FB Velocities

Jacob Wright R91
Kyle Hayes R89
Bryan Brickhouse R88
Jacques de Gruy R88
Jose Dore R88
Michael Mayers R88
Richard "Ryan" Turner R88
Brett Winger R88
Nicholas Bergmann R87
Matt Dearden R87
Luis Nova R87
Bryan Soloman R87
Willie Martin R86
Alexander Pagano R86
Luke Webster R86
Peter Sanson R85
Mitchell Coffman R84
Brandon Gilbert L84
Bo Logan L84
Jordan Reyes R84
Nolan Thomas L84
Trevor Berry L83
Marc Monroe L83
Andrew Overman R83
Jonathon Wandling R83
Michael McGraw R82
Romer Perdomo R82
Chris Reinhart R82
Paul Patterson L81
Ronald Schreurs L81
Tyler Brown-Lewis R80
Wil Leathers R80
Julien Exposito L76
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