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FB Velocities
Wichita Falcons Mitchell Johnson L85
Prospects - Murphy Jacob Ross R84
Wichita Falcons Justin Stephens R84
643 KC 16u Silver Hunter Burford L82
Grays Academy Jaxson Bean R81
Wichita Falcons Aiden Doty R81
316 Baseball McBratney Van Haneberg R81
Wichita Falcons Jaytin Gumm R79
316 Baseball McBratney Landon Haines R79
Prospects - Murphy Solomon Holmes R79
643 KC 16u Silver Ben Kerby R79
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Ian Suther R79
Grizz Layne Sweat R78
Wichita Falcons Tate Blasi R77
316 Baseball Torres Keaton Hartman R77
Grizz Dylan Herrman R77
316 Baseball McBratney Gunner Hewitt L77
316 Baseball Torres Kacey Lindsted R77
Grays Academy Hunter Miller R77
643 KC 16u Silver Kole Starlin L77
Grizz Gabe Welch R77
316 Baseball McBratney Jack Cary R76
316 Baseball Phillips Bailey Gassmann R76
316 Baseball Torres MEKHI HASKIN- YBARRA R76
643 KC 16u Silver Ian McVey L76
Grays Academy Julien Meyers R76
316 Baseball Torres David (DJ) Michaud L76
316 Baseball Torres Peyton Newell R76
Grizz Gannon White R76
Wichita Falcons Easton Boone R75
Wichita Falcons Cooper Burke L75
Grays Academy Kameron Jaso R75
316 Baseball Davis Anthony Minjares R75
643 KC 16u Silver Corbin Moszczynski-Rivas R75
316 Baseball Phillips Evan Perez R75
643 KC 16u Silver Joshua Pyle R75
316 Baseball Phillips Parker Richardson R75
316 Baseball McBratney Carlos Arriaga R74
316 Baseball Phillips Aaron Dimit R74
Grays Academy Chris Harris L74
Brawlers Blake Huffman R74
316 Baseball Phillips Markkus Jones L74
316 Baseball Phillips Jake Jost L74
643 KC 16u Silver Alex Mosser R74
316 Baseball McBratney Austin Selenke L74
Grizz Cadon Clark R73
316 Baseball Phillips Kamron Clark L73
Grays Academy Tyke Creekmore R73
316 Baseball Torres Dylan Rich R73
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Taylor Shuck R73
316 Baseball Torres Payton Akers R72
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Owen Balderson R72
Prospects - Murphy Andrew Brokaw R72
316 Baseball Phillips Cooper Buessing R72
643 KC 16u Silver Carter Hicks R72
Prospects - Murphy Kole Murphy R72
Grizz Ryan Pierce R72
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Bryton Reves R72
Grays Academy Jared Ricke R72
316 Baseball Davis Zachary Root R72
Prospects - Murphy Brady Wallen R72
Brawlers Aidan Wiseman R72
316 Baseball Phillips McKenon Deters R71
Grays Academy Nik Pai R71
316 Baseball Davis Kael Shelite R71
Brawlers Trace Willms R71
316 Baseball Davis Matthew Eubanks R70
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Jaxson Hayes R70
Brawlers Ben Johnson R70
Brawlers Sam Johnson R70
Wichita Falcons Jack Kerr L70
Wichita Falcons Caleb Saner L70
316 Baseball Davis Clayton Shea R70
Grizz Blake Bucher R69
Grays Academy Nathan Forrest L69
643 KC 16u Silver Trevor Norman R69
Brawlers Jose Perez R69
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Jackson Radi R69
Prospects - Murphy Justin Stubblefield Jr L69
Prospects - Murphy Ethan Tucker R69
Prospects - Murphy Mason Daire L68
316 Baseball McBratney Shane Holman R68
316 Baseball Davis Nickolas Mudd R68
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Nate Nichols R68
316 Baseball McBratney Tanner Ray R68
316 Baseball McBratney Ryan Rodriguez L68
Brawlers Braden Hopper L67
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Hayden Peterman R67
Grays Academy Louis Traglia R67
316 Baseball Torres Diego Gutierrez R64
316 Baseball Torres Jake Klausmeyer R63
643 KC 16u Silver Carson Whetstone R63
Barnstormers 16u White - Zenger Parker Bundy R62
Brawlers Brandon Cato R62
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