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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Q&A.... Why Should You Attend Perfect Game Showcases and WWBA or BCS Tournaments?

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What is Perfect Game?
Perfect Game is the World's Largest Scouting Report Service. Perfect Game also holds the most and biggest scouting events (Showcases and Tournaments) in amateur baseball. Perfect Game has been in existence for over 13 years. Perfect Game events over the past 4 years have produced more Major League Draft picks and Division I college players than all other scouting events combined. Just look at the past 4 years and you will start to understand the impact that Perfect Game events have on amateur and professional baseball. Want to see more about Perfect Game?
Here's a link

Past 4 years - Draft picks of PG attendees

Year MLB Draft Picks 1st Round picks  PG Players in College World Series
2002 364 16 122
2003 409 22 131
2004 533 28 146
2005 823 36 155
4 year Total  2,129 102 554

Here's a link for more info about Perfect Game's involvement in last year's draft.
Record Number 823 PG Participants Drafted

Justin Upton                        Alex Gordon                           Jeff Clement
     1st Pick of the Draft                2nd Pick of the Draft                    3rd Pick of the Draft

How good is the competition at the WWBA and BCS tournaments?

The competition is as good as it gets. The top teams, the top prospects and the hidden gems all in one location. See chart above! The very first pick of the last three drafts all participated in many of these tournaments. The list of past WWBA tournament participants is a who's who among top prospects and high draft picks. Here is a link to an interesting article.

Top Pro Prospects Who Attended PG

               East Cobb Astros                                                          Chet Lemon's Juice
                                2005 WWBA World Championship Co-Champions
                  Houston Heat                                                                      NorCal

How many scouts and college coaches attend these tournaments?

The WWBA and BCS tournaments are the most heavily scouted tournaments in all of baseball. Obviously the older age brackets are the heaviest scouted. Every Major League Team scouts these events heavily with their highest level national scouts. Some PG and WWBA tournaments will have most every MLB scouting director in attendance. The top power college programs from coast to coast scout PG and WWBA tournaments heavily. Some top programs have their complete recruiting class comprised of PG and WWBA players. It's not anything new, it's been that way for years! Everyone should read the following link!

Record Number 823 PG Participants Drafted

Which colleges attend these tournaments?
Pretty much every national power program from coast to coast attends the older age groups. Nearly all the SEC, ACC, Big12, Pac 10, Ivy League, etc. schools attend. Many of the nation's top JUCO and small colleges attend as well. The following link will provide some insight into the above. This link is about just one small but high caliber PG event.

PG National Showcase Players College Signings

What do PG, WWBA, BCS events offer that other high level tournaments and showcases lack?

A much larger number of scouts and college recruiters in attendance. The largest scouting events in all of baseball.

Perfect Game has the largest following and the most contacts of any tournament or showcase organizers.

The best reputation for reliability with Major League scouting departments and major colleges

A website that includes game recaps, scores, box scores, player info, etc.

First class events with field directors at each field, scouting personnel and cameras at each and every game played.

PG has the largest staff of full time employees of any event organizer and PG works out of their corporate offices and a 26,000 square foot building.

Inclusion in Baseball's largest player database

Exposure to the most respected baseball people in the business.

The best competition in the country, by far.

The best chance to make a big name for yourself.

The opportunity to receive a high national player ranking.

The opportunity to be highly recruited by colleges coast to coast.

Possible recognition in Baseball America and Prospects Plus.

Many championship games are televised. 
PG is in charge of selecting every player for the AFLAC All American Classic.                                                             Scott Kazmir

Some of the best umpiring in Amateur Baseball

The best facilities possible

And last, but far from least, you will be seen by more baseball decision makers than ever before because of the new and exciting Baseball Web TV. Please read below.

Baseball Web TV - A baseball revolution
Rather than write about the advantages that players can receive by being seen on Baseball Web TV, please go to this link and browse around. Every decision maker in baseball will be following this great video "media" site.

PG, WWBA and BCS events will be among the only baseball events in the country on Baseball Web TV. Below is the link to this new, very important and entertaining site that has MLB scouting departments and college coaches buzzing.

It's going to change the face of college recruiting and MLB scouting and, it's only happening at Perfect Game Showcases, WWBA and BCS tournaments.
Please check out the link.

Players and teams can go to many different events, but there is absolutely no comparison to which events will have the very most impact on the player's future. What has been standing alone as the #1 main attraction for the highest level amateur baseball players for years, has gotten even better... Much, much better! And even more valuable for the many talented player who are interested in the next level.

Don't be fooled!
Others can make claims with fancy brochures, but claims are easy to make. Results are what count and no company in baseball can even come close to those documented results recorded by Perfect Game, WWBA and BCS! The entire Scouting and recruiting world is well aware of the facts! They know who the pretenders and wanna-be's are, just ask them when you see them at a Perfect Game, WWBA or BCS event.

The Schedule
Link to the 2006 schedule for Perfect Game Showcases and WWBA tournaments
Link to the 2006 schedule for PG State Showcases
Link to BCS and Other Tournaments

For even more information about Perfect Game, WWBA, BCS, and other activities... please checkout the following links and surf away....

Perfect Game USA
World Wood Bat Association
Perfect Game Baseball Championship Series (BCS)
Perfect Game Northeast
California Baseball Zone
Aflac All American High School Baseball Classic
Lions Tournament
Prospects Plus
High School Baseball Web

The photo on the right shows four high profile players celebrating a homerun in the 2002 PG WWBA Championship.

From far right Clockwise. Lastings Milledge (FL) - NY Mets 1st round pick, Jeff Allison (MA) - Florida Marlins 1st round pick, Ryan Sweeney (IA) - Chicago White Sox 2nd round pick, Ian Stewart (CA) - Colorado Rockies 1st round pick.

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