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2021 16U PG Softball Future Prospects Showcase 5gg (A)
Due to Homecoming issues this event has been changed to 5 pool games, no run rules 90 mins games.  Please contact event director with any questions.
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FB Velocities
Indiana Firestorm Select 05 Dan Rose R61
Heartland Havoc '05 Alexis Carroll R59
Nebraska Gold 515 - Christman Abby Hiatt R59
Heartland Havoc '05 Kendra Lewis R59
Indiana Firestorm Select 05 Alexis Miller L59
Southeast Ia Allstars,16u-Gold/Blk Molly Roe R59
Psa Fastpitch 16u Madalen Tanner R59
Southeast Ia Allstars,16u-Gold/Blk Ada Boysen R58
Heartland Havoc '05 Payton Brown R58
Southeast IA Allstars 16U Gold-Hall Braylen Conlon L58
Iowa Gold Olivia Feuling L58
Iowa Blitz Gold Hadley Pearson R58
Southeast IA Allstars 16U Gold-Hall Saydee Plummer R58
Nebraska Gold 515 - Christman Hailey Rosonke R58
Iowa Gold Lily Bauch R57
Iowa Blitz Gold Shaylyn Black R57
Iowa Gold Olivia Dougherty R57
Psa Fastpitch 16u Dani Lee R57
Iowa Gold Reagan Ridout L57
Iowa Gold Avery Subbert R57
Iowa Aces Cora Boyle R56
Southeast IA Allstars 16U Gold-Hall Isabel Frees R56
Warren Wave 16u DD Sophie Soler R56
Heartland Havoc '06 Mya Brown R55
Iowa Outlaws Select 06 Andrew Addi Downe R55
Heartland Havoc '06 Mikaylin Hofer R55
Iowa Outlaws Select 06 Andrew Aubrey Lensmeyer R55
Heartland Havoc '05 Kaylie Pena R55
Heartland Havoc '06 Sienna Stingley R55
Warren Wave 16u DD Maggie Webster R55
Iowa Aces Jaidan Abel R54
Iowa Blitz Gold Elizabeth Harkin R54
Nebraska Gold 515 - Christman Carlee Harris L54
Iowa Aces Isabel Johnson R54
Iowa Outlaws Select 06 Andrew Brooklyn Andrew R53
Psa Fastpitch 16u Kendra Cook R53
Nebraska Gold 515 - Christman Taryn Fredrickson R53
Warren Wave 16u DD Aly Krogman R53
Heartland Havoc '06 Kaitlyn Merkel R53
Southeast Ia Allstars,16u-Gold/Blk Kate Scholl R53
Southeast IA Allstars 16U Gold-Hall Miah Townsend L53
Heartland Havoc '06 Clara Franks R51
Iowa Blitz Gold Mallory Crandell R50
IBF Hart 16u Braelynn Long R50
Warren Wave 16u DD Finnley Olsen R50
IBF Hart 16u Kyra Ballard L49
IBF Hart 16u Emma Horton R48
IBF Hart 16u Arabella Page R48
IBF Hart 16u Jasmine Calderon R45
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