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2023 7U September Showdown in Huntington Beach (MAJOR)
7U (Major) (KP) 10U (Major) 12U (MAJOR) 13U (Major) (54/80) 14U (Major)
All payments need to be paid ASAP as the payment deadline is only the deadline if the tournament is not full. So if it fills before the deadline your team will be waitlisted IF NOT PAID. You are only fully in the tournament when payment is made. We cannot put any team on the schedule unless they are paid.
8U Kid-Pitch Tournament Rules 
No leadoffs
No stealing home. A runner starting a play at 3rd base may ONLY advance home on a batted ball or when forced home by a walk, hit batter, or another force play (bases loaded).
Walks are considered a "Dead Ball" situation, meaning the batter may only take 1st base and any forced runners may only advance one base.
A runner starting from 1st or 2nd Base may advance home as a batted ball continuation of a play (there is not a mandatory ""red light"" at 3rd Base for a play in motion).
A RUNNER STEALING FROM 2ND TO THIRD BASE MAY NOT ADVANCE TO HOME ON AN OVERTHROW BY THE CATCHER. HE MUST STAY AT 3RD BASE. Runner may leave base only after ball crosses plate: 1st Offense = Dead Ball / warning; 2nd Offense = Dead Ball / offending runner is called out, other runners return to previously occupied bases, no ball/strike charged to batter).
Batter may not run on dropped 3rd strike.
ONE Successful bunt per inning. No "butcher boy" allowed (Show bunt, pull back to swing).
No balks.
No infield fly rule.
7 run limit per inning, until the last inning (unlimited runs), which will be declared with less than 15 minutes on the clock at the start of the new inning. This will allow both teams to have a fair and even shot at getting unlimited runs in their last at bat.

Mercy rules
12 after 3
10 after 4

Game Times
1 hour 30 minutes no new
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