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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion NC Patriots (21-7-0 in 2019) Greensboro, NC Justin Smith
Runner-Up Canes NC-Barbour (13-2-0 in 2019) Raleigh, NC Kevin Barbour
Third Place NC Bandits (7-5-0 in 2019) Pilot Mountain, NC Chris Clayton
Third Place Rubber Arm Rockets (16-5-0 in 2019) Amherst, VA Lenny Wentz
  2023 On Deck O's Black (0-3-0 in 2019) Pineville, NC Jason Hill
  2023 On Deck O's Orange (1-2-0 in 2019) Pineville, NC Jason Hill
  5 Star Vipers Dionisio (4-2-0 in 2019) Waxhaw, NC Anthony Dionisio
  Canes South 14U (5-2-0 in 2019) Fredericksburg, VA John Harper
  CBA Copperheads - Barozzino (4-4-1 in 2019) Huntersville, NC David Barozzino
  NCDB 14U (12-7-0 in 2019) Raleigh, NC Barry Whitmore
  Orange County Crushers (2-4-0 in 2019) Chapel Hill, NC John Stillson
  Rawlings Prospects NC 2023 (3-7-0 in 2019) Wake Forest, NC Chris Rawlings
  Replay Rangers 14u (0-6-0 in 2019) Ashburn, VA Scott Logan
  Replay Rangers 14u Murphy (0-5-0 in 2019) Ashburn, VA John Murphy
  Rock Solid - Bulldogs (3-3-1 in 2019) Oak Ridge, NC Scott Clements
  Rock Solid Tucci (2-1-0 in 2019) Wilmington, NC Peter Gilardo
  Rockies 14's Gold (2-6-1 in 2019) Clemmons, NC Les Mayhew

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend