, please contact Ellie Keast at

To view more information on the tournament, please click on the following links:
16u Richmond Super Qualifier: Event Page


First Name Last Name Special Awards
David Herrera
Luke Pryor
Bailey Burke
Ryan Williamson Most Valuable Player
Philip Bernstein
Jack Dooley
Micah Darrington
Carson McCusker
Aaron Murray
Justin Acal
Josh Gjormand
Lucas Adam
Peter Smearman
Joseph Hoggard
Carson Swank
Malcolm Edelin
Timothy Wetzel
Anthony Richards
Shawn Dougherty
Ryder Tallent
Cameron Shields
Ricky Jones
Aidan Blair
Zach Cunningham
Bryce Haynes
Connor Pennell
Leonardo Trinidad-Doherty
Ryan Wilder
Aaron Jahnke
Ethan Paige
Ian Haney
Tyrus Pincham
Liam Simpson
Trey Fraley
David Georgis
Ethan Lipp
Gabriel Andreyev
Donavan Frayer
Reginald Zayas
Anthony Santore
Ryan Fisher
George Lesher
Kavi Caster
Ethan Chenault
Kevin Cheng
Xavier Herring
Jacques Thomas
A.J. Kim
Dylan Wilkinson
Danny Checkosky
Jackson Beisler
Hunter Kelly


First Name Last Name Special Awards
Josh Gjormand Co-Most Valuable Pitcher
Jonah Einsig Co-Most Valuable Pitcher
Paolo Meany
Peter Colevas
Canon Davies
Dalton Kephart
Aiden McClune
Sam Landess
Carson McCusker
John Farley
Ethan Paige
Jackson Beisler
Skylar Petry
Malcolm Edelin
Joseph Hall
Kavi Caster
Scott Reid
Nick Jenkins
Matt Howat
Danny Checkosky
Alejandro Rodriguez
Bryce Haynes
Hunter Bell
Donavan Frayer
Todd Hartman
Timothy Hart
Ryan Williamson
Richie Smiechowski
Maddux Grove
Latreal Brame Jr
Maxwell Lee
Nick Connolly
Noa Hasty
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