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Thursday, June 12, 2014

All Tournament Teams, Ohio Valley

PG Super25 Staff        

The PGSuper25 took over the greater Columbus area this past weekend with high-quality baseball being played in the qualifying rounds.  The PGSuper25 Ohio Valley and the Ohio Surge combined to bring forth a pretty nice event to kick off the summer. 

The 14u tournament was held at Bloom Carroll High School.  The field of teams was small but there was a lot of talent in this small tournament.  The Cincinnati Spikes (Cincinnati, OH) and A. Green Baseball Club (Ann Arbor, MI) really took this event by storm and found themselves in the Championship game. Unfortunately, the game was suspended in the 2nd inning due to rain.  We would have loved to see this one finished, as it promised to be a great game. 

The Cincinnati Spikes will ride this event into the 14U Ohio Valley Regional Tournament in Lexington, KY during the week of June 13-15. 

14U Ohio Valley Qualifier All Tournament Team June 5th – 8th

First Team –

Gage Hughes MIF - Huntington Hounds

Kirk Jennings - 3b - Huntington Hounds

Ethon Brechbill - LF – Licking County A’s

Gunnar Carpenter - CF Licking County A’s

Jarred Munyan - CF – Fairfield Marlins

Tyler Chumita - P/MIF – Easton Prospects

Cameron Gorny – MIF – A. Green Baseball

Evan Good –P – A. Green Baseball

Jacob Simmers - 3b – A. Green Baseball

Allbry Major – P/MIF – Cincinnati Spikes

Daunte Deceilo – MIF – Cincinnati Spikes

Cherokee LeBeau – MIF – Cincinnati Spikes

Honorable Mention –

Kyle Gammon P - Huntington Hounds

Tyler Karr –P - Licking County Athletics

Mitchell Reid – P – Fairfield Marlins

Clay Strausbaugh – C – Easton Prospects

Matt Stinebiser - C – A. Green Baseball

Kyle Minton – OF/ RHP – Cincinnati Spikes

Eric Riotto – OF – Cincinnati Spikes


The 15u PGSuper25 Qualifier settled in at Olentangy Liberty High School.  There were some very close contests and some that were not so close. 

The Game of the Day on Friday was the Butler County Bombers (Middletown, OH) outlasting the Lancaster Surge (Lancaster, OH) 5-3.  Day two had the Force Express (Westlake, OH) outslugging the Ohio Surge (Lancaster, OH) 14-10. After consolation games the Cincinnati Baseball Club (Cincinnati, OH) and Union Post (Marysville, OH) played an unbelievable game where CBC out lasted Union Post 5-4. 

This tournament too was affected by weather, and champions and runner-ups had to be determined by pool seeding.  In between these three games there were several players that stood out among their peers.  Below is the list of players that grabbed our attention.

15U Ohio Valley Qualifier All Tournament Team June 5th – 8th

First Team –

Justin Davidson – Union Post

Michael Ross – Union Post

Michael Collins – Union Post

Berto Carsell – Ohio Surge

Ben Hayes - - Ohio Surge

Sam Nourse – Ohio Surge

Justin Heck – 3b – Butler County Bombers

Landon Hill – RF – Butler County Bombers

Matt Deskins – C – Butler County Bombers

Donnie Waldrop – P – Lancaster Surge

Peter Serakis  - OF – Lancaster Surge


There were great games all over the city of Columbus for the 16u qualifier.  The players listed below really played well this weekend.  There were so many great games and so many good players it was very hard to choose these players that stood out. 

I watched a lot of baseball and the two games that are still stuck in my mind were both played by the Midwest Prospects (Cincinnati, OH). 

In their pool play game versus the Columbus Cobras (Columbus, OH) the Midwest Prospects won in dramatic fashion with a walk-off squeeze play to win the game.  The other Midwest Prospects game was the quarter final game verses the Ohio Surge that went 14 innings.  Both teams played great defense and got some really good pitching, but the Prospects survived the ordeal 3-2. 

The biggest disappointment was that we lost the second half of the day to weather.  The Ohio Force 16u (Mason, OH) was undefeated and didn’t get the opportunity to overcome the seeding of the Mid Ohio Bullets (Westerville, OH) due to the rain.  It would have been a great game.

16U Ohio Valley Qualifier All Tournament Team June 5th – 8th

First Team –

Luke Morlan –1B - Ohio Surge North

Jeremiah Clarke –OF/P - Columbus Cobras

Colton Lakes – C - Cincinnati Riverdawgs

Hayden Bianchini – P/1b –Cincinnati Riverdawgs                                                                                                                         

Noah West – MIF – Ohio Surge Griffith

Conner Ulrey – P – Ohio Surge Griffith

David Van Hove – C – Ohio Sharks Abrams

Brandon Henson – CF—Mid Ohio Bullets

Colin Shepherd – MIF – Mid Ohio Bullets

Reed Noris – P – Mid OH Bullets

Jordan Funk – P – Midwest Prospects

Trent Spikes – P – Midwest Prospects

Mark Nadeau – RHP - Ohio Force

Will Heppler –1B - Ohio Force

Michel Thamann –3B - Ohio Force

Cole Music – P - East Side Express

Honorable Mention –

Chase Clouser – 3B - Ohio Surge North

Will Fairand – 2B - Ohio Surge North

Sam Ankenbauer – P – Cincy Riverdawgs

Maguire Stinson - 1b – Ohio Elite

Ronnie Engleman – P – Ohio Elite

Tyler Fitch – C – Ohio Elite

Garrett Moss- P – Central OH Select

Cole Losoncy – P – Central Oh Select

Andrew Woods – P – Ohio Surge Griffith

Brandon Harlan – 1b/P – Ohio Sharks Harlan

Branton Cummins – P – Ohio Sharks Abrams

Corey Righman – OF - Ohio Sharks Harlan

Shane Carney – LF – Mid OH Bullets

Hunter Sexton -  P/MIF – Mid Ohio Bullets

Chris Dombroski – MIF – Midwest Prospects

Bernee Sanches – MIF – Columbus Cougars

Jacob Muhlman – P – Columbus Cougars

Luke Klinehoffer –3B - East Side Express


The 17U event was all wood bats.  I really enjoy watching these games.  After three days of games we had the Cincinnati Baseball Club (Cincinnati, OH) and the Westerville Central Warhawks (Westerville, OH) set up to play for the championship.  However, again affected by rain, this game never happened. 

Below is the list of players that really brought their A-game this weekend.  The Cincinnati Baseball Club was announced as tournament champs due to their #1 overall seed.

17U Ohio Valley Qualifier All Tournament Team June 5th – 8th

First Team –

Rex Sunahara –P - Force Express

Ryan Colby –OF - Force Express

Josh Shapiro –1B/P - Ohio Independence

Troy Beck –OF - Monroe Swarm              

Nick Parr – P – Warhawks Baseball Club

Cameron Alldred – 1B/P Cincinnati Baseball Club

Kane Bateman –OF - Cincinnati Baseball Club

Joey Johnson –P - Cincinnati Baseball Club

Anthony Cerreto – 3B – Swing 7 Elite

Austin Sherry – LHP – Westerville Central Warhawks

Gavin Lyon – RHP – Westerville Central Warhawks

Kody King – P/1B – Lima Locos

Honorable Mention –

Jacob Bangert –P - Force Express

Derrek Herd –MIF - Ohio Independence

Adam Parks –P -Monroe Swarm

John Shutrump – MIF - Monroe Swarm

Brendan Green – IF – Warhawks Baseball Club        

JJ Johnson – 1B - Cincinnati Baseball Club

Kyle Bowling – 2B - Cincinnati Baseball Club

Austin Kondratick –C - Westerville Central Warhawks

Jimmy Bauer – 1B/OF – Lima Locos

Isaac Fitzgerald – C/1B – Lima Locos

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