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High School  | General  | 11/9/2015

Informed Athlete: NLI Period

Rick Allen     
Photo: Informed Athlete


Do You Know All You Need to About the NCAA National Letter of Intent

The initial signing date for the NCAA National Letter of Intent is quickly approaching. The one-week signing period begins Wednesday, November 11. This signing period applies to Division I and II baseball programs and many other Division I and II sports.

Here’s one of the questions we often receive prior to Signing Day:

What exactly am I signing when I sign the National Letter of Intent?

You’re signing a commitment to attend that university for one full academic year in exchange for an athletic scholarship. The National Letter of Intent must be accompanied by an athletic scholarship agreement from the college that is recruiting you, and you’ll also be signing that scholarship agreement.

Other questions we are frequently asked include:

  • Can I sign a National Letter of Intent if I’m not being offered an athletic scholarship?

  • What happens if I don’t attend the university that I’ve signed with for at least one full academic year?

  • Does a Letter of Intent from a junior college or an NAIA college work the same way?

To be fully informed about the NCAA National Letter of Intent and how it differs from the NJCAA or NAIA Letter of Intent programs, you can purchase our downloadable PDF
“What You Should Know about the NCAA National Letter of Intent.”

When you purchase this ebook, you’ll also receive an information sheet explaining the differences between the NCAA National Letter of Intent and the NAIA and NJCAA Letter of Intent programs.

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To learn more about how we help athletes and families like you, visit Informed Athlete for more information about college recruiting, eligibility, scholarships, and transfers.

For further information, contact us at 913-766-1235 or rick@informedathlete.com.

About Rick Allen:
25-plus years NCAA rules expertise, including Director of Compliance at two major D-I schools
Current member and former President of National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC)
Conducts compliance reviews and audits at NCAA Schools throughout the U.S.
Consults with NAIA schools transitioning to NCAA membership status
Dad of a D-I and D-II student-athlete